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My Amazing Sophomore Year

Post #1

My Amazing Sophomore YearAt the end of my college freshman year my good friend Jerod, his roommate Kyle and I decided that we were going to move off campus our sophomore year. We found a nice small house to rent not to far from the college. I was excited to spend my sophomore year off campus but was a little unsure of Jerods roommate Kyle. He seemed a little arrogant and I just didn't really hit off all that well with him. Jerod assured me it would be fine as I got to know Kyle. We got along fine but his arrogance bothered me at times and he was quite the man around women and he knew it. I was also a mixed race guy which I think made the situation a little worse. My mom is white and my father was black. We live in a very different situation at our house my mom and dad are swingers they are both white my mom got pregnant by a black guy while swinging one night. I never met my father but my mom's husband was always considered my dad even though he didn't father me. We have a very unusual family situation which I will get into more later. I found my self turned on by Kyle's looks but I really wasn't into guys I had a girl friend myself and her name is Kristen. Over the summer I spent a lot of time with Kristen and shared my concern with her about Kyle. She to assured me it would be fine. The summer went fast and soon found myself moving in for for my sophomore year. Jerod had already moved in and his girlfriend was there. My parents showed up with me to move me in. As we finished carrying things in Kyle showed up with his parents and we all helped to get him moved in. Kyle didn't say a lot to me but he was friendly enough. Our parents left and it didn't take long for a girl to show up to see Kyle. They left together and he didn't come home until late that night. As time went on things didn't seem to get better between Kyle and myself. He spent a lot of time away from the house or different girls would come over and some would even spend the night. We always knew he was having a good time by the noise coming from his room. It actually turned me on to listen. Kyle worked out a lot and did have a nice body he was about 5'9" maybe about 200 pounds and very muscular. I often walked around the house in the nude it is the way I grew up. My family was a nudist family we often went to family clothing optional resorts and spent quite a bit of time nude at home. So it was natural for me to walk around our house at college nude. Kyle often gave me crap about it. Saying I liked to show off my big black cock. Even though I was only half black he referred to me as being black. I did have a big cock it measures 8" and is not circumcised. I rarely seen Kyle with out a shirt and definitely not naked. One Morning I was nude in the kitchen making toast after my morning shower. Jerod was in his underwear watching t.v. escort bayan Kyle was taking his shower. I heard the shower quit and after a couple minutes Kyle walked in the kitchen completely naked and asked if I would make him toast. I turned and was a little taken back to see him nude. Instantly my cock was erect. I was standing in front him with a raging hard on. He turned red and said all I wanted was a piece of toast. I stammered around and put the bread in the toaster. Still standing there with a hard on I said usually you don't walk around nude. He said well you seem so comfortable doing it I though I would give it a try. I never thought it would turn you on. I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to say. My cock was still raging hard. By this time his was semi hard. It was circumcised not real long but very thick. He stood there while I buttered his toast I handed it to him and took mine and went to my room. My hard on standing at attention the whole time. That night was Friday night and Jerod went home. Kyle and I both were staying the weekend. Kyle and I both went to a party that night. He came home with a girl and they fucked until I finally fell asleep. The next morning they were still sleeping and I went and sat on the couch watching t.v. of course naked. They both woke up Kyle came out naked and His girl was dressed she smiled and said I hope we didn't keep you up to late. Of course my cock was hard again. Kyle told her look how much I turn him on every time he sees me naked he gets hard. She laughed gave him a kiss and left. I was very embarrassed being hard in front of them both. Kyle asked if I got laid last night I said no I have a girlfriend I don't like to run around behind her back. He asked so what do you do until you see her? Do you masturbate? I didn't answer I just tried to ignore him. My hard on had went away and I continued to watch t.v. Kyle left later that morning with out saying much. He came back early evening. I was still nude and was watching a football game. Kyle didn't say a word. He went right into the bathroom and took a shower. He didn't even close the door. After a while he came into the living room nude again. Instantly I was hard again. He asked if he really turned me on that I kept getting an erection? I turned and looked at him and he was completely hard. I thought what the hell and said yes you do. He didn't really know what to say he sat down next to me. Both of us were rock hard. He asked if I had ever been with a guy? I said no this would be the first as I put my hand on his cock. I was shaking at this point wondering what the hell I was doing. I asked him if he ever had. He said no but he jacked off every morning in the shower fantasizing about me. I asked if he had jacked off in the shower a couple minutes ago? He said no he was saving tuzla genç escort that load for me. I played with his cock for several minutes. It was weird feeling another cock in my hand I cant explain but it was different then feeling your own cock. I slowly lowered my head to his cock. I put my tongue out to the tip of his cock. Never had I been so horny. I ran my tongue all over the head of his cock paying particular attention to his cum and piss hole flicking my tongue across it. I started working my tongue down his shaft. and slowly wrapping my lips around it. I cannot even begin to explain how it felt to have another mans cock in my mouth. I worked his cock in and out of my mouth. Occasionally working my tongue down to his balls and putting them in my mouth. Then I would go back to his cock. He was breathing hard and laying back in the couch. I started working his cock faster as he would moan with pleasure and kept saying what a good cocksucker I was. It didn't take long before he said he was cumming. I hesitated for a split second on whether I should take my mouth off or let him cum in my mouth. I kept my lips around it as I felt his cock spasm and cumming hitting the back of my mouth. I let the cum rum back down his shaft I gagged a little as I tried to swallow it but I wasn't quite ready for that. Long after he was done cumming I slowly a little bit at a time lapped up his cum. I had tried swallowing mine before but wasn't a big fan of the taste. His didn't seem to taste much different from mine but was easier to to digest mainly because I was on such a sexual high. I cleaned him up completely and then laid back on the couch stroking my cock. He reached over and grabbed my cock at the base and started to play with it. I removed my hand to let him stroke it. He stroked it only for a few minutes and soon I was spurting cum in the air and landing on my chest. We both looked at each other and said at the same time that was hot. We also both said we are never telling anyone that happened and we agreed. We fell asleep on the couch shortly after. He was pretty much laying on his left side so I scooted closer and lay my head oh his thigh and slept that way much of the night. When I awoke I was pretty much laying on top of him. His cock was hard so I wasted no time in going down on him again. He awoke with a big smile on his face. It wasn't long and he was cumming again. This time I did a much better job swallowing. We both showered together and dried each other off. We went out for lunch and crashed on the couch. He moved closer to me and said you know I haven't sucked your cock yet. He then reached for my my zipper and unzipped my shorts, then unsnapped them. I took my thumbs and stuck them in the waist band and pulled them off. He went right to work and started sucking he did tuzla kendi evi olan escort a nice job using his tongue and his teeth as well. After few minutes I was ready to cum I warned him but he stayed on it swallowing every drop without missing a beat. We got dressed knowing Jerod would be coming back before long. Kyle walked up to me after dressing and pulled me up to him put his lips against mine and gave me one of the best kisses ever. Working his tongue inside my mouth. When he pulled away he said I can't wait until we are alone again. It was different when Jerod came back. Kyle and I wanted each other real bad but knew we couldn't do anything with him around. Occasionally Jerod would have an early class and that gave Kyle and I some time to play around a little either jacking each other off or sucking each other, even doing some kissing. Kyle still had the occasional girl over and I would go home every now and then to spend time with my girl but my desire was to be with Kyle. Finally we had the opportunity to have a weekend alone again. We spent the nights together cuddled up to each other and a lot of playing and sucking. Sunday morning I woke up Kyle was still sleeping I kissed him and got up did my morning thing shit, shave and shower. I went back into the room and layed against Kyle. He rolled over and started stroking my cock. Then he said if we are going to keep this up I like a nice piece of ass every now and then. I looked at him a little confused just as he stroked my asshole and even pushing a little into it. My eyes had to have almost popped out of my head when he did that. He reached over into his night stand and grabbed some lube. He lubed up his finger and said what do you think? I just smiled and said lets give it a try. I had never even dreamed of doing this yet. I got on all fours with my ass in the air. He poured lube on my hole and started working his finger in my me. I t was a little uncomfortable but he was gentle and took it slow. I wanted to please him and was excited about this new venture. He lubed up his cock and pressed it against my hole I squirmed a little and even cried out a little in pain but he backed off and worked his fingers in me opening me up a little more. Then he pressed his cock against me again this time it started to penetrate me. He would back off a little then push again. He did this slowly for several minutes as I relaxed more finally he had the bigger part of his cock in me. Even though it was somewhat uncomfortable it felt good at the same time and made me so rock hard. After about fifteen minutes or maybe more he was able to bury his cock in me and fuck me like a real bitch. It didn't take long after that he was grunting and tensing up his strokes deeper in me and my grunt louder as he filled my bowls that were earlier emptied. We both collapsed on the bed his cock still in me, him laying on my back. I could slowly feel his cock shrivel up and slide out then the warm wet cum running down my balls. What an experience. I was sold on this MM sex I wasn't sure about going back to pussy anymore after that.
24 Eylül 2021, at 18:38


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