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Foot Fetish Fantasy Finally Comes True!

Post #1

Foot Fetish Fantasy Finally Comes True!Foot Fetish Fantasy Finally Comes True!This story I'm about to tell you is very much true, and it has changed my foot fetish forever. Hope you enjoy!I have to say, I'm a very lucky man with my girlfriend (whom we will call her, Sarah). She and I have been together for 3 years at this time, and she absolutely loved my fetish for feet. With this story, you'll see just how much. She was always very fond of the idea, and she had the prettiest feet on the planet.She is 5' 4" and very attractive with 38DD breasts, red hair, brown eyes, and a very sweet sexy voice. Her feet are size 6, always painted, and always open for my enjoyment! She absolutely loves having her tiny toes sucked on!!Sarah has always been very jealous of other women, especally when I look at their feet. Like an idiot, my balls would think for me and say, "Her feet are very nice, what do you think? "We would go out, like say were at the mall, or walking at the park close to home, she would catch me and always give me a smile. But it was like that "I'll get you for this " smile, which usually meant a footrub or footjob in my and her future!Well, one day we were out, and she ran into an old girlfriend from school (we will call her, Alice). The two of them talked for about 20 minutes. Alice wasn't bad looking. She was a bit heavier set, but she wasn't to the point where she is overwelmingly fat. She is 5'2" with blond hair. I got a quick glimpse of her feet, and she seemed to have a size 7 or 8, but I coudln't really tell at that time. I immediatly got a hard on, and I couldn't stop thinking about what I could do to them!They took off into the mall, and I cought up with them an hour later at the shoe department. Oh boy, here we go! So I strolled, trying my hardest to keep my pants from showing. Immediately for some reason, the armoma of fresh, clean feet filled me. My dick grew hard instantly and I tried to walk it off before I found them. Luckly for me, it was a large store, which only made it worse. Seems how there was so many women, and so many feet.When I found them, Sarah called out to me, "Hey, help us pick out matching pair of shoes."Alice smiled and said, "C'mon. It will be fun. Please, we need your help."With a half grin I said, "Okay, I can help."So I sat down at the bench and they started trying on all sorts of different kind of shoes. Oh my, was it a sight to see! The two of them giggling trying on different pairs, and all I could focus on was their beautiful feet! I wanted so badly to just dive right in and play with them, but that would be hard to do in a public place. When they got to the flip flop section, I wanted to istanbul escort cum so badly. Sarah put on a pair of red flip flops with red bows on the top, and Alice wore a matching green pair, which matched her light green toenail color. They put all four feet in front of me. I was in pure heaven."How does this look?" Alice asked."Dont these look sexy?" Sarah asked.I put my hand over my mouth with indecision as I looked back and forth between the two girls' feet. Only to keep myself entertained for as long as I could, I said, "Those are nice, but lets try different colors."They both look at each other with this guilty look, and they giggled quietly. I played it off like nothing was up, but I should have known. They tried many different colors of flip flops with all sorts of designs. This went on for about 2 hours. I was so ready to bust my pants.We were just getting ready to leave when Alice asked Sarah, if she could come over for dinner for that evening. She looked at me and said, "Only if you say it's okay."I replied, "Well of course. She is more than welcome."At the time, I didn't care. I just wanted to get home and relieve myself. Anything to get home sooner. We drove home, and Alice followed behind us the whole way back. On the way, Sarah talked to me, and started the conversation by saying, "I noticed you were looking at her feet when Alice came up to us at the store."I said, "How did you know? It was only for a split second?"She said, " I noticed everything,and its okay. I didn't mind this time."I said to her with a laugh, "Well yeah they were nice. What better way to show them to me but in a shoe store?"She said, "Well I guess I can let you get away with this one. Ater all, she is my old friend from school."I said, "Well I'm surprised that you're okay with this one. Most of the time, you would punch me in the shoulder for even looking at another girl's feet."She asked, "Does she have prettier feet than I do?"I looked at her, and said, "Not in this lifetime, sweetheart. Little did she know, I wanted to play with Alice's chubby little feet as soon as I had seen them at the shoe store, even more than my girlfriend's.There was an awkward silence for about 10 minutes after she said that. I was thinking to myself, "Oh god. How long did she notice me looking at her feet? Is she cool with it? Something isn't right. This isn't the Sarah I know. Something has to be up." I just kept driving. We were 5 minutes from home.To my surprise she suddenly said, "I want to have c***dren with you someday!"I looked over at her, shocked, and surprised, and she was smiling and shuffling her feet. She had that glimmer in adalar escort her eyes, so I knew she wasn't just saying that. She really meant it.I said to her, "When the time is right, it will happen."When we got home, we gave Alice the grand tour of the house. We then sat down and started to eat dinner, which was rather nice. After that, the two of them went up stairs for a moment. I didn't give it a second thought. I just finished my plate and started watching the game on TV. I didn't notice, but 30 minutes had past, and they hadn't come back down. I kept watching the game. Well, I kept fantasising what I could do to Alice's feet, and how wonderful it would be to suck her toes, but I knew that would never happen.All of a sudden I heard Sarah's voice yell from upstairs, "Hey honey, can you come up here a moment?"I yelled back, "Sure. Be up in a moment."So I got up, and pulled my hand out of my pants even though I was miserable because I needed to cum so badly. I went upstairs and wondered what could they possibly be doing up there? I finally got to the door and heard their giggling again.I heard Alice say, "We'll surprise him." She giggled again.Then Sarah whispered, "Shhhh, he'll be here in a moment. Keep quiet."When I opended the door, the two girls were facing the door with their legs extended, and their bare feet waving at back and forth. I started to walk closer to them, and then Sarah asked if I could sit down at the foot of the bed. So I did. Then Alice came over to me, and placed her feet inches from my lap. I couldn't help but notice her toes were wiggling so very close to me. Instantly my dick grew hard, and it was obvious to see that both girls were watching me and my every move. I looked up to see Sarah smiling a huge smile.Alice then looked over at Sarah, and Sarah exclaimed, "See? I told you he liked your feet too!"I cried, "Wha...??!"Alice giggled, "Aww, how cute!! You weren't lying. He does like my feet!"Being so shocked, I couldn't move. Alice's toes kept getting closer. I looked up at Sarah, who was getting closer to me. Then she sat on my lap and looked at me.I asked her, "What are you doing?"Sarah asked, "Are you okay with this?"All of a sudden I felt Alice's foot rub against my dick as my girlfriend was sitting on it. I later found out that Sarah loved feet just as much as I do. She told me that it was the hottest thing ever to have her friend's foot rub my dick and her pussy at the same time.I said to her, "I'm game.She told me, "You only get her feet. Nothing else."I looked at her and said, "That's fine with me. " Hell alright!!Sarah kept moving back and forth on my cock arnavutköy escort while Alice kept rubbing it. Then she asked me to lay down for her on the bed. I did. Then Sarah got off of me, and went to her sock drawer. She placed a small pair of socks into my mouth, and said, "Shhh, one word and it's all over for you."The two girls stripped off their clothes and began to strip me as I laid there like a limp noodle. All of a sudden I saw Alice's feet start playing with my dick. I moaned because it felt so good. Her soft touch kept flailing my dick left and right.Sarah then exclaimed and giggled, "Not like that."She giggled some more, grabbed her feet, put them in a sole footjob position, and I helped her slide her feet up and down my shaft! At this point I didn't know what to do. I was so damn shocked, horny, and so amazed at the same time. I just laid there and enjoyed every mintue of it. Then I saw Sarahs feet come over my face."Breath through my toes," she said. "Big deep breaths."And I did. I inhaled the sweet smell of her clean feet over and over, and I started to grunt to the feeling of Alice's feet fucking my cock faster and faster. It felt so good. But then Aliced stopped out of the blue, and I looked up as they switched positions. Only this time, Alice's soles and toes were pressed on my nose. So were Sarah's too, nice and hard.Alice demanded, "Smell my feet! Breath through my toes. HARDER!!!"So I did. My lungs and nose were filled with the smell of her sweet feet from walking all day. All of a sudden I felt Sarah get up on top of me, and her wet tight pussy clamped down on my cock. I tried to look up at Sarah, but Alice's chubby soles forced me to stay down. Sarah began riding me, slowly but gradually faster. This was a dream come true. My one fantasy had finally come true. I didn't want to cum at first, so I tried hard to hold it back, but Alice's feet smelled so good, and Sarahs pussy was so tight.Sarah screamed. "Cum in me baby! I want your cum!! Cum in my pussy!!! "Alice screamed, "Breath deep into my toes, honey. Just keep breathing!! "Sarah continuted to pound on me, and I gave in little by little. Alice's toes scrunched over my nose and then I was a goner.Alice then screamed, "Cum in her pussy, and I want to see you cum on my feet!! "I let Sarah have it. Right then and there I no longer cared. I was so overwelmed, I glazed my eyes back and I let loose five strings of cum inside Sarah's pussy!! It was by far the best damn orgasm I have ever had! Later I thought, "Sarah got what she wanted, and so did I."It's funny how those things work out so well! Sarah orgasmed and moaned so loudly. Afterward she pulled herself off my relieved dick, and looked down at her pussy. Alice almost started to get up, but my cum started dripping out of her pussy, and onto her feet. No joke. I was so shocked to see this. At first I thought it was an accident, but Sarah quickly laid down and took it all in. What an eventful day!
18 Ekim 2021, at 11:28


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