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GF Birthday Surprise You know I'm Straight

Post #1

GF Birthday Surprise You know I'm StraightIt took a long time for Steve to wake up. He slowly came out of a dirty dream, unusually thick-headed and groggy. Two things immediately grabbed his attention. Firstly he was tied down. This was new. The ropes looped around his ankles and wrists, his legs spread apart and his arms above his head. There was no way he could get up.Steve may have panicked but for the second thing he noticed. Stacey his girlfriend had her hand on his lubed up dick and was slowly stroking him. This would explain the smutty dream he thought."Happy Birthday baby" Stacey whispered. She continued to work her hand up and down his dick. It was around 6 inches long, not particularly thick but not too thin. He closed his eyes again shifted his body slightly and relaxed into the sensations.It was Steve's 30th birthday. "How much did we drink last night" he asked."Not much..." Stacey replied coyly."Why do I feel like I drank 2 bottles of wine then?""Because I d**gged you." Stacey's smile had a quality to it that Steve hadn't seen before and couldn't quite place."What? You d**gged me with what?""It doesn't matter what. You're awake now and I needed to make sure you would be asleep enough for me to tie you up properly for your birthday surprise.""If you'd have just asked me I'd have let you tie me up. Especially with this kind of birthday surprise babe.""Well this isn't really the surprise..." Stacey's smile deepened and the sadistic tone in her voice was clear to him now.Steve was wondering what she meant when he became aware of an imposing presence to his side. Slowly he turned his head and his eyes met with the biggest and thickest cock he'd ever seen in his life.It was black. It belonged to The Bull. It was huge.Obviously he'd seen cocks of all sizes and colors in the porn he'd watched but in real life, and just a few inches from his face, this thing looked enormous."What's going on?" Steve said in a low nervous voice."Happy Birthday babe." She said again, more forcefully this time. "This is your birthday surprise.""Woah, you know I'm straight Stace, I'm not into this at all."Steve's words said one thing but his dick told another tale. Stacey had felt him get a little harder as soon as his eyes fell on The Bull's big black cock."It's so very long, thick and deep dark brown isn't it?" Stacey said. She was admiring it herself now and Steve wasn't able to take his eyes from it. It really was big."No, no I don't want this." Steve said.Stacey ignored him. "I've noticed whenever you comment on another man's impressive physical size or sporting ability it's always the black guys. Whenever we watch porn it's always where the guys have huge cocks. I figured this is what you wanted. Whether you knew it or not."Steve's brief objections had been weak and clearly not heartfelt. He was mesmerized and a little nervous. "No, no" he whispered without conviction.There was a long silence. Steve was taking in the details of The Bull's huge black cock. The veins on the shaft, the big round head and the balls. Pre-cum was dripping liberally from the tip. The Bull was very horny. Stacey had requested he go two full weeks without cumming before Steve's casino oyna birthday. His balls were heavy and full.Knowing she'd done the right thing Stacey pumped Steve's cock faster. "We all know you want it babe. All three of us." She looked at The Bull. "It's time."The Bull turned so his cock was pointing directly at Steve's face. At his mouth. He moved forward and the tip pushed against Steve's lips. Without thinking Steve obliged, opening his mouth and closing his eyes.The tip slipped in over Steve's tongue and he could taste pre-cum. The Bull pushed further. More and more of his cock slid into Steve's mouth. Eventually it touched the back of his throat.Sunlight shone through a gap in the curtain and cast a strip of bright light across The Bull's dark muscular frame. Surprisingly Steve didn't gag. He just lay there tied to the bed, unable to move with his girlfriend stroking his own dick while the biggest blackest cock he'd ever seen filled his mouth entirely. He couldn't believe it had fit and he could feel the veins pulsing on his tongue and against his cheeks. Several moments passed. The only sound came from Stacey jerking Steve's dick which was even more wet now as he'd been leaking pre-cum as well. Steve's intense arousal was clear.The Bull pulled out as slowly as he'd entered. Steve opened his eyes and looked at the giant glistening black rod in front of him with awe. He swallowed the large drop of pre-cum that had been left on his tongue. It was sweet to taste.Stacey's eyes widened with surprise as Steve hardened even further in her hand. She worked him more intensely now, his dick bulging and straining with lust, her tight grip delivering a wave of pleasure with each stroke."Again" she commanded, a grin of satisfaction on her face. Steve's mouth opened as soon as she said the word, keen and expectant, obeying her instruction. Again The Bull's huge cock filled his mouth.The Bull didn't pull all the way out this time but retreated slightly leaving the large head of his cock in Steve's mouth. Steve sucked at it. He wanted more of that pre-cum. He got it and gave a gentle moan of appreciation as another large dribble slid onto his tongue and down his throat.Stacey giggled at Steve's total submission to her big black birthday present."Faster. Fuck that mouth."The Bull obliged and picked up a steady rhythm. His oversized cock sliding back and forth in Steve's mouth, one of his large hands on the bedpost, the other hung by his side. Steve moaned occasionally.After several minutes The Bull stopped again with just the head in his subject's mouth. Steve sucked at it vigorously, running his tongue around it in circles, feeling it's shape and size. He couldn't get enough and he lapped at it with enthusiasm, licking just under the tip, knowing from his own experience this was a sensitive area. He felt a need to please."Good boy." said Stacey.The Bull increased his pace. He was becoming more forceful and with every thrust he knocked at the back of Steve's throat.Steve's hips were writhing with the pleasure of Stacey's fast and hard strokes. Suddenly his entire body shuddered. He had become consciously aware of the situation he was in; totally slot oyna submissive to an enormous thick black cock, so much bigger than his own. So big and commanding. He was overpowered in every way, an entirely new feeling that was driving his body and his mind wild. He shuddered again and moaned loudly, sucking hard on The Bull's massive gift.Stacey laughed gently understanding what Steve was feeling. "Oh baby, you do like it a lot don't you?" she said in a slightly patronizing tone. The Bull picked up on it as well, increasing his speed and fucking Steve's mouth even harder.Steve was totally lost in his submission to the dark brown cock. His lips were wet with saliva and pre-cum. He stiffened the tip of his tongue and felt the contours of the enormous shaft pounding in and out.Another few minutes passed like this, Stacey jerking Steve's dick, Steve sucking harder all the time on the huge black length and The Bull thrusting hard and deep. Steve was overwhelmed by his lust for the bigger cock.The Bull spoke for the fist and only time. "I'm ready." he said in a deep voice. He looked at Stacey who gave him an approving nod. His movements gradually slowed and he pulled out of Steve's mouth. A string of saliva briefly hung between the tip of his cock and Steve's bottom lip.Steve was straining forward as The Bull backed off, not wanting to let go of his birthday present, eager to keep sucking. He had an idea what was coming next though. Steve relaxed and stared lustfully at the huge cock that had been pounding at his face for the last ten minutes. It was visibly throbbing and clearly ready to give Steve exactly what he knew was coming and what he was more than willing to receive."The Bull's ready baby, are you?" Stacey asked. The patronising tone was still in her voice, reminding Steve of his total submission to the situation. He turned to face her and saw her wry smile as she looked down at him. She had stopped stroking his dick and was squeezing it now, grinding her palm on the head. The feeling was intense and almost uncomfortable. He squirmed a little and knew that he had no control over anything at all that was happening.Unable to speak Steve simply nodded at Stacey, his expression a mix of desperation and resignation to what was going to happen. Her smile deepened, she ran her fingers through his hair and turn his head back to face The Bull's cock. It was still throbbing, still rock hard, still huge and waiting to release.Stacey kept her hand on the back of Steve's neck and spoke to The Bull."Pump him full of cum." She instructed.Immediately The Bull complied, thrusting his enormous long dark brown cock into Steve's mouth with more force than before. He was slamming it into the back of Steve's throat and pulling it all the way out again. Over and over, all the way in and all the way out.Stacey had started stroking again. Long, fast and hard strokes. She knew Steve was close to cumming himself as his hips and legs were writhing violently and he was moaning constantly.After a minute of this frenzy The Bull stopped with his cock right against the back of Steve's throat. It happened in an instant but Steve knew exactly what was going canlı casino siteleri on and he experienced it in slow motion. His head was held in place by Stacey's hand.The Bull's legs trembled slightly. Steve felt a heavy pulse run through the base of the thick dark shaft resting on his tongue. A hot rope of cum forced it's way directly down his throat. A second followed immediately after.The Bull pulled back so the huge throbbing head was just inside Steve's mouth. Steve sucked hard, he wanted it all and he was getting it.Stacey echoed her previous command in a low whisper "Pump him full of cum, pump him full of cum."The Bull did exactly that. A huge blast of warm spunk covered Steve's tongue. Another followed, and another. Wave after wave squirted into his mouth. Steve lost count but there was a lot. Each one a hot jet delivered as powerfully as the last.Steve's mouth was filling up. He was amazed how many times and how consistently strong The Bull could eject the streams of cum into him. Just as he was beginning to think there would be too much for him to take it stopped.The Bull kept his cock in Steve's mouth. It pulsed strongly every few seconds and Steve enjoyed the sensation. The Bull slowly started sliding his cock up back and forth over the length of Steve's tongue. The warm cum moved around his mouth mixing with his saliva. It felt amazing. Steve whimpered. He felt like he would explode."Swallow it, there's a good boy" said Stacey.Steve sucked on the big black cock in his mouth and let the huge pool of cum slide to the back of his throat. As he started to swallow he also let loose his own seed. It squirted on his stomach. Several modest lines of hot cum shot out violently and he groaned loudly. He had never orgasmed so hard.The Bull slowly withdrew. Steve opened his eyes and once again took in the dominating sight of that enormous cock. There was a lot of cum still on it.Steve was breathing hard. "Well done baby" Stacey said. "Clean it up". She continued to rub the head of his now limp dick and the feeling was on the pain/pleasure border. It kept his submission to Stacey and The Bull in mind.Steve opened his mouth without hesitation and The Bull laid as much of his long dark shaft as he could on Steve's waiting tongue.Steve passionately cleaned off the rest of the cum, sucking at the tip trying to get every last drop from it. He enjoyed the slight give in the still impressively thick shaft as The Bull's massive erection subsided.Steve felt The Bull start to pull out for the last time. He wrapped his lips as tight as he could around the big cock as it slid from his mouth. He didn't know if he was trying to make sure it was perfectly clean or keep it in place.The Bull turned and walked out of the bedroom with his back to the couple. Steve watched longingly at the several inches of black cock clearly visible, even from the back, hanging between The Bull's legs. It was still a powerful sight and far bigger than Steve's when erect.Stacey turned his head back to face her and kissed him hard. "Happy Birthday baby" she said again, still rubbing his sensitive little dick.Steve shuddered again. He closed his eyes and laid back. The taste of cum was still in his mouth and the sensation of The Bull's massive thick black cock pounding his mouth over and over again was burned into his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about cock.Wake up Steve the other guy's are here SURPRISE!
29 Haziran 2021, at 22:50


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