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repost : a night to remember

Post #1

repost : a night to rememberit was a late summer night and I was at home watching TV. The weather was hot and humid outside, so I got the idea to go for a swim in the backyard pool. I changed into my swim trunks, grabbed a towel from the closet, and went out to the yard, being careful not to wake my parents. I slipped quietly into the water, it was warm, but still very refreshing in the heat. After swimming around quietly I just started to float there looking up at the stars in the sky. Figuring no one would be coming around at 3 in the morning, I decided to take my trunks off and float around naked. It felt great. Half calming with the water gently hitting my scrotum and dick, and half exciting knowing i was in the pool naked where any number of the people who lived on my block could look outside and see me, nude.I continued lazily circling around the above ground pool with my eyes closed, occasionally dunking my head under the water. My penis was beginning to swell a little bit from all of the sensations surrounding the situation. (And from the fact that I would occasionally give it a few strokes, out of my own excitement.) This went on for a few minutes when I heard the back door close.My neighbour came out in her bathrobe to smoke a cigarette and let the dog outside. She is still fairly attractive for being around 50. Short brown hair and she kept herself in pretty good shape at the time. When I saw her I immediately stood up, so the lower half of my body was hidden safely under water."Hi Steve. You decided to go for a swim?" she asked me as she took a drag off of her cigarette."Yea I couldn't get to sleep. How come you're up?" It was an stupid question, but I wanted to make small talk to keep away from the fact that I was completely naked in the pool.She just nodded to the dog and flicked her cigarette into a bush. There was a long silence asher german shepherd walked around the yard, sniffing at everything he saw. As I stood in the pool, my cock began to swell again as I had a really sick thought. "Hey , now that you're out here, do you wanna jump in for a bit? Water's perfect."I had always seen my neighbour as an attractive woman, and occasionally had a sexual thought towards her run through my head. Mostly when I was drunk. Tonight I was sober, but it had been a few months since I'd had any woman contact, so I gave it a shot. "No, I'm just gonna go back to bed", she said"Why not? It's 3 in the morning and there is nobody around. Come on." Her dog just flopped down in the grass of the yard and laid down. "See, he wants to hang outside for a minute." I said confidently."Ok, let me go inside and get a bathing suit," she said. "I'll be right back.""You don't need one," I said. "It's late. I'm not wearing mine. See, it's over there by the patio."She sighed and looked around. The entire block was sound asleep. She took a few steps towards the patio by the pool, and with one last look around to be sure, she dropped her bathrobe. Her massive breasts fell out as her robe fell to the ground. She stood there covering her nipples with her hands. "Come on, let me see them ," I said to her as I splashed a little water on her. I had gotten too far to worry about saying too much now. She blushed, then smiled and slowly lowered her hands revealing large, red nipples. Then she reached up and took off her glasses and walked towards the deck of the pool. I couldn't stop staring at her.Very quickly she came down the ladder into the four foot pool. She is only about 5'2" so the water came up well past her breasts now. "See, isn't this relaxing?" I asked her, as I swam around her in the pool. "You're still wearing your panties though.""Yes, those are going to stay on!" she said, with a laugh."Why? What have we got to hide?" And with that I laid back, floating on the water, my almost fully erect penis standing fully out of the water. Still floating like that, I looked back at her, "See nothing to hide, and it feels great! Very liberating."She just shook her head no and smiled. I've already taken this so far, I thought again. So with that, I darted under the water and grabbed her around the hips, and yanked her panties down to her feet. I looked directly in front of me to see her bush. Long, light brown hairs so long I couldn't make out her vulva. The hairs were somewhat floating freely under water, almost as if there was a strong breeze blowing.I emerged from the water smiling. She smiled back, although I could see she was upset and I might have gone too far. But then she reached down and pulled her panties from her feet and brought them above the water and threw them to the deck."There. Much better," I said. I stuck my hand out and gave her right breast a little squeeze and she pushed me away, laughing. Then she floated on her back the way I was before. Her hairy mound was now above the water and with her pubic hair wet and matted I could more clearly make out her vagina. Two puffy outer labia, with just a small amount of her thinner, inner labia protruding from them. She floated there on her back with me walking through the water next to her. My left hand was under her back holding her up, my right hand was on her stomach making small circles. I reached lower and ran my fingers through the top of her pubic hair, and then back up to just under her breasts. She shuddered slightly and I leaned my head down and put my mouth on her breast, rolling my tongue around her nipple. My right hand now went further south to the waiting lips of her pussy. I ran my hand up the length of her slit, and then back down, stopping at her asshole. I circled my index finger around her second hole, tickling it. I stuck one finger into her ass and then pulled it back out. She began to quiver and her legs opened up a little further so I could fit my hand in between them easily. With the water making entry easier, I continued to stick my index finger into her anus, deeper every time, until I could move it around inside of her. She was beginning to moan quietly now and I was rock hard under the water. I pulled my finger out and moved back up to her cunt and shoved two inside of it, while using my thumb to search for her clit. I found it, engorged, and rubbed it left and right, back and forth with my thumb, while my first two fingers slid in and out of her, slowly.My neighbour was gyrating wildly now, causing the water to splash around us, and doing her best not to moan loudly. Just heavy breathing and some light squealing every so often. I was rubbing her clit faster now with my thumb and her legs began to clench shut around araban escort my wrist. As she arched her back upward I could feel her cunt tighten on my fingers and her cum seep past them and out of her cunt into the pool water.She fell back into my arm, motionless and panting. I was rock hard. Without wasting any time, I swung her body around so her legs straddled my waist. I looked her right in the eyes and leaned in and kissed her. My tongue made its way past her lips, where her tongue greeted it, and her tongue began to swirl around mine.Her tongue was still swirling around mine as I went inside of her. One long thrust into her wet, waiting vagina and I was in. I put my hands underneath her ass, cupping it and spreading her buttocks as I plunged deeper into her cunt. She threw her head back and her eyes opened wide as I rocked her on top of me. The grip of her legs grew tighter around me as we fucked int he water. She put her hands on my shoulders and began to ride me up and down. I put my head into her chest, resting on one of her massive breasts, gently biting her nipple. "Oh fuck! Fuck me Steve! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she exclaimed over and over, as I thrusted all 7 inches of my cock back into her. I walked her over to one side of the pool and used it to prop her up. I brought one free hand out of the water and squeezed her breast, hard. She let out a little cry of pain, but that was quickly silenced out by another moan as I continued to pound her under the water.Then I brought my hand up to her throat and closed my hand around it. I had heard of autoerotic asphyxiation before, but never had the temptation to try it, until tonight. As she rocked up and down on my dick, I tightened my grip. I could hear her start to gasp for air. I was about to cum, and from the way her cunt was beginning to tighten again, I knew she was close to another orgasm too.My neighbour was gasping for breath and moaning at the same time. One hand was scratching at my hand to release it's grip, and the other had moved down to her pussy and she was rubbing her clit, very close to a climax. I felt her body go very tense as her head stretched back over the side of the pool and her hips stard to convulse wildly. I pulled my cock out one last time, then plunged it back into her cunt as violently and as fast as I could. That's when I shot my load inside of her cunt. Three long spurts came out, and I could feel first her juices, and then my cum, begin to slide out into the water.I released the grip on my moms throat and could see a red hand print on her skin that was already starting to fade away. I let her slide off of me and she fell weakly into the water, bobbing there catching her breath. We looked back at each other and shared a long passionate kiss.After another minute of rest, I got out of the pool, to run inside and grab us a couple of after sex cigarettes. When I returned to the backyard, I found my neighbour out of the pool and relaxing on a lawn chair, my towel wrapped around her body."A little late for modesty now," I said, as I handed her a lit cigarette. "Just drying off," she said back. With that she rubbed the towel around her body to simulate her point, and then let it fall open around her. "But, you're right."I sat down on the chair next to her, with my legs slightly open, and my package staring straight at her, limp. "I don't know about you, but I'm very much awake now. What do you say we do?"She looked up at me, "Yea I'm not going to sleep anytime soon after this," she shot back. "Any ideas?"I thought for a moment. "Actually, this may sound weird, but what's normal anymore? One time a couple of summers ago, I drove home from a pool party and decided to drive naked. It was a lot of fun, if you have an exhibitionist side." She stared at me and then smirked. "Yea, why not. It's that kind of night I guess.""Cool I'll go get my car keys," and with that, I was on my way into the house. I came back through the back door and we were so excited we barely remembered to lock up the back gate. My car was parked in the street in front of the house. When we got halfway down the driveway to the corner of out house, my neighbour stopped."Go get your the car, I'll wait here," she said."Nope that's not how this works. I said 'exhibitionist', remember? We're walking to the car like this. There's no one around .""What if there is?""That's the fun part." With that, I winked and walked toward the car, in all my naked glory, my dick swaying left to right openly in the street. My neighbour quickly followed me and waited by the passenger door for me to let her in. I took my time.We drove for a few miles and got on the interstate, driving with the windows down so we could feel the fast wind blowing down our bodies. I put the car into cruise control and stuck my left leg out of the window so I could feel the coolness of the wind blow all the way up my leg. I instructed my neighbour to do the same, and she did.She has very shapely legs from playing softball into her 40's and from constantly going on walks. In my opinion, they are her best feature. As she sat there, with one leg extended up, her calf resting on the window frame and her ankle and foot outside in the night air, my gaze was led from there up her tone thigh, and into the nest of brown hair between her legs.With her leg so open and extended, I could see her inner lips spread slightly apart and into the moist, pinkness of her vagina. Just as I began to reach my hand over to her cunt I saw headlights approaching from behind me and on the passenger side. She saw them too and pulled her leg back into the car. As the headlights neared I could tell that they were the headlights of a semi truck."You should flash the truck," I said to her. "Go ahead, when was the last time you did that?""Exhibitionist, right?" she joked back to me. Without hesitation she turned to face the window and sat up on on knee. The truck came up to the side of my car and when the driver of the truck was in view, she leaned her naked body out of her window, and shouted over to him. The trucker honked in appreciation and drove past, but she hung out of the window for a while longer. I could see her breasts being blown to the side by the high winds. I could also see a very clear and close view of her ass.It was flat. Like I said, my neighbour was in good shape for a woman her age, and there wasn't very much fat on her body at all. Her ass was lacking a little, but from the thin and firm butt cheeks I could see a very full patch of hair in the middle islahiye escort of it.My cock was swelling once again, and as she got back into the car my hand was already waiting for her. She hadn't even reached the seat yet when my hand cupped her ass. I gave it a firm squeeze and let my fingers probe around a bit until they found what I was looking for, the hairy patch in the middle where her pussy was waiting for me. I inserted the tip of my middle finger and then pulled it out and moved my hand back up her slit.She shifted and I removed my hand, allowing her to sit, and she immediately put her right leg back out the open window. I ran my hand down her stomach and over her bush stopping when my hand had covered her cunt. I moved my thumb and fore finger to either side of it and pinched it between them. Her outer lips were scrunched together and I held them like that as I pulled them outward from her body.She shrieked in pain and I lessened the pressure, but kept a firm grip around her labia. A few seconds later, I pulled them out again, but this time when she yelled in pain, I didn't stop."Steve, stop that! You're hurting me!" my mom pleaded in pain, but I only pulled harder. As I stretched her pussy lips to their limits, I began to move them to the left and right, up and down. "Stop now, please!" She was pleading now, a few tears leaving her eyes . Finally I released my grip and her vagina fell back into form. I reached down and spread her open wide."Hold it like that for me, OK?" She obliged me and used both of her hands to hold her vagina wide open. Still focusing on the empty highway, I slid my hand back down between her legs and shoved my fingers inside her open cunt. First two fingers, then three, and finally four fingers. It was a very difficult angle, but I managed to contort my wrist enough that I could slide my thumb partially in as well. I could hear her begin to moan and sigh as I wiggled my four fingers inside of her. "I have a new idea. A final experiment in exhibitionism. We're gonna go for a walk."It was about 20 minutes later when we pulled back in front of the house. I slid my fingers out of my neighbours pussy for the first time since they entered. I couldn't keep my whole hand inside at that angle while driving, but my index and middle fingers had been exploring her cunt for a long time now, and they were soaking wet when I pulled them out of her.I put the car in park and turned it off. It was almost 4 am now. "Come on. Let's go," I directed. We both stood out of the car and stretched. I could tell she was getting more comfortable being naked outside, which was good, considering what I had in mind next."I thought we were going for a walk," she said."We are. Three blocks to the park down the road." I started walking and she followed. The pavement was hard on our feet but I wanted to keep a good pace. I was already getting excited.When we got to the park my neighbour looked around. It was very dark. We were standing under the only street light near the park and couldn't see very far in either direction."Let's get out of the light," I said. "Over there." We walked out into the pitch black of a baseball field. "Go ahead, lay down." I directed her again, and again she complied. My neighbour was very willing through all of this. That was all about to change.She laid right down in the infield dirt on her back. "Come on then," she purred at me. "Let's fuck. I'm getting really turned on by this."No,i said. Not like that. Get on your stomach.""Why, she said? Don't you want to look me in the face?""It's not that. It'll just be easier to fuck your ass if you turn over." With that I grinned an evil grim and knelt down over her."No, that's not going to happen. I don't want any anal sex. That's where I have to draw the line."she said. I laughed. "No, there is no line. You don't really have a choice now. Roll over, or do I have to roll you over?"I leaned over her and grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped her onto her chest. She tried to fight back, but her arm was pinned underneath her and she couldn't push me off. With one hand pressing her shoulder, I used my other hand to throw one leg open, once again exposing the back of her hairy cunt to me. With only the moon and stars to light us, the light danced across her asshole, lighting it up for me to enter.I lined the tip of my penis up to her asshole and used a finger to pry it wide open. Just before I stuck my cock inside, she turned her head. "Why are you doing this, Steve? I would've fucked you willingly.""Yea, but tonight is a night of fantasy for me. My fantasy is to fuck you in the ass, and you wouldn't do that, so I'm making it happen." "No please don't!" she was begging me now, but it was too late for that. I shoved myself into her ass. It was rough and dry and very tight, so when I pulled back out, I spit on my dick, and went back in. It was much easier that time.I moved both of my knees in between hers and raised my back up, pulling my neighbour with me. She put her hands down on the ground and I pulled her in closer to me with every thrust. She was on all fours now, crying softly, as I fucked her in the ass. In the quiet of the night you could hear the smack! smack! of my balls against the backs of her thighs. I picked up the speed and ferocity of my thrusts. She moaned in pain as I pummeled her asshole with my cock. I fucked her in the ass, fast and hard, and then I could feel my orgasm coming on. I pulled out of her ass, and threw her over on her back. She was looking up at me. I crouched over her face and shot my load on her face. My cum landed in her eyes and on her mouth. I could see there were tears mixing with my cum, and when she opened her mouth, some of the spunk slid past her lips and into her mouth. She swallowed it.When I was finished I extended my hand to help her out of the dirt. "I'm sorry about that. Tonight was just a night I wanted and I wanted that to happen.""I can't believe you did that to me. But, tonight was something that I could never tell anyone about anyway so, that's what's going to happen. I think you knew that. That's why you felt you could force me. You know tonight will forever be our secret.""We should get home," I said. "You're filthy and you'll probably want to wash off in the pool when we get home." She agreed and went to wipe the remaining cum from her face. "No, leave it. Tonight is my night, I want you to leave that on you until we get home."She brought her hand down to her side and left a large glob of cum just under her nizip escort right eye. It stayed there the whole way back. Every time we would walk under a street light I could see it glistening under her eye. I could also see all of the dirt on her tits and stomach and ass. Her pussy hair had dirt in it too, from when I pushed her down most likely.We got back home and walked up the driveway in through the back gate, when we were greeted by a surprise. I was the first one through the gate, when I was greeted by Buddy, my neighbours german shepherd. He ran up and barreled into my leg, almost knocking me over. "Hi boy. I'm sorry we forgot about you out here."My neighbour was the next one through the gate and after she had locked it up, she too was greeted by the happy dog. The dog liked his owner the best, as do most dogs, and tonight was no exception. He ran straight up to her, and in his attempt to show affection he buried his nose into her crotch. That isn't the first time it happened, although probably the first time while she was naked. "Down boy," she said as she laughed at the sensation of the dogs nose rubbing past her pussy. The dog also had a tendency to hump some people because she never had him fixed, and while he never once did this to her before, the smell of her sex must have set him off. He quickly threw his body up and humped my neighbour. His red dog cock swelling like I had never seen a dog cock swell before. My neighbour struggled to push him off but he was to strong."No. Let him have it.""What?" my neighbour was surprised at what I said."Yea. Let him have you. Call it my final wish for tonight." I went over and pulled the dog off of her and she lied down on her back in the grass. "Spread your legs open" I said. " Let Buddy get a good look at you." I also wanted another look at her too. She spread her legs open wide with her knees in the air. I could still see some of the dirt on her tits and cunt from our ordeal at the park. I could also see her entire vagina fro my vantage point as she lay there spreading her lips wide open. It was very hot and pink, glistening with her want.Buddy instantly went down and stuck his head between her thighs and used his tongue to get a taste of the vagina before him. "Oh my God! His tongue!" she shuddered as the dog continued to lap at the juices that were beginning to flow from her. Soon his a****l instincts took over and he positioned his red cock in front of her pussy. My neighbour reached out and helped to guide him in. "Oooooh good boy!" she moaned softly.I saw this and couldn't resist any more. With my dog pumping away swiftly on my neighbours cunt, I began stroking myself, soon I was rock hard again, and went around to her face. Her breasts were bouncing up and down and I reached down to squeeze one. Then I straddled over her face and hovered my erect cock in front of her mouth.Her mouth opened up in anticipation for my dick and I didn't hesitate to give it to her. I rammed my dick deep into her mouth, making her gag on it. I heard the choking sounds as the tip of my penis was at her throat and I pulled back. She sighed and I looked back to see the dog still humping her fiercely. I mounted back up and stuck my cock into her throat again. She gagged again, but I kept thrusting in and out at a fast pace. Long, deep thrusts, in and out of my neighbours mouth, making her cough and choke every time. I fucked her mouth at the same fast pace her dog was fucking her cunt, knowing I was causing her pain by gagging her with my dick.I pulled out and finally came all over her face. I don't know how I had so much sperm left in my body after the two huge orgasms I had already had this night, but I coated her entire face with a white wash. Her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair were all dripping with my cum. As I finished squeezing the last bit of my load off into her open mouth I looked down at her. "I want you to finish Buddy off in your mouth," I said.I went back and grabbed the dog, still humping, and led him to my neighbours head. She grabbed his red cock in one hand and guided it to her mouth. When she put it in, the dog positioned himself and began to hump her face. Her head was being thrown back from the force but before long I saw the big dog go weak in the knees and looked over to see my neighbour remove his dick from her mouth. There was some leaking down from the corners of her mouth, but I saw her take two big gulps and smile. She fell back down to the ground and tried to catch her breath and her breasts were heaving up and down. I reached down one final time and stuck my middle two fingers into her sopping wet cunt and began to vigorously move my hand up and down. After a few seconds, I pressed my other hand on top of her pubic bone, just above her massive bush.She was breathing even more heavily now, and her ass was thrusting up into the air. "Oh fuck! That feels soooo good! Keep going!" I kept my hand moving up and down, not removing my fingers from inside of her. Faster and faster I pumped, my neighbour moaning and writhing around in sheer pleasure."Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes yes yes! Keep going! Faster! Oh my God!" She was panting and moaning and screaming now, not afraid of who might be woken up in the early morning. I went even faster now with my motions and I could feel a wall of pressure building up behind my fingers. "Of God, keep going! Im gonna cum! Oh God Yessss!!!"I pulled my fingers out just in time to be followed by a giant flow of fluid that shot out in an arc 15 feet across the yard. The stream was so massive, some of it came backwards, over her body and landed on my arm and on her tits, causing a little splash in between them. The rest of it actually formed a puddle in the grass beneath her. I knelt between her legs and using my tongue, I lapped up the cum lightly flowing out from her cunt and to her asshole. I lapped it all up and even tongued her asshole a little bit, just for good measure. When I came back up, my neighbour was staring down at me smiling. My cum still staining her face and hair, and hers running down her chest to her stomach. I laid next to her for a minute, cupping a breast in one hand. "I guess it's time to clean ourselves up," I said. "Look at you. You're a filthy bitch.""Yea I guess it is time, isn't it." She stood up and walked towards the pool. As she climbed onto the deck she looked down at me. "Thanks for a great night, honey. I needed that.""No, thank you. That was fucking incredible!"She winked at me and slid into the pool water to get herself cleaned up. The last thing I saw before going inside was my mature neighbour dip under the water and stick her legs straight in the air in a hand stand. With that lovely bush facing towards me, she let her legs fall open and i got one last look at her pink sex encompassed by thick brown hair. The sun was beginning to rise on a new day.
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