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Perks of the Job

Post #1

Perks of the JobSoftcore musings from an eagle eyed voyeur...It is generally agreed that most jobs of work have some sort of perk or bonus. Let me tell you about mine. In my case it ease of the actual job and the opportunities it gives to do a lot of good old fashioned ogling and perving on lots of women throughout the day. The pay is crap but I'm into my '50's and have got myself pretty well set up anyway. The job just gets me out and about. I work with dis****d people. Don't worry, I'm not that sort of sicko! I just get them out and about to do stuff they have trouble doing on their own and they aren't the object of my ?perks?. I bet that, like a lot of people, my clients become almost invisible to you. They are generally someone who you pass and avoid eye contact with as they go about their day. That applies to the people like me who are with them.So how does this benefit me? Well, I'm out in the shops, parks, streets and events and I get a sort of invisibility shield around me. People don't pay me a second thought unless it's usually one of good natured feelings. I'm seen as a do-good sort of guy ? but one to be left alone. I take my work seriously and my clients don't get ignored by me at all. They just give me an excuse to be in the place I am at the time I am. Which is where? Well now let me tell you about today. I start, like you, with a drive to the office to pick up a work car. However, the office is almost exclusively staffed by women. It is still a field of work that is dominated by them ? a good start. Because I'm familiar, and they are in the majority, they are less reserved than is often the case. They are less self concious about how they move, sit and talk. Just my few minutes in the office usually affords me one good glimpse of a shapely figure bent over a copier or a long look down the blouse of a full chested worker as she stoops to a cabinet. This morning started particularly well with the front desk girl. She has a honey coloured tan and wears short skirts almost every day. As I stopped at her desk to sign out bursa escort the car she carried on with her work on the phone. Barely noticing me she pushed her wheeled office chair backwards to grab at some file behind her. Her legs parted and I got a long glimpse of smooth tanned thighs meeting at a shiny pair of pink knickers that were hugging her most intimate place. Lovely. I took a quick mental picture and was off to the door before she turned back. I figure if I'm subtle I will avoid getting a reputation as a lecher. Take the small victories!I should also point out that some of the staff are so casual that I wonder if they don't enjoy a little show now and then themselves. It's dull in an office, thuoghts turn to sex and, even if not entirely purposeful, I'm sure that a little bit of daring perks up their day too. I head out to my client and pick her up. She volunteers in a nearby hospital so I drive there and soon we do our visit. It doesn't last long but we are welcomed by staff. You know, those cute nurses and such that so many fantasise about! All happy to see us and friendly as hell. Many more opportunities for lechery can present themselves here but not today. Not to worry, I'm still carrying the image of a silky gusset bulging between firm thighs at the front of my mind. Once done at the hospital we are on to the more relaxing part of the morning. We treat ourselves to a coffee. I get mine paid for!One of the things that I first noticed when I started this community working stuff was just how many women seem to be able to find time in the day to relax. When married I heard a lot about how tough things were for little stay at home wifey. However, half ten in the morning at most cafes seems to be almost exclusively girl time. Today was great. Again, we are familiar at this cafe so the sweet little waitresses give us extra smiles, little treats and great attitude. They are all pretty young things there. The barista is a gorgeous 20 something blonde with a low cut black tee shirt. She gives me a friendly nod as we go though bursa escort bayan ordering and paying. All the time she works the espresso machine and there is the finest glow of sweat on her bare arms and chest. Her magnificent breasts sway and jiggle as she applies her skills to her art. Mesmerising. Am I suspected of loitering too long? No, because of the slow pace of my client I am seen as fully entitled to linger. We sit and at once I realise today is a blessed one. With no planning on my part I am treated to a very long and exciting show indeed.A table diagonally opposite us has two women at it. They are engrossed in discussing some casual business deal. The woman facing me is quite heavy set and smart in her office suit. She has long dark hair framing a pretty, well made up face. She has large breasts pushing against her crisp blouse that bulges a little around the buttons. This gives me clear glimpses of a lacy blue bra and creamy tit flesh. However, the real treat is lower. She has forgotten to sit quite like a lady! Her legs are partly open and I can see her pale and smooth inner thighs. As I make small talk and wait for the coffee to arrive the woman notes our arrival and gives me a look from the corner of her eye. Most people soon realise the situation when I work as my client is a bit louder than most people. This just makes people smile as she is a giggler and nearly always happy. Her dowdy look and mature age spell out her story and again I'm seen as a good 'un. The curvaceous beauty gives me a small smile and nod and carries on with her business. I am entranced by her display but it gets better. As she gets more into her talk her legs start to open and close rapidly with a rhythmic beat ? her version of jiggling her foot or tapping fingers I suppose. Each sway open gives me views of her darkened crotch. Her panties match her blue lacy bra. I begin to time my eye movements to those of her legs and get a sustained view of well filled material forming itself around her prominent mound of flesh.Our drinks arrive and the escort bursa brunette waitress leans low to reveal small pointed tits cupped in a flesh coloured bra. So much of her tee flaps loose that I see the whole of one breast held in its little cotton cup outlined against the dark inside of her uniform for one glorious second. I feel my erection grow in my loose shorts. The waitress goes about her work cleaning and collecting from tables. Her firm young arse is filling out her black shorts to perfection. A real peach. As she stretches to wipe the far side of a larger table I see her tee ride up and the top of pastel blue coloured panties poking from above her waistband. My mind goes into overdrive as I imagine them clutching her firm cheeks. She drifts off to work elsewhere. I am back to my viewing of the large young girl's lace covered cunt. As a grand finale the meeting comes to an end before we finish our drink. The brunette swings herself around on her chair, still talking with the other woman. Her position means that more light falls between her splayed thighs and I can now see that the material has worked its way partly into her slit and soft dark pubes are curling from her thick outer lips on either side of the lace. I drink in the sight.On we go too into a supermarket. Once again it is MILF central and wander amongst the beauty. I am most fond of those women who have gone to a work out first and popped in for a few items. I love the hug and grip of lycra and cotton shorts around the bulging pudenda. I am stirred by the fit of sports bras elastic tops over well defined chests as them amble past me oblivious to us. Finally, I return my client home and drive back to the office. As a last treat I am offered a truly lovely sight. Many women prefer to wait until the roads are quieter in the day to run and cycle. Something I have just happened to notice. I sit at traffic lights and next to me a cyclist pulls up. As the lights change she stands up on her pedals to gain speed. She has the most perfectly rounded pair of buttocks that I've seen in months. They are small and firm in her skin tight lycra shorts and as she stands I gape at the view of her closely held sex as it bulges down between her cheeks. Good grief. Back to work tomorrow, then!
15 Ekim 2021, at 18:27


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