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Jessica and Grandpa ch 1

Post #1

Jessica and Grandpa ch 1'Hi Grandpa' I said, walking in through the front door of my grandparents house, as I saw him walking from the kitchen, through the small hallway about to go into the livingroom, with a cup of coffee in his hand. I'm Jessica, a teen with mousey shoulder long hair, and blue eyes, returning from school that day.My Grandpa, Mike, is around 60, semi-retired from work, and a close friend of mine, as well as a relative.'Hi honey' he says with a smile.We walk through to the livingroom, were he sits on his usual corner of the sofa, and asks 'So, how did your day at school go?' I reply 'ah, you know, just a normal school day, really.'I'm stood at the entrance to the livingroom, trying to decide if I should go upstairs and get changed out of school uniform now, or to relax for a short while in the company of Grandpa.'So what lessons did you have today then honey?' he enquires.'Um, the day started with maths, then an hour in the gym. After lunch human biology' I let out a small chuckle 'studying the penis, and looking at a model of one. Then finished with some geography.'A small chuckle also followed from my grandpa before he commented 'a model penis, eh, whatever next!''Quite realistic I'm told, but I wouldn't really know having never seen a real one before.' I said, which was absolutely true, as I had always been a bit of a shy girl. Fairly inquisitive, but still shy.'Well, well' was his response, as if he was just shrugging the whole conversation off, to move onto another topic, smiling, and looking into my eyes briefly.'I think I'd quite like to see one, but don't really like any of the boys in class enough to ask.' I half blurted out, and half intending to end the conversation there, too.'Really' he said, casually, almost to finish the topic properly, chuckling to himself. 'Really' I replied.He looked up into my eyes and with a gentle smile said 'well, there are plenty ofmales out there, and we all have one!'I giggled 'Yeah, I guess so!' and paused for a short while thinking, and added 'and I'd really like to seeone soon!' with a smile and a sparkle in my eye.I had never really thought of my grandpa in any sort of sexual way before, it was something that didn't occur to me, until he had said 'and we all have one.' That got some acknowledgement from me in my mind, and spurred on some curiosity.'Well,' he said 'you'll just need to find someone you like enough, then I'm sure you'll get to see one.' Which I guess was his way of finally admitting to himself that I had grown up now, and was not thelittle girl I used to be, and now was becoming curious.'I hope so, as you've all got one!' I declared as I momentarily, and was hardly even aware, that I looked down at his crotch, smiling.He must have caught my brief, unintentional gaze, for which I followed up with saying 'The sooner the better!' I could feel myself getting a little warm and moist here, just thinking about it.'Does yours get bigger, too, sometimes?' I accidentally blurted out, not really thinking of what I was saying, but remembering some of the human biology lesson.'Of course.' he chuckled.'Wow!' I gasped 'I wish I could see it.' Again, that hadn't really meant to come out.He smiled, perhaps realising the gravity of what came out was not what I had intended to say, which was,at least, half true.'You only bursa escort have to ask.' he said, more jokingly than serious, expecting this would be a convenient way to end a conversation which had gone on for more anticipated, ad to move onto something else.I looked into his eyes at this, and said 'OK' more or less under my breath, but still audible enough to him. My mind now really was awash with thoughts!He turned to watch the TV, sipping at his coffee, whilst I sat on the floor a few feet away from him, fiddling idly with my tie, the hem of my skirt etc, my mind a wander as to what we had just discussed, occassionaly glancing up at him, and an unthinking occassional glance at his crotch.He turned to face me during one of these quick glances, for which I looked up to meet his eyes, feeling a little guilty that he had caught me idly looking. Hejust smiled as if my thoughts were nothing, or not intentional.We both looked away, before I looked back at him and said 'Grandpa?' 'Yes, sweetie' he replied.'Did you mean that?' I enquired. 'Mean what, my love?' he asked. 'That I could just ask?' I replied.It took a brief moment for him to recall what he had said a few moments ago, then he gave out a small chuckle 'no my love, it was just a figure of speech.''Oh' I responded, with a slight sigh.He caught that, and said 'Why honey, did you think I meant it?' 'Sort of.' I replied'Oh, no, I didn't mean to offend you, sweetheart.' he added.'I'm not offended, Grandpa, I guess I thought, you know, maybe you would.' I offered.There was a pause for a few moments before he said 'Why? Is that something you would like?' in a quizzical way, not sure if he fully followed the conversation we wer having.I paused for a moment again, and thought to myself 'Would I?'. Then responded with 'Yes.' Again, a few moments passed without a word.'Its not really right, love, and it wasn't really something I was suggesting.' he said somewhat defensively.'I know' I replied. 'But I'd really like to see it.''Well, I'm not sure what your Grandma would think about it!' he offered.Grandma was out shopping, as she always was at this time on a Thursday afternoon.'Grandma needn't know.' I protested, which must have indicated to him some sense of urgency I had, and at the same time offered him some security of privacy. 'I won't be telling anyone.' I added.He looked at me, then out of the window. It was a large window in the livingroom, facing across a small garden outside, and onto a cul-de-sac, probably contemplating our discussion and the direction it had taken.'Well, what exactly is it you want to see?' he enquired, trying to understand the conversation we wer having.'You're penis' I replied, simply.'I would do the same for you!' I blurted out, not really thinking that through. Again, I got a quizzical gaze, and could see him thinking things through.'We can't do it here love, people may see.' he said. It was unlikely, as it wasn't a busy part of town out there, but there was always that possibility. But I took this to mean a shift in his stance on the subject,in not being far away from agreeing to it!I thought for a moment, then said 'In the hallway, near the stairs?' knowing that there were no windows there, and the front door was opposite the stairs.He thought for a moment, then looked in the general direction bursa escort bayan of the hallway, sipping his coffee. 'If you are sure you want to?' he said.With those words, I got to my feet and headed slowly towards the hallway, breifly slowing further to see if he moved to follow me. Nope, no apparent movement. It was just when I gone through the doorway that I heard him leave his seat, which sent my mind into whirls thinking 'is this really happening?!'I got to the bottom of the stairs, and turned away from them, towards the front door, my blood rushing and my heart pounding, whilst Grandpa ws coming out of the livingroom doorway to my right.He faced me more or less full on, a couple of steps away and said 'Well. What do you want me to do?''I'd like you to show me your penis, Grandpa. I promise I won't say anything to anyone.' I assured him.He looked around at the livingroom door, and pulled it closed, so that no one could see through the livingroom window and into the hallway.'Are you sure?' he asked, making sure I wanted to go through with this.'Yes'I replied.Then, he looked me in the eyes, and slowly reached for his zip on the front of his jeans, got hold of it, and pulled slowly downwards. His gaze never left my eyes, though mine flickered between his and his crotch. When his zip was all the way down, he gripped his belt with one hand and reached inside the fly with the other, pushing some underwear down and out of the way. Then, he reached in further and pulled out his semi-erect penis, and moved his ahnd away.My word! This was at least as big as the model, which, for some reason, I had presumed to be slightly larger than in real life. His balls had come out, too. His cock was long, thick, and with a large bulbous purple head. My breath left me!'Its wonderful!' I exclaimed, feeling some more moistness at the sheer naughtyness of what we were doing.'It gets even bigger, when aroused.' he added, for which I nodded my understanding. 'Would lifting my skirt up get you aroused?' I enquired.'There is no need to do that honey, I'm just giving you what you asked for, on the understanding that this is kept just between me and you.' he affirmed, for which I nodded agreement.At this point, I was just a bit too self-concious and shy now to follow through with my offer of 'doing the same', unless pressed to agree to my side of the bargain.We must have just stood there, for the best part of a minute, I guess I was expecting to see it stiffen a bit, but maybe he too was a bit too self-concious for that to happen.He eventually popped it away, and I walked over and kissed him on the cheek saying 'Thankyou Grandpa, that was amazing!''OK, just you keep that to yourself, sweetheart.' he reminded me. 'I will, I promise' I agreed.Feeling more than a little excited, and sticky down below, there was one thing I simply had to do, and do it now, before getting changed upstairs. I rushed upstairs to the room they keep for me (they live closer to school than my parents, so I tend to stay over once or twice a week), and closed the door. I thought about this briefly, then decided to open it just a little, as I felt I had not kept my side of the bargain, it may present an opportunity to repay Grandpa, should he pass by.Quickly I got undressed, and started to play with myself. My! I was so wet escort bursa down there, and all warm! I played what had just happened through my mind again, the sight of Grandpa unzipping himself and showing me his cock - I had seen his cock! I had got him to show it to me! It wasn't long before my breathing became intense, and I reached orgasm, in spasms. Wow! That was something else!After a brief time to relax and recover from my orgasm, and regain some composure, it was time to shower and freshen myself up, and to cool down from my 'hotness'.I did actually wait for a few moments to see if Grandpa came up the stairs to go to his room for any reason, as I would have to pass his room first in order to get to the bathroom. I'm not sure whatI would have done if he did, but he didn't. I reckon I would have tied a towel around my waist and timed my walk to the bathroomso that he at least got to see me topless - that being the least I could do. My breasts are only a B cup, but I think they are quite pert, something I was quite proud of despite theirsize - certainly, some of the boys I know had commented that they 'look great' and 'I'd love to see and feel them' as they could see the shape under my school blouse.Knowing that Grandma would be back in the next half-hour or so, and so expecting that that would be the end of any 'entertainment', I sighed, remembered again what had happened, then walked into the bathroom with a smile on my face.A little later, when fully refreshed and in some fresh clothes (skirt, t-shirt, and cheekly no bra), I went down stairs to the livingroom and sat in my usual place, on the floor, a few feet from where Grandpa was sitting. He smiled warmly, for which I smiled back, feeling very relaxed. We both watched a bit of TV before Grandma arrived, for which we exchanged cuddles and greetings, after which we all sat down and watched TV, with me giving quick occassional glances at Grandpa and smiling, to show that I would tell no one.Suddenly aware again of what we had done, and how naughty it was, and instigated by me(!), and now in the company of Granma too, i felt a calm confidence com over me - and with it a determination to give Grandpa at least some level of repayment - but I had doubts if he would appreciate this anyway? I was his Granddaughter, but surely ALL men must like to see girls in an erotic sort of way? As Grandma was always popping in and out of the kitchen while preparing something for us all to eat, I decided to test the water, to see if I got any response.I whispered while Grandma was in the kitchen, to Grandpa 'I got very, very wet earlier, Grandpa.' He smiled and put his finger to his lips to 'shush' me.Once again, I smiled back.Whilst my skirt was not especially short, it would be possible to expose some of my panties if I let it ride up a little, and got the 'right angle' so as to be seen. I felt the flush of heat and moisture at that thought. I positioned myself so that while I was in my usual spot on the floor, my legs were pointing straight at Grandpa as I lay there, resting backwards on my elbows, apparently watching TV. On each occassion that Grandma left to attend the kitchen, I slid my skirt up slightly and raised one leg atouch, so that the 'v' of my panties were visible from were Grandpa sat, making careful adjustments to make it look natural rather than staged. If this got his attention, he didn't show it. Maybe I was a bittoo subtle? I would have to do something more than this to get hos attention. And that would have to wait for another opportunity, dammit!
16 Ekim 2021, at 11:49


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