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Str8 guy playdate

Post #1

Str8 guy playdateJake and I met on-line and agrred to meet at my hotel for some guy play. We were both str8 and married but wanted to see whst it was like to play with a guys cock. We were not going to kiss, hug, fuck or do bjs just play with our cocks.I had a fridge full of beer ready so Jake and I could enjoy a few beers when we got to my room. I took my shower first and came out wrapped with only a towel but with a boner already. Jake took his shower and came out with a boner without a towel on. He was not real big, maybe 5-6 in, and fairly thick but size does not matter to me so I was already getting excited to touch it. We got a beer and he laid down on the bed and I sat on the dresser. I said to him, "want to see me play with my cock"? He nodded yes so I pulled off my towel, squeezed bursa escort a little lube on my cock and started stroking it with two hands. I was really excited because immediatly some pre cum came oozing out of me which caused Jake to get up and take a closer look at my cock and then he sat back on the edge of the bed facing me. After stroking myself in front of Jake for about five minutes I noticed a bead of pre cum form on his cock so I got off the dresser, wiped his pre cum off on to my finger, and rubbed it in a circle under his shaft near the head. Just as I did this Jake's cock bounced up and a long strand of pre cum oozed out which I leaned over and licked off of him by just touching the tip of his cock with my tongue for a few seconds. Jake laid back on the bed again and started bursa escort bayan stroking himself so I grabbed the lube and and joined in on stroking him and massaging his balls. I then laid down next to him in the opposite direction so we could stroke each other with our right hands. We went back and forth stroking ourselves and each other for about 30 minutes and edged as long as we could when Jake said he was going to cum, I was close too so we decided to try to finish close together. We both knew if we came too far apart the one cuming first would quickly lose interest and probably not want to continue for the other. Jake asked me if he could shoot his cum on my face which really surprised me because it was just something I had never thought of doing before. I paused for about escort bursa 30 seconds to run it thru my head and just figured why not. I told him to go ahead. I was still on my back on the bed so he got up and kneeled down above my face and started stroking so fast that I could feel the wind from his movement on my face. I started stroking very slowly so I did not cum before him. Watching his cock and balls over my face was one the biggest turn ons I've ever had, male or female, and it almost made me shoot while I was barely stroking. Then I heard Jake groan and knew his load was on it's way so I closed my mouth and eyes and immediatly felt the first pump of his warm cum hit my cheek and it smelled fantastic (must be pheromones in it). More pumps of cum kept landing on my face and it was so exciting to me that I shot my load right away eventhough my cock wasn't even being stimulated anymore. We both ageed that it was one of the best Os we had ever had and then realized we had not even turned any porn on to get us started.
16 Ekim 2021, at 12:20


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