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VACATION 2008 - Part 4

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VACATION 2008 - Part 4THIS HAPPENED ON VACATION 2008 ? THE OLDER LADYDonna and I were sunbathing around the pool, every hour or so I?d go and sit in the smoking area as smoking wasn?t allowed round the pool, this time there were two older ladies there, they were leaving this day but their flight wasn?t for another three hours so they were just hanging around bored. We got talking and I found out that they were related by marriage.One of the lady?s was Celia she was 71, a little chubby, black shoulder length hair, wearing a blue top and jeans. Her late husband was the brother of the other lady. She?d been alone for seven years. I must say she was quite attractive and I wouldn?t have said she was 71 she looked younger, a lot younger. As we talked I suggested she and I go somewhere to kill some time.As they looked at each other Celia asked why and I replied ?I think you know why?, as I went to Donna and told her I was going to screw this old tart she said ?Ok?, as I approached the two mature women Celia said ?Ok? and with that we bursa escort went upstairs to our room. As I opened the door she said ?It?s been about ten years? ?So? I replied as we sat on the bed.Moving my arm around her shoulders and pulling her towards me she said ?How old are you? ?52? as I kissed her on the lips, as my hand ran itself over her breasts, ?Does it matter?, ?No? she mumbled, as we were in a full on clinch I ran my tongue onto her neck and back to her lips, she moaned slightly.As I was feeling her tits, I moved my hand underneath her top and fondled her through her bra, lifting up her top over her head I kissed her neck as I unclipped her bra, she had decent size tits probably a 38D, I spent a good fifteen minutes licking and sucking them until they were like organ stops, really solid and erect.Laying her down on the bed I ran my tongue down from her lips to her tits and the to her belly button, unbuttoning her jeans, pulling the zip down I slid them off her legs, running my tongue up her legs from her ankles bursa escort bayan I landed on her crotch, licking up and down her gash through her knickers soon had her moaning. ?I?ve never had this before? she said.Kissing her as I rubbed her slit she moaned, running my tongue back down to her cleft I pulled her gusset to one side as my tongue teased her clit and around the outside of her pussy she was thrusting at me, as I slipped my finger into her cunt and rolled her clit on my tongue she exploded in minutes, writhing around as she had her first MASSIVE orgasm.Standing up I soon discarded my clothes and with my 6? in my hand edged myself into her warm wet hole, as I started to fuck her she was very vocal, moaning with every thrust she reminded me of Amy a few nights earlier, as I fucked her she bucked with me, as I nibbled her nipples she ran her fingers through my hair.Then suddenly she said ?I don?t believe it I?m coming again? as her juices spat out of her slit she groaned and groaned another climax. I pulled escort bursa out and said ?You Ok on your knees?? she said she was, and as she turned over I teased her ass, she groaned as I slipped my cock into her asshole, ?Rub your clit? I ordered, as she furiously rubbed herself I fucked her ass.It?s was a right turn on and I knew I wouldn?t last long, then as soon as the thought had disappeared she screamed as her fingers sped up and another orgasm was achieved, she was crying and moaning and I soon pulled out and stuck myself deep in her cunt pounding her at top speed she was lying on the bed dazed as my orgasm grew close. Pulling out I pushed her on her back and slid myself in her mouth, she opened her mouth and I fucked it like I had in her cunt, she was gagging as my piss hole opened and my seed shot down her throat, it was running out of the corners of her mouth as she attempted to swallow it.When we?d finished and was getting dressed she said ?Before I?d never had an orgasm, before I?d never come ever, now I?ve come three times in one go? and I replied ?You?ve had an oral, a vaginal and an anal orgasm in one session? she said ?I know I feel great?. I was telling Donna and she said ?You?ve probably made an old girl very happy today? I answered ?I know?.
16 Ekim 2021, at 11:49


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