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Arousing Sex With Uncle?s Wife In Her Bedroo

Post #1

Arousing Sex With Uncle?s Wife In Her BedrooHello dear readers?..I am from Gujarat?I don?t want to tell who am i? Because here no one gives their real identity?I just say you I am 30 years old, 5?6 heights and slightly fair have good looking face and physically well fit ?before starting the story I just want to say read full story and be passion in this story because this one is not a fake story, It?s a real life incidence which I am going to tell you? First I want to tell you I am a big fan of ISS and I read the entire story especially couple, i****t and group?.If you like the story and want to be my friend (only for married and mature women) than reply me on chennainareshk@gmail.comNow come to the story, I am only c***d of my mom and dad and this real incidence happen before 10 to 12 years ago that time I was in my 18. I am from one of the village of Gujarat?I have passed my 12th with science and got 88% in 2002 after than I have attended the counseling round for the admission process and I have got admission in medical field branch (Not MBBS 0r other than MBBS) at Ahmadabad. Their one and only favorite aunt reside (My uncles wife) so I am the only one c***d of my parents my mom and dad was happy that I got admission in Ahmadabad. They have to decide that I have to stay at my uncle home not to in hostel. Regarding this my dad talked with my uncle that they are sending me at their home. So my uncle also got happy that I got admission in medical field and they also appreciate me and invite me too.Finally days come I Packed my bag and with the sad face mom and dad sent me at my uncle home and give so many instruction regarding how to live in city, not to trust on any one, do study hard ?etc?as good parents?finally I reached at Ahmadabad and left the bus at paladi (one of the stop of Ahmadabad) their I called uncle to pick up me at their home because I am new for ahmedabad?.but uncle was busy that time so they sent my aunt to pick up me ?. She came at paladin with wearing a Gujarati sari (yellow color) and matching blows ? my aunt is 45 years old at that time but she looks 30-32 because she is 5?5, Fair with round face and dimple on her face make her so beautiful?Right now I am not telling you about her figure because at that moment I have no any bad intentions towards her ?but I always wish my wife will as beautiful as my aunt?.she came by auto so we went her home by auto?..We entered in her house they reside in the flat at the top floor (4th floor) they have 2BHK flat. She told me that put your bags in the room means other than her bad room. I obey that and she shows me the toilet and bathroom for to get fresh it was in between the two rooms. The flat arrangement, Entrance in hall, Right side of hall is kitchen and near kitchen is two rooms separated by bathroom and toilet. Each room and kitchen have separate balcony. I came by traveling at least 180 km so I take bath and get ready. I ask my aunt about uncle where he went she told me that he has visa interview after 4 days so they went to meet broker (Visa ? Consultant) I asked means uncle have plan to go abroad she said yes they are trying for USA if he will get visa I told than what about you she told once he will settle their than I also will go.My uncle is doing job in automobile sector and he is good and decent kind of person as well as good human also. Opposite nature of my aunt she is strict, less talkative but caring by nature. So my mom and dad sent me at my aunt house and instruct her to take care of me in study.Then I have taken lunch and went to the room for rest. Because my aunt instruct me take rest your uncle will come after 5 pm. She also went in her room for sleep as like all house wife who take rest in the evening. At 4.30 pm she walk up me for the tea me and aunt take the tea. I not talk more because I know her nature. Than at 5.15 pm my uncle came and welcomes me by giving big hug that time I felt good.I asked how are you uncle he replied I am fine. I ask him why you not informed me that he is going abroad he told me that because all things is depend upon Visa if I will get than I will go so how can I say? Than we talked as routine and some normal talk regarding my study, admission etc. He asked me about my college timing so I told its from 11 to 5.30 pm. He told I will drop you at your college and he ask me about name of my college I said ?. (dont want to disclose) he said its just walking distance to our house. At the night after dinner me and uncle aunt went for walk and after than we went for the sleep.As promised my uncle drops me at my college with giving his best of luck for the college life. I entered in the college their I have seen the boys and girls seating here and there, some of the couple seating on the bike some are outside the college ?.. I have attended the first day of college and went to home their aunt enquired about my day. I told her college is good. She ask me about my lecture I told her I came from gujarati medium but here all are talking in English so she told dont worry just do study hard. Day by day pass and finally days come when my uncle has to go for the visa interview at Mumbai he already booked the travel ticket so he went by travel. That night my aunt and me only at the home because they have no c***d means they lost their 5 years c***d in road accident. Till date I have no any bad intention towards her. But I just want to share something about my nature?..I am looking like innocent and attractive type of boy, I like foreplay more than sex because some times for play are more satisfactory and gives more happiness than the sex?. At the c***d age I like to touch girls and woman?.some example are in the bus when lady seat nearby me I try to touch her naval or boobs with fear and in that fear when you touch the boobs/breast of any lady its give more pleasure. Because that time we think if lady told to other than what will happen?.So I just first touched her by shoulder to shoulder and seat in this position for 5 minute if she will not do anything than I fold my hand in this manner that my finger touch her armpit if she will not react and I got assure that she will not talk to other than I move further and touch the breast of lady that pleasure was amazing more than doing the sex and that time erection was more good with little pain because in that condition you cannot do the sex nor masturbation you only enjoy your erection.Sometimes in the raw of mandir gives you enjoyable moment because in that raw if beautiful lady in front of you and the area are more crowded no space between you and her?think about it?the soft bump of that lady touch on your penis its give pleasure not only you but that lady also because women or lady also enjoy that moment because they also like this kind of touch and its give great pleasure to her more than sex sometimes they also got wet in her pussy during these condition. She will not react on this matter and not to show that she is knowing this all. She unknowingly enjoy that moment.Sometime touching of hand not full hand just finger to finger gives erection in male and make pussy wet in women because these kinds of foreplay we do in public place so fear in our heart not only in male but also in women so enjoyment are more and in these condition two person cannot do the sex so it will continue for long time so long pleasure?.i enjoyed this kind of pleasure in bus, train, rickshaw, jeep, mandir and many other places and I like it. I like to touch woman more than girl mostly married woman because she gives you response easily as per my experience because she also like some changing enjoyment and touch of other male and these kind of touch not hurt her bez here no cheating with her husband?..Now coming back to the story?.that night uncle was out of house and in this house only one T.V which is in the room of my uncle and aunt so I told my aunt that I want to see T.V but she told me that not now first finish your homework and then come here so I got upset and go to my room for study.After 2hrs means at 10 pm I went to my aunt room she is cleaning her bed for sleep. I ask her for the TV she told me you can see it just for 1 hr than go for the sleep so I said yes. I seat on the bed because the TV is in front of the bed and my aunt sleep on that bed so her feet touch me. At the sleeping time she dont change her cloth she sleep with the sari. I am busy with TV and her feet touch me first time I have observed my aunt feet its pinkish white in color and soft and I got erection I seat in this position for half an hour than my aunt told go at your room and switch of the TV. I obey her command and switch off the TV and went in to my room but I don?t forget the touch of my aunt feet to my knee and I have erection in my penis so I went in to toilet and did masturbation imagine my aunt but after masturbation I felt guilty because she is my aunt.Next morning my aunt come to my room and walks up me for the tea. I walk up and go for toilet and than for bath during the bath I found my aunt Ghaghra (Chaniya) in bathroom so I touch it and pick up it I fount black color panty under that. I got excited I take it in my hand its look good and somewhat sexy. I rub it on my penis and I got erection within few second I masturbate holding this panty in my palm covering around my penis what a good pleasure. I release my semen in that panty I got tense if my aunt will know this than what will happen? So I clean it with the water and after finish my bath I got ready for tea.My aunt serves me tea and bhakari for nasta. First time I image my aunt with that panty. I thought how she wears it, how she feel the tightness of that panty. That time I went in to my flash back because I like to see panty of lady those who wear Punjabi dress because her pujama shows the lining of her panty from the pujama or lengis and I like to see it it also a excited moment. So many man like it to see panty lining or panty on the above surface of pujama, jeans, sari etc and its give sexual excitement to men. But I don?t know what women like to see?.At that moment I got erection but I have control myself and after finishing the tea I went college and back at 6 pm that time I saw my aunt is happy I asked her what happen aunty she told me that your uncle got the Visa for the USA I also feel happy and congratulate her. After finishing the dinner I asked her when uncle will come she told tomorrow morning and I went to my room and after I finish my homework I again went to my aunt room for TV she told me that you can see I will come after bath. So she went for bath just taking the towel. She came after 15 min and I have seen her she looks so beautiful she wear sari as she wear before going to bath may be she dont like to sleep with nightdress.Her wet hair make her beauty awesome. First time I have seen my aunt in different way means from top to bottom she is busy to dry her hair and I am watching her beauty from sari. I have seen her back (Waist) it is too much fair and its seen the gap between choli and Ghaghara (Chaniya/Lehenga) because gujarati lady wear sari in this fashion that her belly/stomach and lower back are open. I make my eye somewhat lower than her back portion her ass is in perfect shape means cut the basketball from the middle and stick there. Means not much heavy, not much small but in perfect shape. After watching this I got erection in my penis so I take pillow and put it on my lap to hide it. She has long black hair and water are droplets make her more sexy. I can feel the aroma of the soap coming from her body I got arouse but I am enjoying that moment.Her back is on my side and face on the other side means she is cleaning her hair in the balcony. Her back which was not covered by her blouse shows her beautiful and fair skin. The look of her beauty was amazing. I try to measure her size but her breast are at the opposite side so I just measure her ass which was around 34 to 36 and her (Waist) kamar may be around 26 to 28. I have no concentration on TV I am first time enjoying the beauty of my aunt with naked eye. I dnt know this is right or wrong but I like it. During the drying of her hair she bent down and I just try to see her panty or lining of panty from the above surface of her sari but I couldn?t find. Later I know after bathing she wear all those cloth what they wear during the whole day but she not wear panty and bra after night bath.Suddenly she told my name and said now you go to your room and sleep you have to make habit to get up early for the morning so I got upset and with the care I leave the room because I have hard on my dick. I lock my room door and lying on my bed their I remove my T-Shirt, Pant and finally under wear. I hold my penis in my hand and doing my penis skin up and down with slowly ? slowly I feel so much pleasure I am unable to explain it in word. My aunt view in my mind now I change my position I put pillow below me and I sleep on that way that my penis touch the pillow and my ass on the air. Now I am doing back and fro on the pillow like I am fucking someone oh what a feeling. I hold other pillow in my hand and hug that pillow and fucking the pillow which is lower at me.I again change my position and seat at the edge of bed like that my leg are out of the bed and touching the floor and my bumps on the bed and my penis in the air?. I image the view of my aunt waist ? and I am masturbating my penis I think her round ass and her back. I increase my speed like that I have to ejaculate my semen out of the bed means on the floor and I again shaking my penis fast and fast with closing my eye and I ejaculate 2 feet away from me and it go on the wall and floor so I got tense and I clean it with the help of some useless cloth and wear my underwear and night dress and went for sleep. In the morning I heard my aunt sound I was afraid that I forgot to unlock the door so I get up and open the door and my aunt say why you locked the door I said by mistake it happen.She told get ready for the college I again went for the bath their again I have seen that lenghas/Ghaghara and her panty this time the panty color is pink and differ than previous one. Here the border are made up with smooth elastic and the flower design on the panty this time I found color change at the middle of panty means it is somewhat white or whitish yellow in color I take it in my hand and touch it. I think why the color of this part is differ I think may be due to color effect so I again take panty near to my nose and I feel the aroma of that panty it is differ than other odor but I like it I again do same thing I put it around my penis and masturbate after than I wash this panty. I finish my bath and ready for breakfast and I heard the door bell my aunt open the door and there is my uncle who back from visa interview. He is happy and he hugs me.After that he go for bath and I for my college. I came at 6 pm at my aunt home, uncle is at home he was busy with some work and told me that get ready for shopping we will go for shopping because after 15 days I have my flight and he told me that you have to take care of your aunt. Same thing he told to my aunt that not to get angry on my little boy and take care of him. My aunt said I take care him so we don?t take him with us for shopping because he has to finish his homework and my aunt and uncle go for the shopping without me and aunt told me that you can sleep if we come let I have another key. They left for the shopping closing the door from outside and I come in to my room and complete some homework and without watching TV I switch off the light and went for the sleep.At around 12.30 am my aunt and uncle come at the house but I was in half sleep so I don?t show them I was not in sleep. My uncle come near to me and tell my name but I was not answered him. So he thinks I am in deep sleep. They put all the bags and my aunt told him she is going for bath than my uncle told him that wait I am coming she told that ?.. your cousin is in the house. Uncle said he is in sleep. So uncle and aunt went in to the bathroom now my heart beat rise faster and faster. What they are doing in bathroom I want to know. So I first open my eye than enquire that they are really in bathroom or not but I confirm that they are in bathroom and the bathroom is locked from inside. So I walk up from the bed and go near the bathroom without making any noise and from the key hole I try to see what they are doing (Outside lights are off and inside light are on so they cannot see me but I clearly view them). I have seen that my aunt is in her lengas (Ghaghara and Choli) and uncle is in his trouser.Uncle holds aunt and hugging her and her hand moving at the back of my aunt. I have seen first time my aunt in Ghaghara and choli. Uncle moving her hand on slowly lower on her back and put his hand on round ass of my aunt. He rubs the ass and tries to apart it and my aunt start shower so water flowing on both bodies. The cloths stick to aunt body she wear white yellow color Ghahara/Lengha and black panty now clearly view inside the Lengha. Water flowing from top to bottom from her soft and fair skin and lighting gives shinning to that fair skin. I got hard on my dick but I dont touch it because I want to enjoy hardness of my dick till uncle and aunt sex.My uncle rub his hand on aunt ass now my aunt put his hand on the back of my uncle and stick to my uncle more close and put his pink lips on the uncle lips. Uncle moving his hand and rubbing aunt soft ass and kissing her lips now he take one hand at the front side and touch the belly of aunt and open the node of lenghas/Ghaghara but he not remove the Ghaghara/Lenghas. Again they put his hand the back side of aunt and put his hand inside the Ghaghara/Lenghas I see his hand above the panty of aunt but under the Ghagharas.He is massaging aunt ass in slow motion I thought he is expert in it. Now uncle move her hand at the front side and he touch pussy part of aunt above the panty aunt kissing uncle and enjoying the entire thing. Now I waited when uncle will remove the lengha/Ghaghara of aunt and uncle slowly lower the Ghaghara and remove it till the knee of aunt. My heart beat increased when I have seen the fair/white thigh of my aunt at first time. And water flowing from that soft thigh. Now uncle remove her Ghaghara by his feet/toes. And make aunt only in panty and choli/Blouse. Now uncle turn my aunt means aunt back on uncle side. He is now touching the boobs/breast of aunt. Rubbing breast of aunt I have seen first time aunts boobs/breast without sari. Its size around 34. Uncle tries to open the blouse button of the choli/blouse and he did it. Now he not removes the choli but rub the aunt boobs on the bra. She wear black color bra. Uncle slowly lowers his hand towards the aunt belly/stomach. And continuously he is kissing aunts neck.I have seen my aunt eye was closed at that time. Slowly he Put his hand under the panty of aunt and holding the pussy of aunt in his palm. Aunt got excited and takes deep breath. Uncle rubbing her pussy by one hand uncle the panty and rubbing breast of aunt by second hand with continuous kissing on neck and back. Now aunt move her hand and hold the penis of uncle. She is massaging penis of uncle by one hand at the top part of trouser and her second hand on the neck of uncle. Uncle rubbing aunt pussy and aunt rubbing uncle penis. Now I have seen the under arm of my aunt its totally shaved and fair so nice view. Now uncle move further and take his hand out of aunt panty and remove her blouse/choli now aunt is in panty and bra. She is too much fair insight than my imagination. Her round face makes her sexier.Now uncle turn aunt from his side and put his hand on the clips of bra and open the clips of bra. Now her naked back is covered by her long hair. It makes environment more romantic. I was eager to see her fully naked. Uncle move his hand on the back of aunt and hold the hair of aunt in his feast and pull it at the lower side and he remove aunt bra by his mouth. Now I clearly see the naked breast of my aunt it is round in shape and tight with pink nipple with pink areola. Nipple got erect and harder uncle put his mouth their and suck the nipple slowly I got Horny due to watching this entire scene because aunt look so sexy now she is only in panty. I have never seen aunt without sari. Now aunt bent down and she remove the trouser of uncle. Uncle is now only in his underwear. I can see the erection of uncle penis.She bites above the underwear and lower the underwear by her teeth. Now the shaft of uncle out of the underwear aunt remove whole underwear by her hand and pour the water on uncle penis it is black in color. Aunt cleans it with applying soap that time aunt eye stare on the uncle penis. After cleaning the uncle penis aunt first suck the penis ball by her pink lips. Aunt has round and beautiful face so I never image she can do this all things, aunt holding the penis in one hand and second hand on the ass of uncle and her lips on uncle testis. She is sucking it like she is tucking ice gola. Now she move further she is doing kisses on the penis I got more Horny I never image that my aunt do all this thing because she is too strict in our family (strict female is more sexy may be). Now her both hand on the ass of uncle and she hold uncle penis in her mouth. Uncle hold her hair.Aunt on her knee and sucking uncle dick, Her pink lip and white skin look more pink and white against uncle black penis. During sucking of penis uncle release his semen in the aunts mouth and I think aunt will be happy but aunt just raise her eye and look the uncle with anger even dick is in her mouth may be her eye want to say something. I didnt understand what she want to tell after bursa escort few minute aunt withdraw the penis from her mouth and drink all the come and told to uncle that you always release without satisfying me and I got socked means uncle is unable to satisfied aunt hunger even he do well. She shows his anger by her eye and told him you go outside I know you will not do anything more as like all day. As a wife I satisfied you but when you will satisfy me. Uncle told dont say like this I am trying but what I do if I ejaculate early.Aunt told you have this problem when we got married. I know I have to satisfy me by myself you and sleep. Now I think uncle has to come outside so without making noise I went to my room and within few minute I heard the sound that uncle come out from the bathroom and went his room. But aunt come after 20 minutes of uncle. I dont know what she did in bathroom and then she also went her room. That night I feel happy but I have not seen my aunt pussy because uncle has not removed the aunts panty. But I have seen her breast/boobs all the body except pussy. I close the door and this night I masturbate 3 times because I have never seen this kind of fair skin who has no single spot on her body. Finally I open the door before fall in sleep. Next day as routine aunt walk up me I go for bath again I have seen that black panty and masturbate but today masturbate is more pleasurable than previous because when I close my eye I can see all the scene of last night. Now I finish the bath and ready for breakfast.My uncle seat near to me and my aunt serve us I have seen aunt face she is giving anger look to my uncle. I ask uncle why aunt look so anger today he told nothing I am going USA that?s why. My uncle dnt know that I know the real reason and I realize one fact why my aunt nature is angry. Because her face is good nature is good looks is good color is good only she is behaving angrily and last night I got the answer.Day by day pass and the day is coming, that day my parents also came to my uncle home because my uncle is going abroad first time. At night 1 am his flight so we all went to ahmedabad airport by taxi. My uncle and driver seat at the front seat and my mom dad and aunt seat at the back seat. I told where I seat so aunt told come on my baby seat on my lap. Hearing this I got so excited and I seat on the lap of my aunt. She put her hand like hugs me from back side and her boobs/breast touch me at my back what a soft touch. I am enjoying more when speed breaker come because that time I push backside so near to her boobs/breast. I remember those days touching of woman in mandir, bus, crowd etc and got erect in my penis now the same situation but in awkward condition first time fear is more than pleasure because mom, dad and uncle whole are with me and erection is nothing but because of my aunt touch and her hands on my lap.Airport is near to naroda which is 9 km away from our place. So what I have to do I got confuse but touching of my aunt boobs make me more horney but at one speed breaker taxi jumped lot and I too so my erect penis touch the hand of my aunt and maybe she felt my erection on her hand. After that speed breaker she lowered her hand and I can feel her soft hand on my penis. She put her hand on the tip of my penis but not do anything more till airport come so I think it maybe by mistake or she cannot felt anything. Uncle?s flight was ahmedabad to delhi and from there to next flight. My aunt got sad and she hugs my uncle with tear on her eye and we all went back at aunts home after departure the uncle?s flight. In return journey my aunt seat at the right window side than my mom and than me at left window side so nothing happens. Next day my mom and dad again go our village leaving me at aunt home. Mom told to aunt take care of me. Now I and aunt are alone in her flat. So first time I think to arouse my aunt and give her nice fuck. Because to fuck beautiful perfect lady like her is the dream of all.This day I went my college, In the college I couldn?t concentrate the whole day I just dreaming about my aunt and at 6pm I reached home. My aunt is busy in kitchen I got fresh and then she ask me what u like in dinner I said khichdi and potato sabji she made it and we set for the dinner. We set in to the kitchen because there is no dining table at her home so we set on the floor of the kitchen for dinner she seat beside me touching to my knee to her knee. During the dinner she told me that you have to study on my room and sleep after study on the same room not because of the bad intention but she told this thing to save the electricity but I got excited and I say ok aunty. After the dinner I take my notebook and books and went to my aunt room she was busy in kitchen to wash the dishes.After completion of house hold work she came in to the room and set near me and enquired about my study I said its going fine. She ask me about exam I told her its after 1 month. She is taking my books and ask me about the subject I replied her this books is for the subject anatomy and physiology. The book is too much big with color photograph of body anatomy. One of the subjects in medical field and book author is tortora. She turn the pages of books and find the figure of body part and ask me how you remember all is any difficulty to understand these all I said no more just to translate from English to gujarati she said dont worry I will teach you these all in gujarti so you can easy understand (She did M.A in English) so I said that?s fine. She turns the pages and she all the photographs including the chapter reproductive system.But she said nothing and I got idea how to seduce her. She said you do study I will come after bath so I said ok. She went in to the bathroom and no one in the home so I waited to confer that she went in to the bathroom and she lock the bathroom door. Now I go near to the bathroom without making noise and from the key hole I tried to find her. She is standing under the shower with her sari. She remove her sari and put it on the hanger as well as she open the node of Ghaghara and remove it and put it also in to the hanger and what a view this day she wear white panty I have seen panty part fit in to the gap of her ass crack its look so sexy now she is in only blouse/choli and panty. She unbuttons her blouse and removes it. I am enjoying the view of her beauty she look gorgeous in white panty and white bra.I am sure this day I will definitely see the pussy of her so I got more excited and my penis got erect. She open her bra from the side of her hand and remove it and now she is going to remove her panty she hold her panty by two hand side by side and lower it and then she bent and remove her panty from one leg to other leg. I think I will surly die after viewing this scene. But her ass is on my side and pussy on other side. I can clearly see her naked ass. Its too much fair and her ass crack lining are pink in color increase the beauty of her ass. No single spot on her ass its neat and clean and beautiful. I got mad. I hold my penis under my Bermuda. She start shower and water is pouring on her body from head to leg and she is cleaning her body by her hand. Her back is on my side she applied soap on her boobs/breast and on her ass.I have seen her in naked position she has perfect figure more beautiful than any model. She is cleaning her body and moving her hand now she is cleaning her bumps by two hands and one hand put in to the ass crack. She put her one leg on the bucket and applying soap on her thigh portion. Oh what a scene I never seen this kind of scene in my life after than she turn and I have seen her pussy first time its near to key hole and I can clearly see the beauty of her pussy. She has no hair on her pussy may be she shaved it before. Her pussy look like tight and pussy lips is pinkish in color. Slightly mass on both the pussy lips and between her thigh the shape of her pussy is so sexier. I have never seen pussy like that in my life. Now she is pouring water on her pussy and cleaning her pussy by water first and then she applied soap there.I continue watching it and rubbing my penis. She put her one hand one the pussy and hold it in her palm. Her hand is so nice with pink and small finger. She apart her pussy lips and washing it with water what a view inside her pussy is more pinkish than the outside and she put one finger on her pussy and clean the pussy I think that she will do the masturbate but she cant and after cleaning her pussy she off the shower and take the towel to clean her body she first clean her hair than her fair boobs and than her ass and after her pussy and thigh. Now she wear her ghaghra without panty so I think why that day I was not find the panty under her sari because after bath at night she don?t wear the panty as well as bra. Now she take the sari after wearing the blouse so I think she may be come out at any time so I left that place and went in to my room. There I set near the table as I am reading the books but still I have erection on my penis I hide it putting writing pad on that. She came in to the room and as usual set in to the balcony and drying her hair. I feel the beauty of her from the sari. After than she set on the bad and I completed my home work so I ask for the TV.She starts the TV and we both watching the TV in same room. The movie maine pyarkiya was playing at that time. After some time she told me that you can sleep here only because your uncle is not here so no need to use both the fan and lights. I said ok and feel happy. Befor falling in sleep she told me switch off the TV and lights and on the dim lights only and sleep. So I sleep near her first time. Her back on my side and face is on opposite side I seen her back its near to my face and I have erection on my pains so what I do just observing her back and ass because no another option if I did anything wrong than definitely she will tell to my mom and dad and through out of her house so I just watching her back in dim light. But watching her back also gives me more pleasure. I can?t sleep till 2 am and she turns on my side her sari pallu fall a side and her beautiful round and tight boobs/breast near to my face. So have clear the view of her boobs near to my eye covered by her blouse with no bra.Her breast gap (Gali) make her more sexier and I was arouse by it. So I try to move one stapes ahead I touch her boobs by my head closing my eye. First time I touch her boobs by my head what a soft touch I set in this position for half an hours. Then I sleep in this position that my knee touches the knee of her and my hand near her belly portion. I make my move and touch her belly and knee. I got wilder and penis is not in my control. Her belly is so silky and soft but I don?t do more that night and fall in to sleep. In the morning she got up daily at 5.30 and I at 7 to 8 am. So before me she got ready and make the breakfast for me. She then walked up to me and I went in to the bathroom there I have seen last night removed white panty and I masturbate in. Then I set for the breakfast. Today I went college and come early than routine time so she ask me why you come early I replied today practical is off. She said ok. So she said help her from the house hold work today she is cleaning the fan dust.So she take stool and stand on the stood and said me hold that stool so she not get fall. I hold the stool it is near about 5 feet in heights and ceiling height is 12 ft. Her height is 5?6 so she can reach easily to clean the fan wings from the lower side but to clean it from the upper side she has to stand on her feet finger. So she did it and her lengas on my face. I lowered my head under her lenghas/Ghaghara and I seen her beautiful legs with black color panty I have see that there is no hair on her feet its clean and fair and sweating on her thigh portion due to hot. So the water droplet shining and I want to touch her legs but I am afraid so I don?t do it I forget she clean the fan and when she look below her Ghaghara cover my face. She got red by anger and told me that what I am doing. I was afraid and said nothing. She came near to me and said I have not expected this thing from your side. I said sorry but my intention is not bed. By mistake this thing happen please forgive me aunt and she scold me lot that day.I was afraid that she will call my parents but she don?t do it. Just warn me not to do this kind of thing if you want to study from her house. I said ok. That night I have not too much dared to see her from the key hole of bathroom and after finishing the homework I fall in to sleep before her. I sleep in trouser or Bermuda in night. Early morning I have erection problem why I don?t know. She always wake up early in the morning after finishing her bath (but today she bath after than me) when she came near to me I sleep winding my legs opposite side and I got hard on my penis so it facing on the ceiling side. She views it for a minute but left the room and from kitchen she told my name and I walk up. (I know this thing later that she has seen my erection daily). Today is Sunday so holiday in college. So we both pass our time in house.Today she told me you finish your bath than she will go I ask why ? she told me that she want to clean her kitchen and floor. So I said ok. She told me fill the bucket and put it outside the bathroom. I did it. She need it for cleaning the kitchen. Bucket is heavy and large I fill it with water than she came and try to carry it but during the carry it she got muscle cramp on her back. So she said my name and told me that please hold her so I hold her and ask what happen she told she has pain her back due to muscle cramp. I take her in her bed room. I put her in to the bed and ask for doctor she refuse it and said there is a move (analgesic) in her door so take it and give me. I have given that gel to my aunt she tried to apply this on her back but her hand not reach the exact area where she has pain. So I ask her can I apply it. She said ok. She sleep facing her back on my side so I can easily apply the gel. I take the gel and apply it on her back. What a soft back. I ask where she has pain she said lower portion of waist.I tried to massage it smoothly but she don?t like it so she said you can seat on my back so it gives me pressure. So I seat on her back she said not in this position put one leg on right side and other on left so equal pressure on the body. I set on her back means just above her ass. Her ass is too soft. I can feel the softness of her ass because she has not wear panty inside her Ghaghara/lengha and she has not bath today morning. I got erection and tense if she will know than she will slap me. But condition is not under my control now she told me to apply move on her back and for smooth massage. I take gel on my both hand and apply it on her back.My leg are both side of her body like that I am fucking her ass. I rub the move tube on her back up and down due to this my penis touches her ass because of my seating position. May be she can feel that erection but dnt say anything due to that pain. I sat my position without knowing her in this manner that my penis can touch her ass crack. I gave her smooth massage and moving my penis in out on her ass crack she feel it but dnt say anything so I did it for 5 minutes and I feel softness of her ass and feel her ass crack on my penis. Then suddenly she told me that enough dear now I am batter. So I down from her ass and she told me that now she is going for bath you will go after me. I said ok. I set near her and she stand and without saying anything she take towel and went to the bathroom.I take my position near key hole of bathroom and I have seen she removed her cloth one by one and washing her pussy this time she is doing different than previous bath. She is shaking her pussy with her palm and during shaking she try to hold whole pussy in her palm. I didnt understand what she is doing. She put her one feet on bucket and one feet on floor. She is shaking her pussy by her middle finger. She is shaking upper part of pussy( later I know it called clitoris) Now she enter the index finger on her pussy and she did in and out from her pussy. I got arouse watching this and I am also shaking my penis.She did first slowly and then increases her speed. I have seen her eye was half close and half open like she has taken any narcotic d**g. May be she is enjoying it. I have seen some sticky fluid on her finger so I understand she got wet on her pussy and its her vaginal liquid. She did it by only putting index finger she try to deep her finger as possible as go inside. Now she deep her middle finger in her vagina and not to do in and out but try to put it more deep and make this position for one minute. Her middle finger on her vagina and other part hold her vagina tightly and she has taken deep breath in than out with closing her eye and removes her finger. I can see the sticky liquid on her palm. I think she has finished her masturbation session. Her pussy got pinkish red due to vigorous shaking. It looks more puffy than normal. I have seen the satisfactory look on her face. Now she cleans her pussy and takes her bath and come out of the bathroom that time I was in my room. She told that go and take bath. I said ok.I have lots of questions in my mind why she did it? May be she feels my erection on her ass and arouse by it. Or maybe she miss uncle. (Later I know she did it due to touch of my penis on her ass and she like it more pleasurable foreplay than before so she went in to the bathroom and did masturbation) . then I go for bath and remove my clothes and take her panty and covered it on my penis. I first touch her panty on my penis smoothly and then I put my penis inside her panty and cover my entire penis by her panty and slowly slowly I did my penis skin up and down and then I increase the speed and release my all semen in her panty. (Later I know that she has seen me daily to doing that act from the key hole of bathroom and I got shocked to hearing this at that time and she also like to see me in bathroom in this act).After finishing my bath I out from the bathroom and I always wear clothes out of the bathroom. This times my aunt in my room and she said have finished bath I said yes aunty. I take powder and apply on my chest but not on my back she has seen it and told me why you not sprinkle powder on your back I told not possible by me. How I can apply powder on my back. So she take the powder and sprinkle on my back and said your back is not properly clean you are not taking bath in proper. I said ya at home mom has to clean my back but here how is possible?Hearing this she told she will give me bath tomorrow I got happy and waited for tomorrow morning. Day pass happily and night comes I have finished my homework and I ask aunt about difficulty in study. She said what happen? I said I have problem in this chapter she said in which chapter I told her in reproductive system. So she has taken my book and read the paragraph before that she has seen all the coloring picture of that chapter and she told that she will teach it tomorrow now she can read and after than she will teach me. I just ask my aunt what is reproductive system she told study of genital organ I again ask what is genital organ she said the organ which are help full to produce new baby. I said means she said the organ of male reproductive system is Penis and testis and female is breast and vagina.I innocently ask means female have no testis and male have no breast she smile and said I will teach these all tomorrow. She told me now you have to get up early and do study early also. I said ok but you have to walkup me early. She said ok and We said goodnight to each other. In the morning 5.30 she came near to me and get up me. I told her 5 min aunty but she don?t listen this and stand there that time I have hard on my penis I know it and I know my aunt has seen it. So she is enjoying that view for few minute and wake me up. She said go in to bathroom today she will bath after than me. She will gives me bath. So I went in to bathroom she came near me and told me that sear on the table.I seat on the table facing my back toward her. I have wear Bermuda so she said why you wear it. Remove it otherwise how can I gives you bath so I remove my Bermuda and I am only in my underwear. She is pouring water on my back and I can feel her soft touch on my back I got erection. She set her pallu of sari in her waist and applying soap on my back and then move her hand towards my chest.She apply soap on my chest also again pull her hand towards my back and she is applying soap under my underwear means on ass portion. I was arouse by her move and close my eye she has seen it and move her hand at the front side from the underwear and apply soap on my private part means above than my penis area. I have not shaved so when she applying the soap she definitely feel the hair of my penis part but she didnt say anything and now she moved her hand further lower and her hand touch to my penis. My breath increase and I am taking deep breath than she apply soap on the surfacing of my penis without saying anything I also silently enjoying that act I am enjoying this foreplay and I have never enjoyed this kind of foreplay before its give more pleasure than masturbation. Her soft hand touch on my penis and my penis is in erect condition she hold penis and say turn at my side so I can wash it easily I said nothing and I turn towards her with closing my eye. So I cannot see her but she can see me. Now she has taken more soap in her other hand and put her other hand in my underwear and applying soap around erect penis.She now remove one hand from bursa escort bayan underwear and by other hand she hold my penis and gives up and down movement for 5 to 7 times holding my dick in her palm but she has not removed my underwear now by other hand she poured water and wash my penis and again she gave me up and down movement like she is giving me masturbation.Then she remove her hand from underwear and said now you can do bath I have to go. I said nothing she looks me and go outside I lock the door and think why she did it and not do more.? Why she has not removed my underwear etc etc? (Later I know she want to tease me and after giving bath she set near the key hole and has seen all my act) I also don?t do anything with her body and I did masturbation (she has seen it from key hole). After finishing my bath I got ready for my college I said nothing to my aunt and she also not say anything to me. I went college and came to home.After finishing dinner and all I ask hows your back she said some little pain is there. So you have to apply move at night I say ok and got excited. At night after finishing homework I told her that now I am free so you can sleep I will apply move. So she obey it and I take my position on her as before that I have change my Bermuda and this time I don?t wear underwear. I set on her ass in this manner that my penis touches her ass crack and I know she has not wear underwear so we can easily feel our touch. I apply move tube on her back and doing act like I am fucking her ass from behind. I hold her upper back in my hand I and giving pressure in her smooth and soft ass that my penis go inside her ass. She feel it and she apart her hand I massage her back I am also enjoying fucking her wearing of cloths it?s a good pleasurable moment than sex. Now I told her please aunt open your blouse button so I can give you massage on upper back she did it there is no bra because she not wear panty and bra at night now her fair and completed naked back on my side she bent her hand under her forehead and put her face on one side with the support of her hand.I like that position and it show her sexier. I am applying move on her back from upper to lower part and try to touch her boobs from side. It got pressed by her weight so half portion is visible clearly. I tried to move my hand side to her both boobs and stroking my penis above her ass. So hot situation for me I think I have to lie down on her and remove her whole cloth but I can?t do it and enjoying this foreplay. Now I move further and touch her boobs and I tried to put on her boobs and I did it I lowered my hand and hold her boobs from backside and what a feeling. So tight boobs but in the fraction of second she turn around me and slapped on my face and scold me. She said what are you doing? I said nothing I just applying you move on your back than she said than why you touch my boobs/Breast.I know what you want I will call your mom and dad and inform him what you are trying to do? I got fear and erection got lose and I begged her for not to say all these incidence to mom and dad and again she slap me hard on my face because when she was taking her blouse button is open and no bra insight so I can clearly see the pink boobs of her with erect nipple and I am watching this during taking. So she slap me hard my cheek got red. Tear comes from my eye. She tied her blouse button. And adjust her sari. I am begging her and she told I will not tell you this thing your mom and dad but don?t do it again. I promise her and again she slap me and said go and sleep. I went for sleep and she again go in to bathroom I don?t understand why se go for bath again. (later she told she go for masturbation because I make her Horny due to wild and sexy massage and she slap me intentionally for to enjoying foreplay and make it more pleasurable). This time I don?t go near the bathroom because of afraid. She came after20 minutes and sleep beside me.In the morning she woke up me and she has seen my red and swollen cheek. I don?t say anything and she said sorry to me that she was react over and has given kiss on my chick first time. I feel good but I didnt forget last night hard slap so I say ok but didnt say mom and dad. I went for bath and I don?t to masturbation today and taken normal bath and after than ready for to go college. I back at home 6 pm that night after finishing the dinner she again say sorry I say ok and she told me that she will teach me reproductive system today. I can?t understand her act. Is she like all this thing or she is taking care me in study as my aunt? I am confuse?I don?t think more and she set beside me and open the book. She is explaining me that reproductive system is the system by which male and female produce new baby.Male have penis and female have vagina. Penis consist two testis she shown me this all in diagram also. Testis produce semen and semen active portion is sperm. During the sexual excitement it may be visual, Listening, Touching, Dreaming, Odoring any of them penis got erect and increase his size. Listening this all my penis got erect but I hide it and she noticed it. Female reproductive system consist vagina and in to the vagina there are two major and two minor labia. And at the junction of labia is clitoris its also known as female penis. It is most sensual part of female reproductive system. During the sexual pleasure it play main role and increase her size little.So its known as female penis. There is one cover over the vagina is known as hymen. It got break during the sex and female lost her virginity so I ask means what? She explained that hymen is vaginal covering when man enters his penis in to vagina that time hymen got break due to the entry of penis in vagina and sometime blood comes from the vagina. Again hymen will not form so girls know virgin till her hymen not break. So I again ask that means you have not hymen. She smiled and say yes. During her teaching I got stimulated and she noticed it and said female have different opening for urination and for sex while male have one opening for sex and urination she shows me in figure but I don?t understand it from the figure and she noticed it. So she told me ok for your better study will do the practical and practically I explained you the reproductive system but for study not to think more and don?t say it to other I got happy and she told me that first I will explain you male reproductive system so you have to remove your trouser.I did it now I am in underwear she told me to remove underwear but I feel shy so she said its for your study not to Shy if you do it than tou can understand batter. But I don?t do it. So she came near to me and seat on the floor I stand near her like that my penis is near her face. She held my back and pull me her side and remove my underwear and my erect penis is in front of her eye.She looked it for few minute I say sorry because of erection she said don?t worry its normal don?t take tension. She ask me what?s your penis size I got socked (later she explained why she ask size of my penis because in female vagina starting 5 to 7 cm area knowing as vulva is important in sex it consist sex receptor so if penis is long or short no matter but minimum length of penis is 7 cm required to satisfy any woman). I said I don?t measure it then she said don?t worry she take footpatty (Measuring tap) from the near cupboard and measured the size its 22 CM she said wow so good and 10 cm in diameter. She said so good I ask her for uncle size but she not answered (later I know he has 16 cm length and 6 cm in diameter) and explaining me the male reproductive system. I stand near her face and she was seating and explaining in that position. She said below the penis portion there is one sac its known as scrotum and she touch there. She held my scrotum in her palm and given nice sexual massage I got arouse but I don?t say anything because I don?t understand her. When she will slap I do not know? So I didnt do anything just stand there like statue.She again said inside the scrotum there is two small ball is known as testis and she touch it by her one hand on one testis and other hand on other testis and she is playing with my testis by her finger. Her lips got vibrate and her eye shows lust but she hide this all with great art. Then she held my penis and told me that this is the penis it got erect by kissing, Touching, Visual or any other way like yours are hard. It increase it size due to increase blood flow due to release of nitric oxide in penile vain. The penis head is covered with foreskin but when male start masturbation the penis tip got open. She ask me that your foreskin is not covered the head of your penis means you are doing masturbation am I right? I say no aunt she told me not to tell lie and I say yes I am doing. She was happy hearing to this. But not ask more about it. Then she hold my penis and lower my foreskin and open the head of my penis I got shivering in my body and she feel it. She held my penis in this manner that I feel her soft touch on my penis.And her fair hand looks good on my penis but her palm is unable to cover all my penis it cover only 1/3 part of my penis. Now she hold penis tight to tease me and said this opening of man is for to ejaculate semen and urine also but in sex man can ejaculate semen only not urine. She said semen is sticky in nature and it consist sperm which is useful for production of new baby. I said what is difference in sperm and semen she said semen is liquid under this liquid sperm are reside and semen protect it is basic in nature. (Ph Is basic because female have acidic Ph so acid and base make neutral and sperm can survive).If male not release his semen during ejaculation he feel uncomfortable and some time it produce pain in penis. She said so I make you comfortable and saying this she held my penis and giving me slow up and down movement of my penis foreskin her black and beautiful eye stared on my penis she is continuously watching the penis skin go in and out I close my eye. I feel some soft touch on my penis I open my eye I have seen my aunt giving me masturbation by holding my dick in her palm and her mouth is near to my penis during up and down, back and fro she touch her pink lips on the tip of my penis I think now she will take my penis as like I have seen she has taken penis of uncle in her mouth but she can?t she just touch her lips on the tip of the penis and given smooth kiss now I opened my hand and put it on her head. She did it for 10 minute and she was seating on floor by folding her legs and I am in standing position so my penis is exactly straight to her lips. I am enjoying but suddenly she releases the grip of my penis and said you have good stamina I just checking your stamina. I have given you 10 to 15 minute masturbation but you not release your semen so its nice.Then she said now its enough to understand male reproductive system and said me that she is going to explain female reproductive system. So she stand and I tried to wear my underwear but she stop me.She ask me have you ever seen the female vagina I said no aunt. She again ask tell me truth I said no aunt by swear. She said ok do you have any girl friend I said no aunt. Listening this all she said don?t worry I will teach you all about female reproductive system but promise you will get 100% in this subject I said I will try. Listening this she sat on the bed and told me that I have to seat on the floor so my head on the bed side and I can clearly see all the parts of vagina. I sear on the floor with erect penis and she again she it and given naughty smile. She then starts about female reproductive system. She said female reproductive system has two main parts one is vagina and another is breast so we will start from breast. She said female have two breast (male have chest not a part of reproductive system). She removed her sari from her breast part. She said open the button of blouse/choli so I open it and I know she has not wear bra at night. I open one by one all button and then she removed her choli.I just watching her boobs and she saw me she told me give me your hand and I have given my hand on her hand. She put my hand on her breast/boobs. She said this is known as breast made up by fatty mass. She told me to press it I pressed it. I can feel the softness of her boobs. I pressed it for one minute than she held my another hand put it on second breast I am now pressing her both boobs I never pressed boobs of any lady. The boobs are so fair I am enjoying and she also. She said stop and I got confuse now she held my finger and make round circle around her nipple and said this pink part covering around the nipple is known as areola.I make circle on second breast with sexual manner and she has taken deep breath she put her both hand on my hand press against her boobs for few minute. I got stimulated and want to sex with her but how is it possible? so I just enjoying this moment. (Now a day I feel this kind of moment is more enjoyable than do the sex ). Now she held my hand with her hand and she said touch to nipple I obey her and touch her nipple it got hard and pinkishwhite in color. She said its known as nipple it secret milk after the birth of baby so it?s a part of reproductive system. Nipple increases their size during sexual stimulation.I said I can feel your nipple hardness she said you want to feel it in real than suck it by your mouth. I got happy and seat on my foot and she has given her one boob on my mouth. What a soft touch she guide me that first you just suck the only nipple and press other boobs by hand I am doing as what she said. I am just sucking her nipple only by my lips and pressing other boobs she is moaning I can hear her low voice. Now she said suck nipple with areola I have than taken her nipple with areola in my mouth and given her nice and slow suck. She told please touch your tongue on nipple during sucking I am obeying her. During the sucking I touch my tongue to her nipple she got wilder and held my hair with her hand and press my mouth on her boobs.Now I got bolder and put my both hand against her bare and naked back. I suck her nipple and areola I hold her tightly and she push my head on her boobs and said now you can take the entire boobs on your mouth I did it and try to hold her whole boobs in my mouth but it was not possible I did suck for 5 minute than she said do same on other boobs I did same thing on other boobs first I suck her nipple than areola than try to suck her entire breast. She got arouse and I push her on the bed so she was lying on the bed I continuously suck her breast one by one. She stop me than said just see the size of nipple and breast I said it get increase and breast got tight. Her breast got red due to my suck than I tried to remove her sari by my hand from her Ghaghara I tried but she stop me but this time I tried more forcefully and I removed her sari now she is in her Ghaghara. So I lowered my hand near her pussy but she held my hand I said don?t stop so she release my hand and I touch her pussy above the Ghaghara it was nice touch.Now I am massaging her pussy she got shivering on her body and I have given massage on her pussy till 10 minute during this time she held my penis she is also giving me masturbation and I am continuously massaging her pussy with my palm and sucking her boobs. Now I am going to open her Ghaghara she stop me once again but I remove her hand by my other hand and open the node of her Ghaghara/lenga and I insert my hand under her Ghaghara she not wear the panty so I directly touch her pussy I first move my index finger between her pussy lips than I hold her whole pussy in my hand she make upper movement of her abdomen. Then I vibrate her pussy by my hand she is moaning loader and increase her hand grip on my penis. Now I change my position I set above on her and my both hand put under her ass and hold her bump and sucking her nipple by mouth.I rub her bumps by my hand its too tight and round in touch I can feel her silkiness on my hand. Now I tried to remove her ghaghar so she upper her waist and then legs so I easily remove her Ghaghara. Now she is naked with no cloth on her body. Her body is too fair. I have never seen body like this. Now I am on her and my hand under her ass. So I rubbed her ass and given nice move on her bump and she lye down straight now I move further from kissing her boobs to I come down to her stomach her abdomen is shivering with pleasure and I kissed on her round navel. Then I slightly go down to her pubic part she bent her legs and apart slightly. I take my mouth near her pussy with lots of kisses and she jump at upper side with pleasure. I held her bump and now I touch my lips on her pussy and move my hand toward her boobs so I lying in this position that my mouth near her vagina and hands on her boobs and my legs below the bed. I pull her at the edge of bed and I set on my knee near to bed and she given me response that time.I held her west and put my mouth between her thigh she apart her legs so I can easily she the view of her pussy. Its clean shaved and pink I kiss her pussy lips and she told me that that pussy lips are made up from fat mass. She said open this pussy lips I open that pussy lips with my first finger put on on lips and thumb on other lips she said what you have seen I said two fold of skin she said its known as labia majora and labia minora.Then she said look the junction of pussy lips at upper side I looked there and she said kiss there I than kiss there she said whats there I said some nuts like structure she said it?s a clitoris vibrate it by your first finger I did it and she slightly move her hip at upper side. The size of clitoris is increase and it got erect she said suck it in vibrating voice I did same. I held her legs and put my mouth in her vagina she said put your tongue in vagina I did it and I have seen see is enjoying more I suck her vagina and its pinkish-white in color so smooth it got some puffy due to my suck than she told insert your finger I insert my middle figure I can feel the wetness and tightness of her vagina and I can image that my uncle has not did so much fun with this pussy. I can feel the pulse of that vagina. It gives contraction and relaxation on my figure. She told me that insert your finger as deep as possible I tried it and given her nice finger fuck.Now she told me that remove your finger I ask her why I am hurting you she said no dear you are giving me lot than I want but remove and insert your first finger in my pussy and middle finger in my ass I understand that she want double penetration so I did same thing first I tried to insert middle finger in her ass so I apart her ass cheek I have find the anal opening it is in pink in color look like rose around white silky skin. I tried to insert finger but its too tight so I given back and fro to my finger it goes slightly under her ass hole. Then I have given slow push and she also cooperates with me. She has widened her ass by holding her hip by her hand so i insert half of my full finger in her ass hole. She is feeling pleasure with pain and I can see the happiness of pain on her face. Now she close her eye and held my hand and with pressure she push my finger in her ass so it goes inside her ass hole. She said now not to do anything for few minute just seat in this position so my finger is in her as and she is given inner pressure by compressing her bump I can feel it. She told now you can insert your first finger in the vaginal opening so I insert my full finger in her vaginal opening.Now my middle finger in her ass hole and first finger in her vagina now I am doing in out of both finger at same time she feel good she said do it I like it and I did it for 10 minutes first slowly than increase my speed sometime my two finger touch inside wall of ass and vagina. I have given her ass fuck and vaginal fuck at time. Now she changed her position and take doggy position so I can clearly view of her ass what a view and in doggy style I have changed the position of my finger middle finger in her vagina and first finger in her ass. That time I have seen her face is down towards me and her boobs are hanging towards bed. I stand behind her and given her nice ass and vaginal fuck.Now she said look down and find there is another opening I search for it and I found small hole like hall of refill of ball pen. She said that one is for the urination so female have three hole (Ass hole, Vaginal hole for sex and urinal hole for urination) While male have two hole. Now the reproductive system is over. after some time she collapse her legs and then she got normal and apart her legs I have seen some fluid on my hand its look like semen but not thick like as. It is sticky than she is not saying anything lying in this position for few minute than I think now I have to insert my cock so I put the tip of my cock on her vagina but she stop me but I forcefully insert my cock but its thick so it not goes inside of her pussy and she jumped and seat near me and slap me again I ask what happen she said I did all because of your knowledge and you want to fuck me bustard what I said before not to think more and she again hit on my face I said we do all whats remaining. She told I just show my body for your practical knowledge ok.If you think anything more than its not possible because I don?t want to cheat your uncle. I said he will not to know this all again she hit me than what you want to say? I said I have seen you naked as well as I have seen that uncle and you did sex in bathroom and uncle is unable to do sex with you she was shocked and ask me how do you know these all? I said I have seen you from key hole of escort bursa bathroom she got angry on me and told me that I will call your parents and will tell all this nonsense. Hearing this I got tensed and I said sorry for that but I have seen you that you are doing masturbation in bathroom by your hand when uncle was away. So I want to help you. She told I don?t believe that what are you saying and what I have to do. I told her I will not tell this thing to anyone. Hearing this she tell me that if you want to help me than we will do foreplay daily you will not force me for sex if sometime I need than I will tell you but you will never force me and its secret between you and me.I feel happy and out of tension I agree with her. Now she told me that now you have given me enough foreplay more pleasurable than sex now its my turn so you stand near the bed so I stand there and she seat on the bed. Now she hold my dick in her hand and looking me and say be ready for go in heaven. Then she slowly put her lips on the tip of my penis and given nice kiss and said I want to ask you one question why you always wash my panty? I said sorry but I always do masturbation holding your panty around my penis so I ejaculate all semen in panty so I wash it. But how you know? She said I am also popping you from the key hole of bathroom and seen all your act and we both laugh. Now she rubs her pinkish lips on my entire penis. I feel so much fun. She is first sucking my ball/testis and then given lots of kisses on my penis.Now she take penis in her mouth I feel the warmness of her mouth I really feel heaven. She take penis in and out in her mouth and also given masturbation by her hand now she close her mouth and I can feel her lips on my penis she move her hand on my bumps. She held me from behind and my penis in her mouth now I hold her hair and she increase her speed. She takes my penis deep to her throat. She given me blowjob nicely and after 15 minutes I said I am coming she not say anything and increase her speed I can feel touch of her tongue on my penis. Finally I shoot my come in her mouth but she not withdraws penis form her mouth she suck all the semen and then clean the penis by her tongue and lips she ask how you feel I said can?t explain in word.Then she go in to the kitchen without wearing the cloths so I can see how her bumps are jumping. After drinking water she came near to me and given glass of water for drink I drink it and I thanks her she also thanks me for to understand her. I said I promise I will not do intercourse until her permission but will gives you lots of fun with pleasure. Then we both are lying on the bed without wearing cloths because she said me do like that and its late night 3 am. She walk ups early in the morning and again she has seen my morning erection so she held my penis I walk up and without saying anything she has given me hand job but I said I didnt want to release it now. Lets come in bathroom so I lift her in my hand and we both enter in to the bathroom there she start shower. She cleaned me again from top to bottom by applying soap and I this time turn her from my back side so her ass touch on my dick. I rubbed her boobs by my hand I have seen her round and innocent white face with beautiful eye.She is enjoying again so I kissed on her neck and pushing my dick against her ass. She apart her thighs and I insert my dick between her thighs and she tighten her thighs I feel that my dick in her vagina but its between her white thigh. I am stroking her thighs I feel that my dick touch her pussy If I do it for more 10 minute than I am sure dick will go in the pussy but she knows what I want so she changed her position and turn my side and I say nothing as I have given promise to her. She put her one leg on the bucket and command me to suck her pussy I held her from waist and seat on my knee first I have given her finger fuck but she was not satisfied by it so I suck her pink pussy and water is dropping from my mouth I did it for 10 minutes than she release her vaginal fluid in my mouth. Then she seat on the bucket and given me blow job again.After bathing we both go in to her bed room with naked body she clean me from top to bottom and I clean her from top to bottom and then she put her pink panty and pink bra on bed. I wearied her that cloths but before putting bra on her breast I bite her pink nipple. She remind me that you have to go college I said no I will not go today but she said no compromise in study so we both got ready and she told me that at night we will go for movie at night I said sure and thanks. I went college and came at 5.30 pm she open the door and what I have seen she is in skirt and T-Shirt she look sexier in that white skirt and black T ? Shirt. She told me be ready we have to go I hug her and she do same. Her breast touch on my chest and my dick got erect I moved my hand on her butts but she release me we do it after be ready for movie.I said I will be ready within 10 minutes and I wear white full length cotton trouser and black t-shirt matching to her. We went to SG highway near iscon mall by taking auto rickshaw because we don?t have bike or car at that time. In rickshaw we seat near as like decent couple I put by hand behind you and she put her hand on my laps she covered us with duppata which she has taken for the safety purpose. That I don?t do anything but she touches my dick and rubs my dick putting duppta on my laps. Finally we reached at the theater and the movie is sathia. We have taken the corner seat. We have taken our seat in to the theater and movie got start. All lights got off. Now she is in corner side and I am near her there is another couple after leaving the three seat so there is not more public. She held my palm in her palm.And put her head on my shoulder and she says I want to say something I replied ya you can say anything she said when you asked me about the size of uncle penis that time I not replied you I said I know it. So please say me uncle dick is longer than me or what his size. She replied with smile your dick is bigger and thicker than uncle. So I said than why you not allow me to intercourse you. She replied I don?t want to cheat your uncle but I like the size of your dick so doing this all.I said dont think more and enjoy the life aunt. You are too beautiful and sexy. I am the lucky one that you are with me so please allow me to fuck you she said not to force me I will tell you when I need your dick in my pussy. In sad face I say but when she told may be in week or month or year or not even life. You promise me that you will not force me and I got upset hearing this she told not behave like this.Then she told me in my ear come near to me, I did it and she held my face and given lip kiss on my lip?.what a kiss I think she is master in these all. We did kiss for 10 minutes and our tongue rolling in each other mouth than I slowly put my hand on her thigh she put duppata on both of us. So no one can see what we are doing. I slowly rub her thigh and she given me smooth kiss I can feel her lips on my lips and got erection in my dick. Then she under the duppata put her hand on my trouser and massaging me above the trouser on my penis and slowly she open the zip of my pant and remove my shaft from the under wear. She held my dick and start hand job her hand is soft and smooth so I like her touch even the way to hold my dick by her is amazing.We continuously did the kisses and then I put my next hand on her boobs on her t-shirt it was so nice feeling to press boobs of mature lady above the T-shirt. My other hand goes down under her skirt and I fell the smoothness of her thigh. I move my hand on her soft and silky thigh the experience is amazing to move the hand on lady thigh under her skirt. I reach near her pussy area I tried to touch her pussy but she has wearied tight panty so I was un able to insert my finger on her pussy so I rub it on the underwear and enjoying the smooth skin of her thigh. I pressed her boobs by second hand I am on her left side but I am pressing her right boobs because it is comfortable for her and me as she is giving me hand job that?s why by her left hand.During this session I ask about her sex life she replied if I have happy sex life than why I am doing this all. Your uncle is nice guy by nature by look but he has not more stamina in sex he always finish sex in 5 minute when I got stimulation so I was not satisfied by him but I have given her all kind of satisfaction from kissing to sucking I replied I know and she smile again. She said when I have seen you in bathroom when you are doing masturbation with my panty that I I got so angry but when I have seen the size of your penis I enjoyed the view. I said same here when I have seen you in bathroom and you suck the penis of uncle I was shocked I never imagine you in that position and I never think your are liking this kind of fun. She said all women doing all things with her husband in bedroom and bathroom.I ask what she like in sex she replied she like to see porn movie with her husband, as well as she like pussy suck and intercourse but I have not satisfied by intercourse till date by your uncle. Even we tried anal sex and did it for many times but he release with in 5 minute. I ask you like anal sex and you did it. She replied yes all women who did it like it. Sometimes anal sex is more pleasurable than the pussy sex so we did it so many times even more than pussy fuck. Even I have dream that someone fuck me hard in my anal till my satisfaction. I said I will fulfill your dreams and she said lets she. I ask whats your other dream she replied I want to fuck in doggy style, rabbit style in cow style in standing position in one shot. I replied give me chance and she laugh and press my dick in her palm.Then I said her I want to give you finger fuck now she said here. I said ya I want to enjoy your body right now. She said I life my ass you remove my panty. I say ok so she life her ass slightly above and I remove her panty from her skirt and lowered it. She then removes it by herself and put it in her purse. Now she is without panty under her skirt so I can easily touch her pussy I rubbed her pussy and moving my hand on her pussy she closed her eye and giving me hand job slowly with holding my dick in her soft palm. Now she apart her legs and I insert my finger in her pussy and again she tighten her legs so my finger in her pussy feel more pressure. We seat in this position for 10 minute than I ask for blow job. She put her mouth under the dupatta on my lap. I covered her by duppata that nobody seen us in this condition.She slowly inside held my dick in her hand and kiss on my dick. She held it between her lips and moving her tongue on my dick like she is sucking lollipop. She is master in sucking dick. She take my dick in her mouth and first given me slow suck and than she increased her speed I can feel her lips and warmness on my dick. She suck it for 20 minutes and I said I am coming she continue suck the dick and I release my semen in her mouth and she not west the single drop of my come and she clean the dick by her tongue and finally she clean it with her dupatta and close the zip of my pant putting dick inside. When she out from the dupatta I have seen that my semen is on her cheek I told her she take it on her finger and suck the finger like my dick and I smiled. Now the time for interval of movie so we seat properly and in interval we go to canteen for snacks.After than again we come on our seat. I asked her in anal sex she not feel pain she said when your uncle enter his dick in my ass hole so during the penetration I feel lots of pain so I refuse so many times. But they have shown me lots of porn movie of anal sex and I have seen that lady who enjoyed the anal sex that time I decided to do anal sex in any condition. So I request your uncle for anal sex, I got so much pain first but once it enters I feel pleasure. But for only 2 to 5 minute not more than it and your uncle dick is not so thick and big but I have small hole so I feel pain. I said aunt your ass is beautiful and round in perfect shape and there is no even single spot on your ass its neat and clean and fair. I have dream to fuck you in your anal. She smiled said do you want to fuck me in my ass I said yes. But she put condition that if I release my semen in 15 minutes than she will not allow me to touch her body. Even she will not touch my body. I said ok again she said during anal sex you will never ask for intercourse in my pussy. I said ok.But if I fuck you in your anal more than 15 minutes, you will allow me for anal sex anytime when I demand. She thinks and says yes. So I got excited and waited for the movie end. After ending of the movie we reach the home. I lock the door and grabbed her from behind and take her in her bedroom there I push her towards the wall and her face is on wall side I hugs her from behind and given kisses on her necks and I removed her T-Shirt. I opened her bra by my mouth and given kisses on her naked back. I than remove my shirt and touch my body to her body we got hot. I than remove my trouser/pant and underwear also. I stick her from behind I side her hair and tell her for lip kiss she did it. She was busy in lip kiss and I lowered her skirt now we both are naked and my body touches her from behind. I am moving my hand from her body and I turn her from my side. I sucked her boobs which I like most. I push her from my side and put my hand behind her ass. My dick touch on her pussy I can feel it. She role her one legs than other on my body and seat on my dick.I stick her with wall and hold her from her butts and pressing her towards wall so my chest touch her boobs there is no space of air between our body. In this position I move near the bed and I set her on the bed she lying on her back her bumps are visible for me. I set on her thigh and rub my dick on her ass crack I tried to insert my dick but she is not cooperating so its too much difficult. I request her to widen her ass cheek/bump. So she held one bump in one hand and other in other hand and widen open the ass hole. Now I put my penis tip on her ass hole and I stroke it she said slowly. Its paining so I waited for few second and again try to insert my penis even she widen her ass cheek more and more. She looks so sexy in this position I am enjoying it. Again insert but its not go inside her ass hole. So she told me that first insert your finger and open the hole. I then insert my index figure but its also hurting her but she can bear this much of pain for pleasure. I insert it inch by inch and finally whole finger in her ass.Now I have given her finger fuck and she enjoying it even her pussy flow some liquid I can see it. I have given her finger fuck for at least 10 minutes and widen her ass hole. Now she said you can pour some oil in to ass hole so I take oil and poured in her ass hole. Now I again seat on her thigh and she is on her back she again widens the ass cheeks and open the hole of ass. I put tip of penis on her ass hole and try to insert it now only tip of penis go inside her ass hole she thanks god that first stage is over. Now she said push dick slowly I obey her she feel pain even she is crying I said can I remove it.But she said not to care for it you just enter if once it goes than pain will convert in pleasure so I push the dick slowly. She shouted oh ma ? oh ma ? mari gayi mari gayi ? even this voice more me more wilder and I push my dick with force and half of the dick goes inside her ass and her mouth was open with pain full voice and crying. I appreciate her because as male I have not this much of bearing capacity. Now my half dick is inside her so she said you enter your dick slowly otherwise she will be die with pain. I slowly slowly enter the dick but it not go inside so she widen her ass cheeks by her hand. She said seat in position for few minute I seat in this position for 5 minutes and I can feel the tightness of her ass on my dick.For feeling her better I move my hand on her ass cheek slowly slowly and give her smooth and easy sensation. I have seen her bare back again I said can I enter she said yes but push it slowly. So I again try to enter it this time I have not hear her and given fast push she cried but dick goes inside just only 1/4th is outside she shouted me but I dnt care for it. Now she told not to do this thing again otherwise she will die.So I said relax now only 1/4th is outside hearing this she feel relaxed now I held her from the waist and push my dick in her ass hole it finally goes inside she was paining in her ass hole so she said not to do anything for few minutes so I just seat in this position for further 5 minutes and she relaxed from pain and now she is enjoying my dick in her ass hole so she says now you can do your move slowly so I start to do in and out with low speed. I out my 1/4th dick and again enter it in to her ass hole. Her ass is fair and tight so I am enjoying it. Now she widens her hand and put it below her forehead and enjoying my movement. I have seen her half boobs from side of her body. Now she got relaxed and I am fucking her ass hole taking my penis in and out.Now I take it ½ out and again push it in her ass. Seating on her smooth thigh and fucking perfect shape ass is so much excited situation. Then I increase the speed step by step she likes it and said yes?yes?fuck my ass. ?give me deep in my ass?.hearing these I got more wilder and I hold her waist and said her give me the doggy position so she adjusted herself in doggy position I stand below the bed and she is on bed in doggy so its give me perfect position. I held her hand from the wrist right wrist in right hand and left in left hand.She is on the support of her face is on my side. Her boobs are hanging on the bed side. I hold her wrist and in this position I fucked her she like it and said your uncle never fucked me in this position. I fucked her faster and faster by holding her wrist than the room sound is make more sexy thap thap thap?.we both like that sound even she said more fast more fuck me dear and tear my ass?After fucking her in this position for 15 minutes I said your 15 minutes over but I now come in the mood hearing this she said fuck my ass till whole night ?.my ass is for yours not for others?..Hearing this I left her wrist position and hold her long hair. I am fucking her as I am riding on horse I hold her hair in my hand and pulling it on my side with force she also like this position and I put my one leg on bed and then other and I lowered her head and shoulder only her ass in the air so I am giving her deep penetration in this position I held her butts and widen it she is on her knee lifting her ass on the ceiling side and other portion in lower side my both legs are side by side of her legs means I am in half standing position. she told me hit on her ass so I given slap on her ass it got red but she like it she said more and more I hit her thap?.thap,?..and both of body got perspiration/sweating due to wild sex and the aroma of fecal material make environment more sexy now I again pull her waist she is only with the support of her head and i am behind her giving her more and more stroke she was happy and said you are really a good ass fucker?hearing this I fucked her faster and sweating from my body as well as she also got sweat on her ass and body. Her ass got red its make more beautiful in fair skin.Then I lowered my legs on the floor and tell her you also come outside the bed. I hold her in this manner that my penis is in her ass hole and we both are now out of the bed she is on bending position and I am in standing I rubbed her boobs in that position and I push her toward the wall. I told her be straight she obey and she also in standing position with the support of wall behind her I am fucking her in standing position for 5 minutes than again I hold her on the bed and now she is on rabbit position by bending her knee I like this position and in this position she is giving me more grip on my dick by contracting her ass inside. She did it in rhythm manner I like it I feel more pressure and feel that my dick goes more more inner of her ass holeI told her do it I like it I just stand and she is doing it with motion. I have observed shivering in her body I said what happen she told her pussy secret the liquid which I have seen so I ask dick is in your ass hole than why pussy secret the fluid she said I feel stimulation in whole body due to your dick in my ass. Now I increase the speed and she also increase the force on my dick I said I am coming she said come in my ass and fill it with your semen than after I release my come in her ass hole she contracting her ass cheek inside so all comes go inside of her ass. Then I remove my dick I have seen the satisfactory expression on her face and she got tied with heavy perspiration so she sleep in this position for few minutes even she not go to wash her ass. Then she went in to bathroom and wash her ass by her hand I that time seen my semen on her hand and even she clean my dick. Some of the fecal material are goes outside from her ass and stick on my dick so she applied soap and clean it with water. I ask her how was the session she replied I never enjoyed this kind of ass fuck in my life and after washing her ass she given me kissed and said thanksWhat happen next and when she allow me for the pussy fuck? I will tell you later after receiving your comments?.. So I am waiting for the comment and I am really like to do sex with married and mature woman so unmarried and girls don?t reply me?I am well settled man with good job in medical field. I like those friend who make relationship in secret those who really want to enjoy sex in real manner but for it we required time give me your time than pleasure is yours?. If you like to make me your friend than reply me on chennainareshk@gmail.com i am waiting for your meeting?. But only for true friend ?
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