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Surprise at the Halloween party

Post #1

Surprise at the Halloween partySurprise at the Halloween Party Anita and I had been invited to a Halloween party that an old friend of mine was having at his place. The only requirement the invitation said was that full masks were to be worn. I tried to get an original one, but finally I decided to use a long black sheet and the mask from the movie Scream. By her side, Anita decided on a costume and a mask of Snow White.The party was in full swing by the time we got there and it was fun trying to guess who was who amongst our friends. After a couple of hours having drinks, dancing and chatting with everybody I soon discovered that my loving Ana had disappeared from my sight.I stumbled upstairs through the enormous mansion and walked down a long hallway, where I heard a strange noise coming from behind one of the doors that I assumed was a bedroom. Thinking that someone was getting lucky and recalling the old ages of a voyeur, I crept up to the door and turned the lever hoping it could be not locked. The bedroom was a little bit dark, but in the king size bed I could see a woman using a Snow White mask, on her knees and sucking a cock which was out of a black costume. I looked up and saw the man was wearing a Scream mask, just like mine.I understood that Anita thought that I was standing in front of her. I tried to compare his bursa escort piece to mine, but I couldn?t, because most of it was lodged in my wife's throat.The masked man was holding Anita?s head with both hands, as he was thrusting rapidly in and out of her mouth. I was a little confused, but I was not angry watching that scene.I decided to slip all the way into the room and the man looked at me, but I think he was not surprised when he saw I was using his same mask covering my face. I waved him to be quiet and scooted on my knees towards Anita?s back. I reached my hand under her gown and shoved a pair of my fingers between her already wet pussy lips. She jumped from surprise and tried to turn her head, but the other man held her head tighter and continued thrusting back and forth.I knew Ana was trying to get away from him and find out who was massaging her wet cunt.I leaned up and whispered in her ear: "Go on, honey, you have always liked a threesome?. She seemed to relax and moaned, feeling now several of my fingers taking care of her pussy. Her juices now seemed to be flowing like a river from her cunt. She was really fucking excited.I didn't know if her excitement was due to be going on a threesome or that she had been caught thrusting a hard cock down her throat, which was not exactly mine.She screamed in pleasure as bursa escort bayan I continued inserting my fingers in her cunt; her hips thrust back at me. I slipped her panties aside and stuck my tongue as far as I could in her sweet honey pot. I remembered that when we had on several occasions talked about a threesome, Ana had told me that she would prefer I fuck her ass as she was being fucked in her pussy by other man.I told the masked man to lie on the floor. In two seconds he had his costume pulled up and his pants off, leaving the mask still covering his face. I told my sweet Ana to straddle him and sit on his cock. She looked back at me and although I could not see her face I knew she realized what I intended. She seemed to be smiling?Then she threw her leg over his hips and literally tore off her wet panties; grabbing his hard cock and sinking right down, taking him in her cunt all the way home. I watched her taking that cock in and out for a few moments, as I stroked my dick.When they were really fucking each other in a wild way, I crouched behind her and lay my hand on the small of her back and pushed her forward. She slowed her movements and prepared for what was coming next. I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as I could. I put the tip of my cock to the little rosebud and was surprised escort bursa that it was already coated by her pussy juices. So, I would no need any extra lubrication. I pushed until the head of my hard dick plopped in just one inch and stopped waiting for her to adjust.She pushed back so hard I was buried all the way in her tight asshole. She then pushed back down, so her pussy was filled with the other cock. Now she would repeat her movements against me. We soon found a good rhythm and the two of us really started plowing into Ana.There were no complaints from her because her moaning was getting louder with each thrust and she begged us to keep at it. I wanted this to last forever but then I heard Anita begging us for more and then I knew that she was so close to cumming.Well so was I and I wanted to cum in her asshole and told her so. The other man must have had the same idea because his hips were banging into her hard enough I was having a hard time keeping a hold and not having my hard on slip out from her ass.Just then my wife screamed and I felt that I couldn?t hold out any longer and exploded into her ass with what seemed like a gallon of sperm and as my cock was slowing down I felt the other man?s dick expanding into his own explosion. I withdrew from her tight ass and she rolled over and off his dick. He immediately stood up pulled up his pants muttered some thanks and left the room.We stayed there lying in the floor, recovering our breathing. Ana finally looked up at me and started to apologize for her mistake but I just hushed her and kissed her.
16 Ekim 2021, at 11:48


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