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NymphomaniacI was walking along on the first day of college, on my way to my dorm, when I was grabbed from behind. I felt a sharp pain and that's the last thing I remember.I awoke naked in a featureless room, my hands and feet restrained. A bright light was in my eyes, and a woman's voice was in my ears."You are an experiment," she said. "We are testing certain compounds we believe will genetically alter a living subject, and others that we hope will have an effect on your physical structure and behavior."Another pain and I lost consciousness again.* * *When I awoke I felt different. The lights were out, so I couldn't see, but my body felt strange. Among other things, there was a peculiar weight on my chest. The restraints felt looser, and I just felt generally smaller. I struggled against my bonds for a while, then I just waited.Before long, the lights came on and I could see what was weighing down on my chest. I had breasts! Not large ones, but breasts nonetheless. Looking down between my legs, I saw what I dreaded: that the change extended down there as well. My dick was gone, and in its place was a pussy!The voice spoke again, from nowhere. "You see the changes we have effected. Allow me to explain. We have altered your DNA; you are now a fully functional woman. Apart from that, we have caused some other changes. Every time you orgasm, it increases your sex drive, particularly your craving for cum.""What craving for cum?" I thought, but immediately answered myself. As the thought of a big hard dick entered my mind, my nipples immediately became rock hard and my pussy juices started to flow."Also," the voice continued, "you'll notice some interesting physical effects when you come into contact with sperm. Have a nice day."I felt the pain again, and again became u*********s.* * *I woke up in what I assumed was my dorm. I had never seen it, as I was on my way there for the first time when I was k**napped."Wow, what a weird dream," I thought to myself. As I sat up, I felt my breasts shift and realized it was not a dream. I looked around and concluded that whoever my roommate was, he or she was not here, which was fortunate as I was still completely naked. I got up and went to the bathroom that connected the room to the other one in the suite, locking both doors.I examined myself in the mirror. Curiously, the first thing I noticed was that I was probably about a full foot shorter, perhaps about 5'3". Yes, I was indeed a girl. Small breasts, but breasts nonetheless. Blond hair, about shoulder-length, and a blond patch between my legs. I sat on the edge of the tub and spread my legs to examine that patch a little closer.I pulled the lips apart and saw what looked an awful lot like every other cunt I had ever seen. Inner lips, a hole, and the clit up top with its little hood. "That certainly isn't my dick," I said to myself.At the thought of my dick, I immediately felt a warmth between my legs. My nipples became hard, and my pussy started to wet itself. I rushed out of the bathroom and covered myself with the sheet from my bed to hide my nakedness from view, and keep from masturbating. I decided to watch some TV to take my mind off of sex.The only problem with that is that it made me hornier. Even though they were fully clothed, my male mind reacted to the women on television, and my female body reacted to the men. My sex drive was MUCH higher than it had ever been, even as a 15-year-old boy. There was nothing particularly sexual about the shows I was watching, but they were making me more turned on than ever just from looking at the people in them. My pussy juice was flowing and my nipples were so hard they ached.I started masturbating without ever thinking about it. After a while, I just realized that one hand was between my legs stroking the outside of my lips, and the other was cupping one of my tits. My whole crotch was slippery as I rubbed my slippery finger against up and down my slit. I concentrated on my clit, because it gave the most sensation. It felt kind of like the head of my dick, but the sensations were so much more intense. With my other hand, I explored the sensation of stroking my tits. I rolled my tiny, hard nipples around with my palm, then squeezed them. After a few minutes of this, I began to feel a hotter feeling, starting in my crotch, but spreading throughout my entire body. It slowly intensified, becoming this tingling sort of ecstasy, into my first female orgasm. I could feel my nipples clench up even tighter.I lay there, breathing heavy, for a few moments until I realized that I was still horny. I thought about how I used to jack off my dick or fuck my girlfriends, and how I would be completely satisfied (and usually sleeping) five minutes after I came. I still would rather be a man, but womanhood had at least some advantages. Or maybe it was just the effects of whatever had been done to my body; the female voice had said something about my sex drive increasing.The thought of jacking off my dick made me even hornier. I was taken by a sudden NEED to be penetrated. I reached down into my still soaking, hot, wet pussy and spread the lips. I slipped my index finger into my sopping wet hole up to the first joint and left it there for a moment, just savoring the feel of being penetrated. Soon, however, I lost all control and slammed it in all the way, moving it in and out as fast as I could, feeling my finger rubbing up against my inner walls. It felt kind of like stroking my dick, but in reverse. I put my middle finger inside myself also, finding that I was kind of tight (not surprisingly.) My fingers were slipping in and out of my new cunt, as my palm rubbed up against my clit at the end of each stroke.After a few minutes of this I came again, more violently than the first time. I thrashed back and forth on the bed and started to scream, but I didn't stop fingering myself. Instead, I took my left hand from it's place on my right breast, and swished it around my clit for a while, still pumping my hole with my right. That felt good, and I kept it up for a while, but what I really wanted was to feel another kind of penetration, so as soon as I had my finger good and lubricated, I turned over. Supporting myself on my knees and head, I stuck my little ass way up into the air, spreading my cheeks wide, and while still pumping my pussy as fast as I could, I started to slowly insert the index finger of my other hand into my asshole.At first, it hurt a bit, so I took my time and eased it in slowly. Once I had it in to the hilt, I started to pump it very slowly in and out. My ass was even tighter than my (virgin!) pussy, so even using only one finger I felt completely full back there. I pumped faster and faster, realizing that this sensation was nearly as good, if somewhat different, than the one I was causing in my cunt. I was soon pumping my pussy and asshole for all I was worth, causing loud slapping and squishing sounds that would have been more audible if I hadn't been moaning so loudly. The warm feeling began again, centering both on my pussy and my asshole, and then I had my third female orgasm.I must have fallen asleep, as the next thing I remember is hearing my new roommate entering the room. At least it was a girl. I was wet at once when I saw her but I didn't drag her down on the carpet immediately and **** her, as I might have done had it been a man. She introduced herself as Tiffany, and I blurted out my real name and was thankful that it's Chris, if it were something more obviously male I would have had some explaining to do.As I said, as soon as she walked in my cunt was soaking and my nipples were hard again (those things were perpetually hard.) That would probably have been true no matter what she looked like, considering the shape my sex drive was in, but the fact that she was gorgeous didn't help matters. She was an inch or two taller than I was (now. I would have towered over her when I was still a man,) and she had hair about two shades lighter than my new color, and longer. Her tits were gigantic, there's no other way to describe them (I found out later that her bra size was an E cup, and she had trouble shopping for anything that large,) and the rest of her was thin, but still with nice curves and wide hips.The only problem was that I was still naked. Luckily, I had moved around in my sleep and covered myself with the sheet, but it was thin and white and I was pretty sure it didn't hide anything.I was trying to figure out a way to get up and dressed without Tiffany finding out how naked and horny I was at the sight of her, when she saved me the trouble.She surprised me, actually. Most of the lesbians I had met looked like men, some complete with facial hair, so it never occurred to me (in the first five minutes of our acquaintance) that Tiffany would be one. She wasn't actually, she was bisexual, but I didn't find that out until later.She came over to my bed and gently pulled the sheet down. Her gaze went first to my crotch, which was glistening, then to my nipples, which were starting to ache again."Thought so," she said softly, grinning.Then she took off her shirt, unclasped her bra, and lifted one of those huge, gravity-defying tits up. I didn't need another invitation; I started to suck it. I had always loved breasts as a man, and it was good to know that ONE thing at least had not changed. I licked her nipple around and around, occasionally grasping it lightly between my teeth. She moaned quietly as she unbuttoned her jeans.Getting up on her hands and knees, wearing only a pair of thong bikini underwear that rode up between her cheeks, she stuck her ass in the air and spread my legs. Going down onto her elbow (with her tits rubbing against the mattress) she started to rub her thumb along my slit. She was deliberately teasing me, just brushing the clit, getting me hotter and wetter with each stroke. After a while, she lowered her mouth to my new cunt.If I had known how good it felt to have your pussy licked, I would have done it to more girls when I was still a man. She licked up and down the length of my cunt, like she had been doing with her thumb, but her tongue was so much more slippery and pliant. She barely brushed my clit, then pushed her tongue as far as she could into my hole and fucked me with it like it was a dick. I decided that, as long as I was a woman, I loved the feel of my cunt being slippery and having it penetrated. Then she stopped that, and started sucking my clit. This was too much, and I came.When I was done moaning, I opened my eyes to see that Tiffany had strapped on a ten-inch dildo over her panties. I was of two minds with regards to that: my male side was disgusted at having sex with anything resembling a dick, but my female body was more than willing. I decided that, since this wasn't a man but only a woman with a dildo, it would be all right. I wanted to be taken doggy style, so that at least I wouldn't have to see it, so I turned over onto my knees and elbows, noticing as I did that my tits didn't hang down to touch the bed like Tiffany's had. I felt her move the head of the huge dildo around at the entrance to my pussy to lubricate it, then slowly she pushed it into me. I nearly cried out from pain at first, as the largest thing that had been in my pussy so far was my two fingers, but she stuck it in slowly, going an inch or so and waiting for me to relax, so eventually she had almost the full ten inches in. Then she started to buck her hips slowly back and forth.I was in ecstasy. Penetration was what this body was set up to get pleasure from, and I loved it. My inner walls, having loosened to accommodate this intruder, tightened again to maximize my pleasure. Tiffany reached around the front of me to rub my clittie while fucking my pussy. After a few minutes of this, I bursa escort had lost my reservations about seeing the dildo going into my cunt, and I made her stop and lay back on the bed.I let her lay there for a minute, letting our anticipation build, as I kneeled next to her fingering my pussy and cupping one of my tits. I was glad they weren't as large as Tiffany's; breasts that big must be unwieldy. Then, I straddled my new lesbian lover and impaled myself on the dildo sticking up from her midsection in one thrust. I thrashed around on top of her, manipulating both my tits with my hands, for about five minutes, until she came from the friction. I kept going, though, leaning over to kiss her mouth and neck, and rubbing my small, A cup breasts against her ridiculously larger ones.Just as I was about to come, she pushed me off of her, and sat up. "Do you like it in the ass?" she whispered to me.I didn't reply, I just grinned and nodded, and I got back on my hands and knees again, but this time she put the dildo, even more slowly and gently, into my other opening. This was a bit weirder for me, because it occurred to me that I could conceivably have done this even when I was a guy, but it felt too good to stop. I was so horny that I didn't notice any pain at all, and soon Tiffany was ramming that dildo in and out of my asshole at top speed. Again, she reached around to finger my cunt, her fingers slipping in and out of that hole as her dildo assaulted the rear opening. I came quickly, and she came again from the friction immediately after. I wanted more, but Tiffany was worn out, so we fell asleep on the bed, in each other's arms.* * *I woke up long before Tiff, having had a long nap before she showed up, and went into the bathroom to shower and wash the sweat and pussy juice off of me. I made sure to lock the door behind me, as I had one other plan in the bathroom. After I took a hot shower, luxuriating in the feel of the water splashing over my tits, I got to thinking. I would still rather be a man, but unless I could find whoever did this to me, I would have to remain a girl for a while, and at least I had a great supply of lesbian sex. That was something that had always turned me on as a man, and it was even more fun in reality than in fantasy, and as a participant than as a spectator.The other thing that I had noticed about female sex was that I really liked the sensation of my cunt being so wet that it was completely slippery, inside and out. The one thing standing in the way of that was all the hair around either side of my slit, so I decided to shave the hair off of my lips to make them more smooth and slippery.I looked under the sink, searching for a razor or something, and came out instead with a pair of electric clippers. What would Tiff do with these? I shrugged and decided these would do to start with.I sat down on the floor and spread my legs as wide as possible. It still looked extremely strange to see a cunt there instead of my dick, but after the sex I had had, I was starting to get used to it. I turned the clippers on and started shaving, way back on what was actually the very bottoms of my ass cheeks, slowly working my way up towards my cunt. The clippers, cold to start with, started to warm up as I reached my cuntlips, and the vibration was turning me on. My pussy, always on a hair trigger, got wet again, and my nipples, already hard (of course) got even harder. I had shaved my lips, but I didn't want the sensation to stop, so I continued, shaving as slowly as possible, to trim the sparse hairs around on either side of my patch of pubic hair. I also removed the sparse hairs across the top of my mound, evening out my growth into a triangle at the top of my slit. I still didn't want to stop, so I went around the triangle again, trimming it in a bit on the sides and down by about an inch across the top.I was STILL enjoying myself, so I went around the triangle again, reducing it to a little circle, about one inch around and about one half inch above my slit. Looking at the ridiculously small patch of pubic hair I had left and feeling a little sheepish, I decided I might as well go all the way, and I removed the last of my pubes.I ran my finger across the top of my mound, intending to masturbate, and found that I could still feel the stubble. To remedy that, I stepped back into the shower and, using shampoo as a cream, used Tiff's leg razor to gently remove all trace of pubic hair from my crotch. The shampoo made me really slick, but I decided that I didn't need any help, so I got out and dried myself off.Looking in the mirror I realized that, because my pubic hair had been blond, the follicles were now invisible. With my tiny breasts, completely smooth pussy, and young looking face, I could have passed for fifteen. A very horny fifteen year old, though, as I discovered as I felt the smoothness of my newly shaven twat. I sank down onto the carpet and started to finger myself again. My right hand pounding my cunt, I wet my left in my pussy juices and slowly inserted it into my asshole again. It was much easier now that Tiffany had loosened me up, but it felt just as good. I was moaning as quietly as possible, so as not to wake Tiff, and rapidly approaching orgasm when I heard the jiggling of a doorknob. Too late, I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door to the other room in the suite. While I was lying there, two fingers in my pussy and one stuck up my ass, the door opened and in walked a guy, wearing just a pair of boxers. I came to the conclusion that this was a co-ed dorm.While I was lying there, both hands still inside myself, I stared between my upthrust knees at his crotch. I had one of the hardest decisions of my life. My mind abhorred the idea of sex with a man, but as soon as he walked in my pussy had gotten even wetter and my nipples had become so hard that I moaned in pain and arousal. I couldn't take my eyes off his crotch, tracing the outline of the dick that I knew was concealed there. I tried to resist, but with what had been done to me I never really had a chance.I tore my gaze away from his crotch to see the surprised and dazed look on his face. I grinned at him, then got to my knees and pulled his boxers to his ankles. In that moment, I NEEDED cum, anyway I could get it. I took his already hard and quite thick eight inch cock into my mouth and administered my first blowjob. I took as much as possible into my mouth, cramming it in as best I could, and then removed it and licked up and down the shaft. After alternating these for about three minutes, I took the head in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could, while pumping the shaft with my hand. He came into my mouth, and I swallowed it all, my gag reflex forced down by the chemical need for sperm that had been instilled in me.Immediately after ingesting the cum, I began to feel strange. I felt dazed, and a tingling sensation kind of like the beginning of an orgasm enveloped my whole body, centering on my breasts and my lower torso. Also, I immediately felt hornier and my craving for cum increased immensely, so I pushed this guy (we still hadn't exchanged a word, let alone names) back into his room and onto his bed.I knew he would immediately feel like falling asleep, but I had other needs, so I again sucked his cock until he had another raging hardon. Then I got on my hands and knees (so at least I could avoid kissing him,) and he took the hint and pushed into me.Unlike Tiffany, he had very little finesse, he just plunged in. Luckily, I was already quite wet and stretched out, and I didn't really want finesse anyway, I just needed his cum. It did feel good, though, to be filled with warm flesh instead of just molded plastic. I pushed my butt back against him, intensifying his strokes. He pounded my pussy for about five minutes, then shot his wad into me.Once again, I turned around and started to suck him off to get him hard. It took longer this time, and I had to put some effort into it. Eventually, though, he was hard enough and I turned back around, presenting my shaved little pussy to be fucked. He went to it more slowly, but after almost ten minutes I was rewarded with another load. My cunt felt warm and sticky, and the strange feeling that had come over me after he came in my mouth was getting stronger, intensifying even more in my breasts and crotch.When I tried to get him hard again, I was unable. I took his limp cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, sucking as hard as I could, but even after about five minutes of this, he still couldn't get it up.I was desperate. I NEEDED more cum, and my mind was racing to find some way of inducing an erection. Suddenly, I thought of one fantasy that most guys had but few girls will ever let them try."Would you like to fuck my ass?" were my first words to him.Suddenly, his cock was stirring, and as I sucked it, it blossomed into a full blown hardon. I turned around once again, this time presenting not my smooth pussy but my asshole to be fucked. The male part of me that was rebelling against all this was horrified, but my unbelievably horny female body overruled me, and my craving for cum ended any chance of resisting this final degradation. He slipped into my asshole and I was too filled with pleasure to stop. He pumped me for the longest time yet, more than fifteen minutes, and I couldn't help loving every minute of it. My ass was so tight that it felt like I could feel every vein on his cock pushing in and out of me. I reached down between my legs and finger fucked myself while he was pummeling my asshole. I had just come for the third time when he shot his fourth wad deep up into my abdomen. He pulled out and rolled over, passing out almost immediately.I didn't want to suck his cock after it had been in my ass, so I rolled off the bed and stood up. I realized in doing so that I had a lot more weight on my chest. Looking down at myself confirmed it. I went back into the bathroom to look in the mirror.My pussy was still bald, but I couldn't be mistaken for a teenager anymore. My tits had somehow grown to the size of baseballs, and were nearly as spherical. The fact that they hadn't been resisting years of gravity made them almost impossibly round and perky. My tiny nipples (still hard!) jutted out from the upper half of my growing breasts. My hips were also wider, and my waist maybe a bit skinnier, but nothing as radical as the breast growth. I now knew what that voice had meant when it said that cum would cause physical changes.All this staring at my body had made me horny again, so I went back to my room, got Tiffany's dildo, and laid down on the other bed. I spread my legs as wide as I could, and plunged the dildo into myself all the way on the first stroke. I fucked myself furiously, bringing my little bald cunt to an orgasm five or six times in succession before I passed out from exhaustion.* * *I woke the next day again thinking, "what a strange dream," but today I didn't even have to move to feel the extra weight on my chest and my pussy, still full of Tiffany's dildo, to realize that this was reality. I opened my eyes and looked down at my breasts. Yes, not only was I still a girl, but it looked like my tits were going to blow up like balloons every time I came into contact with cum. "Ah well," I thought, "I'll just have to keep self control and keep myself satiated with lots of lesbian sex with Tiffany."At the thought of Tiff, I turned to look at the other bed. She was still there, asleep on her back wearing only those black thong panties with her tits sticking up like twin mountains growing out of her chest. I hoped that mine never got that large.Looking at Tiffany was making me horny, and as I was supposed to be practicing self control, I went back into the bathroom to take a cold bursa escort bayan shower. On the way, I checked the dresser that Tiffany had not emptied her clothes into, and found that it was stocked not with my clothes but with women's clothes that would probably fit me now. Most of them were just jeans and T shirts, so I didn't worry that I'd feel like I was in drag, but the underwear bothered me. All the bottoms were thong panties even skimpier than Tiffany's and there were lots of bras in there, in varying sizes. They went from A and B (which I would never need now,) up through C, which was what I figured I was currently, and up past Tiffany's E cup size all the way to an H cup that must have been custom made; I'd never heard of such a thing. It was huge, designed to hold tits the size of watermelons cut in half. I decided that with my new resolve and self control, I'd never need such a thing.I also decided that there was no need for me to dress up in these girls clothes quite yet. After all, I had been naked all day yesterday, so a few more hours couldn't hurt me. I went into the bathroom and started the shower.While washing myself, I thought about how I could find whoever had done this to me, and turn myself back into a man. Sex as a woman was enjoyable, but I had been born a man and that was the way things were meant to be. However, I really had no clues as to who was responsible for my current state. I felt a wave of depression rushing towards me, but then realized that whoever did this wouldn't just ignore me now that it was done. They had gone to all the trouble to wake me up to gloat about it, so they would probably make contact with me again. The only thing I could do for now was to be inconspicuous and wait until I had more information.About this time I noticed that the cold shower wasn't doing much to offset my horniness. It made my constantly hard nipples even harder, and that led to my cunt getting wet. For the past few minutes, I had been absently fingering myself.I put a stop to that immediately. I got out of the shower and dried off, and was about to go get dressed when I heard the jiggling of the doorhandle to the other room in the suite.I fought the urge to open it, but then I told myself that I should at least exchange names with the man I had fucked last night, so I opened the door just wide enough to poke my head out. I saw a completely different boy's face."Uh, hello," he said, embarrassed. "My name's Greg. Um, I guess we're suite-mates.""I'm Chris," I said. "And your roommate?""Oh, you met him?" he replied. "His name's Ian."I saw Greg's face turn red and realized that I had u*********sly opened the door wide enough to give him a good view of my shaved pussy and one breast. I also realized that I wanted to open the door even wider, tear his clothes off, and fuck him. I fought with myself for a moment, but the thought of cum had entered my head again, and my self control was not nearly as strong as I had thought before.I pushed open the door and stepped through. Greg started to try at least to gain his composure, and as it was obvious to both of us what was happening, he pulled off his shorts for me.I saw to my great surprise that his cock was shaved as bare as my pussy. I had heard of a few girls doing that, but never a guy. I realized, though, that it turned me on. Actually, by now almost everything turned me on, but in any case it felt good as I dropped to my knees and took Greg into my mouth as he sat on the edge of the bed. His dick was slicker than Ian's, and longer, nearly as long as Tiffany's dildo. But it was the slickness that I really enjoyed, as I took as much as I could into my mouth and wrapped my hand around the rest, feeling the smooth, hairless skin around the base. I pumped my face back and forth on his dick, and there was enough extra that I couldn't swallow that I was also jacking him off with my hand. I pulled my mouth off of him, and just licked the tip in circles around the hole, jerking the shaft with both my hands now. Then I had an urge to take it all in, so I let go with both my hands and just tried to swallow all of his dick.I couldn't get it all down. After a few minutes of trying, my jaw was getting sore, so I just sat there and looked at this hairless cock while jacking it off in my hand.After a minute or two of this, Greg started to moan and buck his hips, and I knew that his orgasm was about to hit. I jacked him even faster, but as the first bit of cum started to appear at the tip, I was overtaken with a craving. I NEEDED every last drop I could get. I knew what would happen if I touched any of his cum, but I couldn't help myself. Suddenly, I was rationalizing. My tits would only get a little bit bigger from one dose of cum, and that wasn't so bad. I took the head in my mouth and pumped for all I was worth, sucking his cum down my throat. I kept jacking and sucking even after his orgasm finished, craving every drop I could get.That tingly feeling immediately sprung up in my tits and midsection, but I knew it would. I was still horny though, and suddenly it seemed that just one load of cum wouldn't be enough. I continued to suck Greg back to an erection, rationalizing that I would have him pull out at the last moment and spurt onto the bed.As soon as I had sucked Greg's cock back to an erection, I stood up, ready to push him back onto the bed and mount his cock, but he stood up and entered me still standing up, face to face. He then reached around behind me, grabbed my ass cheeks, and lifted me up, with his cock still filling me, spinning me around and landing us in the bed, with him on top.This was the very position I was trying to avoid, as I did not want to be face to face with a man, fucking him. Now that I was actually in the situation, though, with his big cock sliding in and out of my slick, shaved pussy, I found I couldn't work too hard at changing position. I still didn't want to kiss him, so I stretched my neck up, getting my lips out of the way. He kissed my neck, but I decided I could live with that.I just concentrated to the sensations he was causing in my body. It felt wonderful! My pussy was filled and stretched with his cock, and as he thrust in and out I could feel the tip of him butting against my rear wall. His hands were playing with my tits, cupping them, kneading them, and playing with my nipples as he continued to fuck me. I loved having my breasts played with!After playing with my breasts for a few minutes, constantly fucking me at a furious pace, Greg reached under my ass and grabbed my cheeks. At first, I think he just wanted more leverage, and he used his arms to pull my pussy more forcefully onto his cock. In the process, he was spreading my ass cheeks as wide as they'd go, and an idea occurred to him. He wet his finger with the pussy juice that was freely flowing down my ass crack and then inserted it into my asshole.This was not a new sensation to me, but it should be obvious if you've read this far that it was one I enjoyed very much. I bucked my hips back and forth violently. Every time I pushed forward, his cock pushed into my pussy, and each time I pulled back down, his finger invaded my asshole. I increased my bucking motion, and started to orgasm. I thrashed my head back and forth, uttering something halfway between a moan and a scream, and bucked my hips even faster onto his cock and his finger. Just as my orgasm was subsiding, his began, and he shot his wad deep up into my cunt.Within a few seconds, I had flipped him over off of me, and was slurping my still hot pussy juice off of his softening dick. It stopped softening shortly, and started to grow into an erection again. After he was hard again, I moved up along his body and positioned myself over his cock. Slowly, so as to tease myself with the pleasure, I lowered myself down onto his cock. When he had penetrated my completely, I started to roll my hips, ever so slightly, which caused his dick in my pussy to move against the inner walls just a little bit. Without ever intending to increase the motion, I sped up and intensified, just from naturally wanting to feel more of it. Soon I was bouncing up and down on his cock as hard as I could.I noticed that the motion was kind of uncomfortable for my tits, so I reached up to press them against my chest. They were already noticeably bigger! I pressed them against my chest and bounced up and down, but after a while, I didn't want to use my hands only for this, so I leaned forward (making sure to keep my lips still out of reach) and rested my breasts against his chest. I didn't have to bend forward as far as I would have an hour ago.After fucking Greg like that for a few minutes, I felt the bed shift. I felt hands spreading my ass cheeks, and a warm, hard dick slipping into my asshole. I had forgotten about Ian, the guy I had fucked the night before. Apparently, our fucking and my screaming had woke him up, and he couldn't restrain himself from fucking my ass again.I reveled in the sensation of having both my holes filled with hot, thrusting cock. I never would have believed myself capable of being such a nymphomaniac, but I told myself that the chemical changes that had been forced on me were responsible, and it was not my fault. My conscience soothed, I was able to concentrate on enjoying it!I lay there between these two dicks, unable to do anything except let them fuck me. Greg fucked my pussy while Ian pounded my asshole, and the varied sensation when they would get out of sync with each other pleasured me just as much as the feeling of being doubly fucked. I orgasmed once, and experienced something only women can: the orgasm didn't stop, it just got stronger and weaker in waves. I lost all conception of time; they might have fucked me like that for fifteen minutes, or it might have been a week, all I know was that I was in ecstasy and I never wanted it to stop. After some unmeasurable time, however, Ian shot his load into my asshole, and pulled out. Greg orgasmed a moment later, and collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.I had just received a double load of cum, and the tingling in my breasts increased accordingly. Looking down, I imagined that I could almost SEE them growing. I still craved cum, however, and as it looked like Greg was down for the count, Ian was the only supply.Unfortunately, he had just fucked me in my ass, and I didn't want to suck his dick. Instead, I pushed him back onto the bed and kneeled in front of him. I reached down to my bald cunt, and started to finger fuck myself, all the while whispering how I wished he was hard again so he could fuck me. That caused his cock to perk up somewhat, but it wasn't yet all the way hard, so I grasped one of my breasts and lifted it up as far as I could. I found, as I had suspected, that it was now large enough for me to get the nipple into my mouth. I kneeled on the bed, sucking my own tit and fingering my pussy in front of this guy like a cock crazed slut. I realized that that description was probably accurate, I WAS a cock crazedslut, but as his cock stiffened to full erection, I simply didn't care.I didn't want him to stick his dick into my pussy. I'd heard you could catch some diseases that way, so I turned over onto my hands and knees and told him to stick his dick back up my ass. I noticed that my breasts hung down significantly lower than they had before, and I actually ENJOYED the fact! I was fucking guys left and right, their cum was making my tits grow out of control, and I couldn't help but enjoy it, it felt so good!Ian fucked my ass with all the excitement he had shown last night. More, in fact, as he reached around the front of me and played with my breasts. I don't know what he thought of my sudden growth, but at least it kept my hands free, one for support and one to escort bursa play with my slick slit. I rubbed my fingers up and down my lips as Ian's dick plunged in and out of my ass, both of us growing closer to orgasm. I reached it first, and though it wasn't one of those endless ones like the last one, it was excruciatingly good. Just a few strokes after my orgasm was subsiding, Ian pulled back on my breasts, burying his cock all the way up my asshole, and shot his thick white cum up my anus. Then he rolled over and fell back asleep.I got up and went back into the bathroom that connected our rooms, looking in the mirror. I was amazed at the changes. My hips were obviously inches wider, but the most noticeable difference was in my tits. They were now the size of ripened cantaloupes! I guessed now I'd never need the C or D cup bras either, it looked as if I'd jumped straight to the DD's! They didn't hang or sag, though. They were almost perfectly round and rode as high and perkily as they had when they were half the size. With my huge tits, wide hips, and bare shaved cunt, I looked like the sexiest girl I had ever seen! I went back into my room to wake Tiffany and see what she thought of the changes.Tiffany was still asleep, as I expected somewhat. I had worn her out the night before, and it was actually only eight thirty in the morning now, so it wasn't surprising that she slept right through my screaming sex session with the boys next door.I didn't intend her to sleep too much longer though, and I wanted to wake her up in a good mood. I looked at her, still lying there in only her g string, her gigantic tits standing up on her chest. I was glad that at least mine weren't that big ("yet," a small part of my mind said.) It comforted me that she still made me horny. I still was attracted to girls, and if that made me bisexual, it was only because my body was beyond my control and so strongly oriented on men.I leaned over and, while she continued to sleep, began to lick her breasts. I licked around the bottoms, lifting them up slightly to lick the area that had been folded over, and worked my way up to the nipples. I sucked these very gently, alternating from one to the other, wanting Tiffany to wake up slowly to the sensation. She stirred and moaned a but, but wasn't awake, so I decided to give her a stronger sensation. Slowly, I worked the sides of her g string down her hips, pulling her panties slowly down her legs. When I had removed her underwear, I gently and slowly spread her legs, and settled my head down between them.As long as I could, I took a good look at Tiffany's little blond pussy. It looked like she did shave the sides and top of her pubic hair in by a couple of inches, as she only had three or four square inches of hair at the top of her slit, and none on the actual lips. I was glad about that, because I had never really liked to lick excessively hairy cunts. Other than that, she had a normal looking, but very soft and pretty, little mound.I leaned down between her legs and brushed my tongue slowly from the very bottom of her slit, almost on the asshole, up to the clit, then back down again. Back and forth, Back and forth I licked, and Tiffany started to stir a bit more, moaning out louder. I concentrated on her clit for a moment, and she cried out softly. I knew she was awake when she reached up to stroke my hair, and grasped my head gently and pulled it closer to her pussy."Lick my clit again," she said."Say please," I replied, teasingly."Please," she said, "lick my pussy. Stroke my clit with your tongue. I need it! Oh! Yes! Like that!"After that, she didn't have much more to say, but she made a bit of noise. In my opinion, that's probably a good way to wake up. I remember hoping she returned the favor for me some time.After Tiff had finished cumming, she sat up and licked her pussy juice off of my face. Although I wouldn't kiss Greg and Ian, I had no such compunctions when it came to Tiffany, and we sat there face to face on the bed for a while, kissing and stroking up and down each others bodies. I slid my hands down to her hips as she reached around behind me to grab my ass cheeks and knead them for a while. I slid my hands up to her chest to squeeze her nipples, twisting them gently, and she started to do the same to me."What the hell is this!?!?" she nearly screamed."Uh, I'm not really sure," I said. It suddenly occurred to me that I had no explanation for my rapid growth in the chest and hips. I decided to tell at least part of the truth."I don't understand how this happened," I explained. That, at least was true. "I noticed they were like this as soon as I finished..." I trailed off, not wanting to admit I had fucked and sucked two guys I had never met before."As soon as you finished what?" she asked, curiously."Well..." I started. "Screwing the guys in the next room, to put it bluntly.""Guys?" she asked. "As in 'more than one guy'?""Two, actually.""Why didn't you wake me?" she said. "Greedy. You didn't want to share."We laughed at that, and that led, by easy steps, to us kissing and stroking each other again, my breast growth temporarily forgotten. I decided that if she asked again, I would stick to the truth: that I really didn't understand what had happened. I knew that I was going to have to stop it from happening again, though.After Tiffany and I 69'ed for a while, and we both had several great orgasms, she said:"Whoa, that's enough for a while. You may be a little nymphomaniac, and I really don't mind, but I really need to get to class. Have you showered yet, or do you mind if I go first?"While she was in the shower, I found my own class schedule in my dresser. The classes here the same as the ones I had signed up for, but the name on the schedule was "Christine Taylor" instead of "Christopher." My wallet was also in the dresser, and my license had been changed similarly. Whoever had done this to me was thorough.I started to get dressed. I put on the woman's underwear for the first time (after running around three rooms naked for over twenty four hours, I realized) and felt the black thong underwear pull up into the crack of my ass. It was uncomfortable at first, but I decided that after all the things I'd had up there in the last day, I really shouldn't complain. Actually, after I got used to it, it felt pretty good as it kept my asscheeks slightly spread and rubbed against my sensitive little asshole, but it didn't help my chronic horniness.The bra was even more embarrassing. I'd seen girls put them on often enough, so that wasn't a problem, but all the styles I had been provided with here really sexy. I picked out one of the DD sized ones, black to match my panties, and put it on. It lifted my tits up and held them back against my chest more, and that made me hornier. Also, it was one of those half-cup styles that held them up but didn't cover the nipples, so my perpetually hard little nubs stuck out into the cold air enticingly.I covered myself with jeans and a black t shirt, wanting to avoid the dresses and skirts in the dresser, and found some shoes. I left before Tiffany even got out of the shower, even though my first class didn't start for more than an hour. I was nervous as hell to be seen outside my room as a girl, and I didn't think I'd be able to get up the courage if I waited too long.As I walked across the campus, I was acutely aware of the sensations of my body. My hips swung in a wider arc, my tits shifted as I walked, and my nipples were constantly brushing up against the inside of my t shirt, which kept them even harder than normal. I looked down at my chest, and saw that they were VERY clearly visible through my shirt.I was horny as hell, and as I walked around and saw all the men staring at me, I knew I had to do something about it. I was almost horny enough to pull one of them into a clump of bushes and fuck him. Or at least suck his dick; my craving for cum was back in force. I could feel a little pain in my stomach, and I just knew that a load of cum would make it go away.I exerted all the willpower I could, and kept my eyes forward as I thought of a plan. I walked as directly as possible to a little shop just off of campus, one that sold "adult books
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