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15 years Straight : Part one

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15 years Straight : Part oneIt had been nearly 15 years since my last meet with Harry and his friends, I had had a fun afternoon at his place not knowing it would be my last tea party,and was so happy, but everything changed, when I got had home, my wife told me she was pregnant,I could not have been happier, I was going to be a dad,but I also knew that had to change everything. I knew had to be free of Harry's control, I called him and, he knew why I had to be free,and he agreed to release me from his control. I was going to walk either way, but this way we ended as friends. Over the next two years our phone calls stopped,then when our second daughter was born we moved to Wimbledon, and I became a dad and a husband, and apart from an affair with a younger Japanese woman, I was a good dad and husband.I never tried to contact Harry until it was to late.Then before Christmas 1999, after a works Christmas party,I could not get a taxi.so one of the guys I worked with, said come back to mine we can have a drink and I will call you a taxi home from there.I bursa escort knew he was gay, well we thought he was, even though he spoke about his girlfriend, we all knew it was his boyfriend.When I got to his flat I knew I was pretty drunk, and declined a drink, he booked me a cab which would take 40 minutes,so I said I will have a coffee which I made,then I sat down beside him on the sofa,and I don't remember why, or how it happened but he leaned across and said I wonder what you will do if I do this and he kissed me, gently on the lips, I opened my mouth and his tongue entered my mouth,he was soon rubbing my cock over my trousers, I was hard, he made me stand and I undid my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor, and he pulled my boxers down, he stroked my cock and pulled my foreskin back, and stopped he stood up beside me and he kissed me again,while still stroking my cock, then he sat down and I realized he had nothing on but his shirt and was wanking both of our cocks, I watched as he stroked his hard cock, he licked the tip of my cock and bursa escort bayan he slowly took me in his mouth, felt so good, I was holding his head there and trying to fuck the back of his throat, he was loving it,after about 90 seconds he pulled away, and as he did he gave out a moan, laid back on the sofa and wanked his cum on to his stomach, he just smiled I just moved nearer to him and put my cock in his mouth, he sucked me gently at first,but I really just wanted to fuck his mouth, I held his head to my groin and I pumped in and out, he knew I was near, he tried to pull away, but I would not let him I emptied my cum into his mouth, and he took every last drop, I pulled out and he licked me clean. I collapsed beside him on the sofa we both smiled.. our secret he says, and you can come around anytime you want, I smiled at him and thanked him, but after the holidays I made it clear it was a one off, I blamed the alcohol, I was drunk, but I was honest enough to tell him I enjoyed it. I hardly ever spoke to him after that, maybe it was guilt, escort bursa maybe it was because I worked with him and he knew my wife and family, but I never let it happen with him again,I had opened the door, and I was still telling myself it was the alcohol, and that what happened all those years ago was because of Harry's control over me, I never wanted to admit to myself, that I may love and only find women attractive, but that I loved sex with guys. especially older guys who wore womens clothes, and particularly stockings. About six weeks later I was alone at home the wife was at the in laws, so I spent the night chatting in various rooms on MSN, then I saw a bi/gay chat room with only 3 people in there, so I licked in, I was looking to just have a wank, but I got chatting to a guy called Greg,and I never mentioned anything about Harry, but I did tell him all about my little adventure before Christmas, he was great and he told me was gay, but loved bi or married guys as all they wanted was sex,and he was happy to meet anytime and he would just suck me off, nothing else was expected from me,then he told me that he lived in Epsom, it was 7pm, and I said half jokingly I can be there for 8pm, he said really well if you do turn up, that would be great.I decided to go... see part 2
16 Ekim 2021, at 11:47


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