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Christmas Present

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Christmas PresentIt is Christmas Day, I saw you underneath my tree. You tell me to leave to room so you can get my final present ready. After a few minutes, you say, ?Okay, it is ready.? I come back into the room. I see sitting next to the tree. You are naked except for a red ribbon. The ribbon covers your breasts and nipples although, your nipples are so hard I can see them pressing out against the ribbon. The ribbon then wraps over your right shoulder and goes down your stomach and between your legs but the ribbon only covers half of your smooth pussy. The ribbon then moves up your ass like a thong and wraps over your left shoulder. The ribbon then goes down your stomach and between your legs again covering the other half of your smooth pussy. I am sure your pussy is already soaking wet waiting to have all of your holes used and filled. The ribbon moves again up your ass like a thong. Your ass is just an amazing sight to see with just this bright red ribbon covering almost nothing. The ribbon is then tied in a large bow in the center your chest. You also have a small note attached to the ribbon. The note reads..."Enjoy however you want." I lead you to the bedroom. We are both very excited as we move toward the bedroom. After we get into the bedroom, I turn around honaz escort and close the door. I move back toward you and grab you around the waist pulling you close. I kiss your lips and move my hands all over your body. I grab your ass and lift you up. You wrap your legs around me. I let you down where you stand in front of me. I take the ribbon in my hand and slowly pull on it. The bow gets smaller and smaller until it is untied. Once it is untied, the ribbon falls way from your body. You stand there naked in front of me, your nipples are very hard and your pussy is already very wet. I have you get on your knees. I take off my pants and you instantly open your mouth. I put my cock into your mouth and you suck on my cock. Tell me how you suck my cock. I tell you to rub your pussy while you suck on my cock. As soon as my cock is good and hard, I pull you up and lay you on the bed. I spread your legs wide and look upon your smooth, wet pussy. I take my tongue and start at the bottom of your pussy moving slowly toward the top of your pussy. How does that feel? I slowly move my tongue over your clit. It is hard under my tongue and I make small circles around your clit. I keep licking your pussy alternating between slowly licking kale escort bottom to top and small circles around your clit. I want to hear you moan and scream as I do this. After you pussy is dripping wet, I put the head of my cock at the entrance of your pussy. I slide my cock in deep and hold it as deep as I can go. How does that feel? I lift your legs and spread them wide. I start to thrust my cock forcefully and deep. You are moaning and screaming as my cock impales your pussy. I pull my cock out and turn you around. You are on your hands and knees on the bed. I come up behind you and push my cock deep inside your pussy again. I grab your hips and just pound your pussy hard. You are screaming with every thrust and soon you are screaming into a pillow. I want to feel you cum on my cock. I am looking at your ass while I am pounding your pussy. I say to you, "Your ass is getting filled next." What are you thinking when you hear that? After a few more minutes I feel that I am going to cum. I thrust my cock deep into your pussy and release. Spurt after spurt of hot cum hit against the walls of your pussy. I wait for a little bit before I pull my cock out of your pussy. A small amount of my cum drips from your pussy onto the bed. pamukkale escort I spread your ass now and spit a large amount of saliva on your asshole. I use my finger to push it inside to lube you up. My cock is still soaked from your pussy juice. I finger your ass with one finger making sure your ass is lubed. I spit some more saliva on your asshole and insert another finger into your ass. I finger your ass with two fingers. You are already moaning as I finger your ass. I pull my fingers out and place the head of my cock against your asshole. I slowly start to push my cock against your ass. I can feel your ass giving way as my cock enters your ass. How does that feel? I push my cock deeper and deeper until your ass is filled with my cock. I start sliding my cock out of your ass and then push it back in. I start to move faster and faster. I grab your hips to pull you back onto my cock as I thrust into your ass. My balls slap against your pussy with every thrust. I tell you, "Rub your pussy while I fuck your ass." Can you feel my cum dripping out your pussy as you rub it? I am pounding your ass with hard deep thrusts. I can tell you are about to cum and my orgasm is fast approaching. I want to hear you scream out that you are cumming. A few minutes later, you scream out, "I'm cumming". Just as your orgasm starts to roll throughout your body, I release another load of hot cum into your ass. As both of our orgasms subside, I slowly pull my cock out of your ass. I wrap my arms around you as we lay on the bed together.Please leave comments and suggestions.
18 Ekim 2021, at 04:48


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