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Masturbation is his hobby, common in retirement co

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Masturbation is his hobby, common in retirement coAbout 5 years ago I met up with a much older gentleman over the holiday while visiting family in FL. Not cut for a porn movie but at least it was real. I only embellished a few things. Guess and I'll tell you at the end what I exaggerated.Anyway, this old man, 70, had several hobbies, including one new hobby, one we had in common.It was early evening, shortly after dinner, and his wife had already gone to bed. I knocked softly, as instructed, and he greeted me in a shirt and bathrobe. "I always get comfortable in my bathrobe after she is off to bed" he quipped.He had no hangups on our vast age difference. Open minded and accepting, young at heart. He was in good form, full head of dark hair, a little gray. Thin though, with small belly, which happens with age. All that disguised his age well. "Masturbation keeps me young" he whispered.He led me down a hall, turned, then down a small set of steps... through a narrow door and into a cozy, dimly light workshop. "My wife can no longer make her way down here because of her condition and we can't hear each other from here. I use this intercom in case she needs help". He flipped it on then pushed mute.His wife was not very mobile anymore... suffers from mild dementia and leg nerve problems. She sleeps several hours midday, giving him time to himself and then they walk when she wakes. He shuttles her to activities she likes then he has some more time to himself. She goes to bed early, like tonight, leaving the nights to him to do... more.They moved to Lady Lake about 5 years before, for its mild weather, conveniences, and health services his wife needed.He explained to me that they hadn't been able to have sex for several years now and so he started masturbating... a lot."I miss having sex with her, no matter how, or how much, I masturbate, or how hard I cum from it", he admitted.He had no desire to cheat but had strong needs. He had many opportunities to cheat but wanted to stay faithful."Believe it or not" he said, "Some old men here screw a lot, the high ratio of women to men plus and all that spare time time... and viagra!" he laughed. "Believe me, I know a few."He passed me a news article about it, about an embarrassing spike in sexual transmitted infections there and the push to use condoms.When they moved here he got internet access. He discovered the porn almost immediately and it helped him start masturbating regularly again like he needed. He had been considering that for a while, so it was fortuitous. He was shy about it, at first, and he researched it online to help. He was surprised by the amount of educational material on masturbation and how attitudes had changed. He read Dodson and visited many masturbation sites. "It's so healthy and necessary and everyone masturbates so much now days. It was really eye opening for me." He then met other masturbators online, like himself. "We share the same interest, support each other, learn and share our experiences" he said. "That really got me going strong."He learned to lighten up on himself, feel good about doing it, started working on his cock with pumps and masturbated even more. He even talked to his doctor who, he found, was very supportive of his masturbating. "My Dr. is this young, gay gentleman, but he could relate to me. He really respected my decision and my loyalty to my wife. He helped me realize that I was actually be doing it as much for my wife as for myself. Although she would not understand, being a woman, I really owed it to my wife to masturbate. It made me feel good doing it."He paused and adjusted his robe then sat up on a tall stool. His robe flung open slightly at the split revealing he was naked below his shirt and already had a respectable erection. He was clean shaven and well cut. Convenient nightly attire, I thought. "He's right", I responded. "It's thoughtful and selfless of you to put in the effort and masturbate like you do. You really do love her a great deal.""I do" he grinned, and his cock bobbed up and down several times at the thought. He swirled a finger around his cock hole he hole and rubbed the head till it was very wet then continued."So I asked the doctor how often he thought a man my age and shape should ejaculate. He likes to see such men, healthy men, ejaculating anywhere between a few times a week to a few times a day. Gay and bi men like himself are on the upper end he said. He examined my cock and balls, had me get erect so he could hakkari escort squeeze and measure. He recommended I ejaculate at least once a day, for a month, then revisit him." He paused. "He wrote me a confidential prescription for it right here, want to see?""Masturbate to ejaculation once a day or more as needed." It read."Wow!" I muttered and we both smiled. "Nice doctor!""He was nice. Most don't spend that amount of time with their patients. He also prescribed that all day ED pill to help me out. He even suggested a penis pump and fleshlight that he and his partner like. I would not know since I had never used that stuff before. Was a popular choice among serious masturbators and penis builders; Everyone uses them now you know." "There are a lot of serious masturbators today" he chuckled.His robe split open further entirely exposing his waist and a great erection. His cockhead was swollen and red from his constant finger massage.I have to admit that I had gotten my erection just listening. Then his wife called. He wiped off his cock, tied his robe and headed off. So I stripped and began stroking and edging myself while he was away.He was back 10 minutes later, opened his robe to reveal his cock was still erect and wanting. At the sight of my me, his cock stiffed more and stood straight up. He stroked his cock, squeezed out some precum then sat back down without missing a beat. It was so casual and comfortable.He reached into a drawer, pulled out a penis pump, strapped it on and started pumping."I like to pump and edge myself for an hour or more each night when I'm surfing porn and chatting with my friends. It helps me cum later."He continued..."These toys helped. When I went back to the doctor the following month and he shuffled me into his private office he was amazed. Keeping it up was a struggle but he said my body would adjust if I stuck with it... and it did."By now his cock had swollen twice its original size and was red and pulsing with excitement inside the pump. It was quite a vision seeing this slim old man, legs thin, with this huge red cock rising up as thick as his arm."Wow", I said, "You cock is huge. Your head actually looks like a ripe peach swollen up and oozing like that."That made him feel made so good and then his cock surged even bigger as my comment made him even harder."So the good doctor had me masturbate for him right there, in his office, and gave me feedback while he watched. It was probably routine for him but was a new experience for me; Exhilarating, liberating, intense pleasure... I loved it."Large globs of foamy white semen bubbled up and oozed out of his cock hole then down his shaft. The vacuum does that sometimes.I complimented him."Anyway, that's when we both agreed to call it what it was, a lifestyle or... my new hobby." He had been enjoying his new hobby for 5 years and going strong. He boasted of masturbating no less than 3 times a day. Sometimes though, he would only edge one or two of those sessions before ejaculating during another.I reached out and grabbed his pump, "I hope it stays big long enough after you take it out so I can feel it before it shrinks". "You bet it does. The ED d**g helps it stay this way until I grip it tightly and start masturbating. It slowly shrinks down but still stays a respectable size even then", he said happily."So I have followed up with the good doctor every month since. He may be queer but he understands my needs and a cock better than my wife ever did."He removed the pump and I quickly grabbed and stroked this massive member on this old guy. His peach sized head was soft and red and very hot to the touch. I couldn't resist, "Would you mind if I...", and he nodded. Despite our vast difference in age and experience, we thought alike.So I opened my mouth wide and managed to get his entire head in without pressing it too much and making it shrink. His eyes rolled back and his body shook a little.But I felt that natural reflex kick in and could not overcome it- sucking. It was overwhelming but so satisfying to suck his large peach. It filled my entire mouth from roof to tongue and cheek to cheek. Each time I sucked I could feel it shrink slightly in my mouth and then his hot juice ran out of his hole. It was satisfying to me. Then his fluid filled my throat and, although I tried hard against the reflex, I just had to swallow. It was hot and a little salty and sweet. I could taste some bitterness, likely from the medications hatay escort he was taking. Each time his cock and head would get hotter as it refreshed with new warmer blood, and then he would pulse and moan.It was all too much for me and so I gripped my own cock and began masturbating. I had gotten so hard it hurt. I sucked harder and he started quivering and shaking.I could not help but masturbate myself faster. He joined his hand on mine and helped me out.I could see he really lived for this, needed it so badly, even at his ripe old age. I hope I am as lucky if I ever get to his age.After about 5 minutes of this was making my mouth tired but his head shrunk down enough the get him partly into my throat, but only partly.His shaft and head were still too large. But then his hips thrust against his will, shoving his entire cock down my throat. I felt my throat expand. Then he thrust again, and then again.He had just started to say something, an apology I think, and I starting to pull him out of my mouth when a huge surge of hot cum erupted, shooting down my throat then filling my mouth. I had not prepared for that. I had only wanted to see what it felt like to have his big head inside my mouth, after all. I didn't mind, although I'm not gay and not a cum drinker. I mutual masturbate with a lot of guys but that's usually it.In an instant it thrust back in deep and another strong jet of cum shot down my throat. His entire cock was deep in and he shook. I could feel its spongy head pulsing and swelling large at the end of his shaft and more cum shooting and running down deep in my esophagus. I started to gag. I grabbed his ass and waist for balance and leverage and managed to pull his cock just beyond my throat when it thrust in again and again. He moaned and grunted and his body shook. It was just too much for him. I could tell he was unable to control it, he needed my help to stop. I was finally able to pull him out only to get another hard stream of cum in my face. I used my hand to stroke him to keep him cumming while I fumbled for a towel. I wanted him to keep cumming as long possible because he really needed it.Cum was running out of my mouth and dripping down my face.He had passed out for a moment but was now gaining back his usual composure. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for that. I tried holding back but you kept sucking and I couldn't stop. When I felt your throat I lost it. It just kept thrusting and then I started cumming and it was even harder to stop.""I figured that is what happened. It's fine. I was more worried you were going to have a stroke or something."I slowly noticed that the towel I'd been using was already caked heavy with dried cum from maybe a week's worth, of ejaculations. I know what that is like. I threw it into a pile of similar looking, cum caked towels, and started fumbling around for clean tissues for my face. He was definitely a serious, full time masturbator and revelled in it.He talked more to lighten the mood."Masturbation has gotten big among retired men like me." He said, then he reached over to gently stroke my own hard erection.I wiped off his cock and he lurched and then thanked me."I'm really impressed by how much you are able to masturbate and the enormous amount of cum you are pushing out every week. The amount of love you still have for your wife is so heart warming. You're a true inspiration."He started talking to my cock, "I'm so happy you get stroked and cum so much at your young age. If I could only do it over again from your age and enjoy it as often as we do now. You'll never regret ejaculating too much."I complimented him for his open mind and youthful attitude. "Well, at least your enjoying it a lot now, and that means something", I volunteered.He kept stroking me. I reached over and gripped his spent cock lightly and it began to get hard again. "That is the ED d**g speaking, not me", he said.I responded, "You really deserve this, and so does your wife, especially for all those missed ejaculations over the years when you repressed it. You still have a great cock and you still have time to make up for it" I said. "If I were you and had all the time you have, I would masturbate day and night. You deserve that."He nodded in agreement and smiled, "You are wise. You know that I masturbate and cum more now than anytime in my life, thanks mostly to the fall of the old taboos of my generation... by your generation. You all grabbed on, started jerking, and kept antakya escort on jerking against the face of social scorn until change happened. You came in the face of social scorn and just kept on cumming! That took bravery, balls... and cock of course." He laughed at himself. "I'm so glad you could come tonight."I agreed, "We did help break through and we masturbate so much more now so I accept your gratitude. It was hard, brave work but worth it. Happy to have done my part." I grinned and felt my own mass of hot semen ooze out and run down my shaft. He used it to lubricate his hand and gave me a few vigorous jerks. My body convulsed from the pleasure and I lost my train of thought.He swung open a cabinet door to reveal a vast set of masturbation sleeves, penis pumps, and such. He fondled my cock head, milking out more precum, and asked me to pick."It's yours, I want to see you use one and enjoy it.""Are you sure? That's so generous of you."I reached for a small, vibrating cock ring and slipped it on. My cock immediately responded in his hand and oozed another mass of hot precum down my shaft."Thanks. My cock is really responding to it.""I can see that" he said. "I can't wait to see you ejaculate with it. This is something you can keep on you for long sessions. It will definitely keep you masturbating like me. I'd like that.""I'm sure it will. I masturbate more when I use a new toy, especially if it helps us cum harder. Establishes a new baseline to build from. That's one good reason to keep trying new toys I hear."I tripped naked so he could work on my cock more easily while I evaluated the cock ring. He rubbed my head and massaged my balls while I moved my grip up and down.Felt so good and complete I wanted it to go on forever. Before we both realized it, 10 minutes had passed of this and I could feel hot cum churning, calling to rise. I could feel it start at the base of my spine, turn and begin rising up rising up inside me. I let him know and we loosened our grip and increased the tempo. I could feel it begin to rise up my cock but it was held down my my cock ring. A gush of semen, precum, poured out precumof my shaft and it was now primed.The vibration from the cockring was too much.Before I knew it, a strong orgasm extended my cock straight up and surged my cum past the cock ring, shooting it hard and up into the air. I couldn't catch my breath before another orgasm took control and I watched myself ejaculate an even bigger rope of thick, white cum into the air and onto my own lips... then another, though much thinner, stream exploded with even more force sending a squirting spray onto my face and into my own mouth. I moaned and seriously saw stars.Not again, I thought! I hope it keeps going!The old man used his finger to loosen the cockring so the rest of my cum could pass unimpeded. We truly did think alike. The force of each ejaculation subsided so it instead poured of my cock hole with each pulse bobbing my cock gently up and down.It was over and we were silent and motionless for a minute while I collected my faculties."Awesome!" I said, "This ring is awesome!"He was so happy for me."I'll definitely be masturbating a lot more with this. Thanks."He complimented me and my ejaculations and encouraged me to keep it up. The same from me to him. Masturbation buddies can be so helpful for that sort of thing.At that point, he heard his wife and we had to part. He apologized again for thrusting his cock down my throat and cumming in it. "No problem" I said. "I know you couldn't control yourself but I'm glad to have gotten such an experienced, older man to cum so incredibly hard. I'll probably have to masturbate again tonight to that memory.We exchanged email addresses so we could masturbate online together. Then we parted.We managed to hook up online and masturbate together. The Internet is wonderful. We maybe masturbated a dozen times or more times online over several weeks then lost touch. Hope they did not do away with Internet.Exaggerations: 1) He was not quite as huge but his head did fill my mouth.2) His cock only thrust down my throat maybe twice before i pulled it out. Only one of his ejaculations shot down my throat. I milked the rest with my hand.3) Did get an ejaculation right in the face but not as much as I wrote.4) I did not ejaculate as much as I wrote but it was strong and plentiful. 5) One of my ejaculations did manage to shot far, not 3 or so, but that one did hit my face and got in my mouth. That made him so excited he talked about it every time we masturbated online later on. It made him so hard.6) His wife never called him away but he did step out a minute to check.7) Not sure about the doctor story. That was his story. The prescription he showed me looked real though.
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