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Me and Ex experienced this. Need new dogging partn

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Me and Ex experienced this. Need new dogging partnIt's a Saturday and we have planned for a nice dinner for ages. It gets close to 5 o'clock and you start with a warm relaxing bath then get dressed but wearing your long flowing dress gives you a naughty idea to leave your knickers at home. At 8 we leave for the restaurant it's dark but warm air so a nice evening we head off through the lanes as its a star covered sky. As we near half way the car starts to slow then stop we pull into a side layby realising its empty of fuel, the petrol station is ten minutes so I walk to get us on our eyes quickly. Bored you get out the car and go for a short wonder, through the bush which has a gate init next to the car. You discover a small gravel car park which has a few cars parked up its a quiet night so you hear slight noises. Is it curiousity that drives you to walk slightly closer but as you do two figures are what is apparent fucking one leant against the car with one bent over in front of him, you see other figures near just watching, as you approach you see no one is interested in your presents and all carry on with the fucking. As you look closer there are three men with hard cocks hanging out there trousers all slowly stroking it, you look at the woman who is clearly in heaven as there is glistening pussy juice streaming down her left inside leg with what looks like cum gliding down her bursa escort leg too. Unsure what to do and ever so slightly but getting more so horny your beckend over by the woman being fuck as you approach your mind blanks and seems like pussy takes over, because your now holding the Huge cock that is fucking that incredibly wet pussy your had holding and slightly wanking his cock into to her in an attempt that it will be you helping to fill her with cum, your hand moistened and being slammed into her pussy every second they fuck. By now your so horny you feel you pussy wet but your still unsure of what is next as you look up you see the three cocks coming closer all glistening with pre cum but your hand is now fully wanking the cock in her pussy as you drop to your knees you feel the rush of cum explode in the by now exhausted woman. You take you hand away knowing you played a part in her excitement. You quickly head back to the car were I return and your pussy and mind can't stop thinking about what just happen but yet wanting more. Through diner you lay hints about what happened but feel you just want to try a little of what just happened. Heading home you ask if we can pull into the same car park to watch the stars but to your disappointment its empty, we stop get out and stare up at the nights sky, but you are still horny and slide you dress up just revealing you soaked pussy bursa escort bayan I kneel before you and you spread your legs allowing me to lick your pussy as you fall back you lay on the bonnet being licked your pussy going wild, you hear a slight rustle from the bushes, you had earlier walked through your mind screams stop but you can't say it aloud. An attractive couple walk close They too have no fear they stand close as you lay paralysed with pleasure you drop both hands out either side of your body and close your eyes hoping for more. A few seconds later you feel what you wanted a hard cock in one hand and a smooth shaved pussy in the other. You grip that monster cock like your trying to pull it off and with the other hand you insert three fingers deep in her wet pussy, you want to put more but you feel it's to many, with a hard shove she tells you with her hand to insert more. As I look up I see what is going on my cock hardens and I stand inserting my cock in your pussy . Your body shakes as you feel cock almost choke your pussy. As you open your eyes it's like a crowd has appeared three four five cocks hanging out hard with hands wanking them off. I fuck you harder as you push me away and insert the cock you have been wanking it's not long before you feel the hot throbbing cock cum in your pussy with a hard jerk he cums and pulls out, with your hand you pull her escort bursa pussy to the front of you and push her head down lick it all out. She drops to her knees and starts to gently run her lips and tonge up and down your wet cum soaked pussy she licks all the cum out and you even cum a little on her face as you are so near to cumming you grab my hard cock straddle my legs over her head so she can lick my shaft and catch any cum leaking out of your horny pussy. I fuck you harder and harder until you reach the no return point I want to cum you yell with that I ran my cock deep in your pussy and you explode cum sprays out you pussy over her face and on my cock, all the time I'm unloading my cum in your exhausted pussy. You lye back and close your eyes once again feeling the last lick of the woman and my cock being removed. It goes quite as every one leaves, and we head home. Once we get home your pussy wants more cum the though puts you close to the edge. You grab my cock through my trousers gripping all of it in one hand fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard you pull your skirt up and present your slightly swollen pussy that is dripping with cum and pussy juice, you bend over gripping the back of your thigh fuck my cunt you scream, I rip my hard cock out and ram it in you your thrusting your pussy into my groin screaming with pleasure not stopping every time you cum you just want more after a while you knees can't take it you claps on the floor begging me to cum over your pussy you open your legs as I stand over you wanking till I cum and spray every drop on your pussy. We both lay in the floor smiling and exhausted. X
16 Ekim 2021, at 12:23


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