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My Wife Seduced Her Male Friend In My Presence

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My Wife Seduced Her Male Friend In My PresencegelöschtgelöschtThe kissing and smooching by Ali at the beach and at our entrance shook me up internally. What disturbed me more than what happened, was Arpi?s attempts to try to camouflage real happenings and attempts to reason with me to justify her and Ali?s actions. If indeed my wife was not happy with Ali, why did she let him kiss her as she was getting off the car? She did not resist or argue with him there. Rather, she was telling Ali to be careful, lest I saw them in action. This was a question that bugged me. It poked a hole in her defense and her posture of revulsion at Ali?s action.It would be naive to think that she had not expected what was to happen at the beach. She was indeed game for it. However, when it did happen, she pretended as if she was not ready for it! If you play with fire, you got to get burns sooner or later.I was hurt, not because of what happened. I was hurt because she lied to me. In spite of my hurt, I decided to play along. I tried to make her feel that I was game for it. Perhaps I was unable to completely conceal my emotions. She suspected that I was not completely ok with what happened. Perhaps all wives have that inherent instinct to detect husband?s inner thoughts, particularly when another male is involved. It could also be that her guilt drove her to look closely at my reactions.The next morning, Arpi informed me that she had turned her phone off so as not to receive calls from Ali. This went on for about three days. I was however, able to see through her posture. I could easily see that she badly missed Ali. She was restless, got irritated easily with the slightest provocation and kept looking at her switched off phone. I knew that she was desperate to talk to Ali. I felt pity for her. I decided to give her a face saver.I rang up Ali. He was surprised to receive a call from me. I told him that I knew of their misunderstanding. I asked him to send my wife Arpi a gift of some kind with ?sorry? inscribed on it. I told Ali that I would try and pacify my wife so that she was ready to see him again. Although he was a bit circumspect about my voluntary advice, he followed it and sent the gift.The gift packet from Ali for my wife turned the things around. The envelope contained a handkerchief on which was embroidered, ?I am sorry ? Yours Ali?I told my wife, exactly what she wanted to hear. I told her, ?After all, Ali is a good friend and when two young and hot persons of opposite sex get into an intimate situation (like it happened at the beach), sexual overtures are natural. Therefore you should not be so cross with Ali. I think he has got the message.? She immediately acknowledged the logic behind my argument. I then gently added one more sentence, which I doubt, if she cared to pay attention to; ?Unless you really don?t want to see him.?She did not see through my ploy that I wanted to check her immediate reaction to my proposal for resumption of their talking. She jumped at my suggestion gleefully. She fell for my trap hook line and sinker. I realized, we were heading to unknown and perhaps unpleasant developments.My wife Arpi bloomed again. For the past few days, she was not herself. She was missing Ali. After my reassurance, I saw my Arpi, chirpy again in the house and outside. I was taken aback by the shadow of influence this man Ali had cast on her. I decided to play by her game and see how far my conservative and until then faithful wife would go to satisfy her cardinal desire; which I thought had died down three years into our marriage.Things were back to normal then. Usual calls, weekend lunches and Ali dropping her at my place resumed. I was seeing my wife giggling, blushing like a girl. This was not a very pleasant development for me. I wondered where that all would lead to. I decided to face it and let my wife also face the consequences of her actions I decided to deal with the situation in my own way, without preventing her from doing what she wanted to do.Things were happening in my office too. A young and attractive Indian woman Ms. Roma, was transferred to our branch office as a secretary. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman in our office. Her eyes were unusually blue and when she looked at you, it felt as if her stare penetrated through the whole of you. She wore neck less blouse, which exposed a good part of her skin. Her skin was soft and smooth. Her navel and the area underneath left a lot to imagine. Her breasts looked big enough to play and suck at the same time. Her boobs swayed seductively as she walked along.When I saw her first, I had tough time controlling myself. I just could not take my eyes off her inviting breasts, which formed such a tantalizing shape on her blouse that it was obvious that there was enough to keep one busy for a whole night. Her breasts jutted out of her bra and blouse. I had to turn my face away to keep me from staring at her unabashedly. She saw my stare and must have guessed my internal conflict. She just half smiled, said ?Hi? and walked past me to her desk. It was almost half greeting and half indifference of my stares. She must have been accustomed to such stares from lecherous males like me.There was a cafeteria in the office lounge on the ground floor where we all took lunch during lunch break. My face to face introduction with her was after some days of that ?hi?.Once she walked up to me, when I was eating and sought my permission to sit opposite to me. I waved her to sit. I was visibly tense seeing her sit so close to me. I distinctly felt her fragrance. To hide my awkwardness I carried on eating. A few minutes passed. Then she half smiled (again that Mona Lisa smile!) and said, ?I am Roma. Perhaps you know my name already.? She knew that she was the talk of the office since she joined.She surely had earned reputation of a beauty queen in the office. From what I had learned was that she was professional and limited her talks to work with everyone. I said, ?I am Prateek, how do you do??There was a trace of sadness in her voice, ?Not very well, I guess.? She noticed my inquiring look and continued wryly. ?I feel unwanted, really. My hubby fell in love with someone more beautiful than I am (chuckle) and has deserted me. I don?t have the heart to tell my parents or relatives back in India. In any case, they can do little to help me except to call me back or lose their sleep over the matter.?It looked at that moment as if she hated the whole world. I had no words to pacify her and I controlled my impulse to catch her hand and squeeze it mildly to pacify her. I thought it better to be patient and hear her out.She was financially well off before marriage. Her husband was street smart. Three to four years into their marriage, he manipulated her into signing legal documents authorising him to execute legal and financial instruments on her behalf. Very soon she lost control of her accumulated finances. As soon as her husband assumed control of her finances, he lost interest in her.Roma soon found out that the man whom she loved so dearly for years and for whom she would have staked her life suddenly became completely indifferent to her. She learnt that he was courting another woman. When Roma confronted him with her phone calls and messages saved in his phone as evidence; he blandly told her that he did not care for her and that she was free to find her own way.This was a rude shock for Roma and devastated her completely. She left her husband?s house. She was now trying to recover from this shocking phase.When she finished her tale of miseries, my hand moved instinctively to catch her hand. I realized to my great relief that she did not object or flinch. However, I did feel her hand tremble a little. She was uncertain, if she should let me catch her hand or not.I patted her hand and said, ?Roma, I understand how you feel. I have some contacts and I shall try to work out a solution that will make your ex repent a lot for his actions and pay for them dearly. You simply relax and have faith in God.?She smiled ruefully and said, ?That is probably the only solace for me at this time. I thank you buddy, I really do.?She smiled. For the first time I saw her genuine smile. I saw her bright shining teeth and enticing movement of her succulent cheeks that had a deep dimple in it. I could detect trust and relief in that smile and from the look in her eyes. She squeezed my arm as we got up to leave. The silent spectator between my legs stirred up in anticipation.Fortunately one of my business circle friends, a fellow called David, was a well known advocate on social matters, mostly relating to divorce, alimony and inheritance matters. Apart from being a business friend, he was also one of closer friends. We hanged out at pubs occasionally on weekends and discussed all issues including personal ones. I had given him a hint of goings on between me, my wife and Ali. Although he did not understand my nonchalance, he discreetly kept quiet.I called him up and explained briefly whatever I knew about Roma?s case. His first reaction was, ?You bloke! I hope, you are not trying to get between her shapely legs and want to fire the gun from my shoulder, is it??I laughed at his first reaction and joined in his banter, ?If I fire my gun from your shoulders, you bugger, you are already in it also. So be a good guy and listen.?Anyway, after some friendly exchanges, he agreed to meet Roma with me and have her brief him about the matter in detail. I informed Roma about this the next day during lunch hour. She was quite happy free spin and appeared to be in a much better mood than before.David and I met Roma at a coffee shop not far from our office the next evening. Roma narrated her experiences and her accusations against her ex, whilst David dutifully noted points in his diary. After he finished David got up to say that he had another commitment and left promising to get back to us in three days time.I drove Roma down to her apartment. As she got down from the car, she caught my hand and said, ?Prateek, I thank you very much for what you have done. After what I went through in recent time, this has come as a big relief for me.? I was hoping that she would invite me inside her apartment. However, she just said ?Good night? and sauntered over to the main gate.I mumbled something like it was ok, not necessary etc. and left.When I reached home, it was about 8 pm. I must have barely turned on the lights when, I heard a car stopping and saw my wife Arpi getting out of the car. I saw through the window that it was the same routine: passionate parting kiss and a big shopping bag in her hand. I heard Arpi?s footsteps in the doorway. The door was open.I was standing near the switchboard. She did not see me in the darkness coming from outside lights. When she switched the lights on and saw me standing close to her, she had a start and shuddered a little before saying, ?My God, You scared shit out of me. Prateek, darling.? She came and hugged me.Arpi was trying to be extra emotional. It did not take me long to find out why. It was the parcel in her hands. ?In spite of my repeated refusal, Ali insisted that he will buy me some? dress.? She floundered whilst completing the sentence as she did not know what the appropriate word for the contents of the parcel was.?And what that may be?? I asked her looking at the parcel in her hands.?Well that is lingerie, silly! I did not exactly know how to tell you.? Arpi finally concluded hesitatingly and looked at me with half doubtful, half hopeful eyes.?There is nothing to hide, when you enter the house with that box in your hand darling. Besides, I find it quite in sequence.? I doubted if she paid any attention to my last sentence. It was enough for her that I was not cross at her. I wanted to convey to her that I was watching her moves carefully. I suspected though, if she cared to catch my meaning. She presumed that I was ok with Ali presenting her with a lingerie. I was curious to know more.?Had he bought this for you or you both went together for shopping?? I asked.?How could he have bought them without knowing my measurements and without knowing how they would look on me?? She replied.I waited and asked what I thought was really a stupid question. ?Oh, so he saw you in this lingerie. Did he??She averted my direct gaze as she said, ?Sort of?.. He insisted that he should see how I look in them and I had to let him have just a glimpse through the gap in the trial room door.? I knew that things were moving to their logical conclusion.I decided not to be a spoil sport and rather play along. I asked her, ?But he didn?t see you properly in this dress, right?? She shook her head to say that he didn?t.?Then why not we have a dinner in our house this weekend; let him join us for the night and I suggest you give us both a pleasure of visual treat with you in this lingerie?? I told her what perhaps she dreamed to hear.She hugged me hard in excitement and trying to control her excitement she asked, ?Really, you mean that? I really wanted you to see me in these, before anyone else saw me in them. I really wanted to, Believe me.? she hugged me seductively, extracted my Lund (cock) parting the flaps of my fly inserting her delicate fingers into the gap and began caressing it lovingly. Her intimate body contact and her craving to expose before an outsider (was he really outsider? He may have probably been inside her, who knows?) The very thought made my dick harden quickly. She knew that she had me at that time.She began to pump my Lund as we stumbled across to the bedroom. She asked, ?Do you want me now, or you want me after I show you how I look in this lingerie??I was too turned on to delay any further. I said, ?I want you now.? We both began to undress each other in a hurry, tossing the clothing around as I began to caress her pussy. She was wet as a flowing river. It was not just my doing. It looked as though she entered the house dripping wet. ?Gosh! She was playing the games with Ali in car already.? I thought to myself. How naïve was I to think otherwise.However, at that time I was not able to focus on anything other than what was happening between my legs. I was horny as hell and perhaps she was too. Our talk on the possibility of her exposing to Ali seemed to inflame her as well. She spread her legs apart to accommodate me between them. I inserted myself and positioned my hard rod on her mound. She held my cock between her hands and rubbed it for sometime on her wet pussy lips and gave it a tug to push it inside.She was turned on. Ali and Arpi did not appear to have an intercourse. There was no cum in her pussy (Unless he released outside or used a condom). However, it was obvious that they might have done everything else. She was horny as a tigress in heat. I mounted on her and instead of entering, withdrawing and entering again to let her passage get used to my strokes, in one go I pushed my hard, long and thick rod through the length of her passage. Was it the expression of my anger or jealousy or frustration at work? I didn?t know.It must have been a bit painful for her, as she gave out a cry of pain. However, it was just once. She got over her pain quickly and began to raise and drop her belly and butts to match my rhythm. As her torso rose and fell on bed, her boobs swayed and flayed tantalizingly. I grabbed one boob and sucked on the other biting her nipple hard. She let out a cry without stopping her movements.Arpi was gripped by devil. She began to moan loudly as I pumped her. It was almost like a competition between us as to who was more aroused. I was holding her boobs in my hand tight as I pumped her. ?So Ali wants you to wear the lingerie and show him how you look in them, right?? I asked her.She opened her eyes and looked up at me, as if trying to read expression on my face. She closed her eyes again reverting into relishing the inward out ward strokes I was impaling into her. She waited for a while before she spoke. She must have realized that my question was direct and demanded straight answer. ?Yes, if you don?t mind.?She had already replied to my next question, which would have been, ?And you agreed to expose to him, right?? I was reaching my peak. Her answers left no doubt in my mind that my wife knowingly or unknowingly was heading to a point of no return. At that stage it was useless for me to try to stop her as she would cheat me behind my back, if I tried to do that; I thought.I decided to go ahead and fulfil my fantasy of seeing how she would look, if some other male fucked her. I said, ?Why don?t you call him tomorrow and ask him to come for dinner and spend the night here this weekend??So Friday arrived. But before that I could detect hidden excitement in Arpi?s behaviour. Admittedly I too was excited. Arpi spent a lot more time than I had ever seen her getting ready for the visit. She had shaved her pussy neatly. She went to a famous parlour nearby and got her facial, pedicure and all that women get done when they are getting ready for an important event.Ali was a smart, somewhat tough looking tall and well built young man. Standing by his side, I felt like a young inexperienced and rather weak chap, who lacked confidence in front of him. Ali had a slight stubble and that (for me enigmatic) streak of grey on his head. I could see Arpi looking at it frequently and appreciatively.Ali had put on a blue cut off T shirt and jeans. His T shirt was open enough to expose a part of his hairy broad chest. He had no tummy.Ali brought a bottle of wine for me and a bouquet for Arpi. He gave me the bottle and hugged me. He handed over the bouquet to Arpi. He hugged Arpi. It was a normal social hug. I tried to muster up a bit of self confidence and stretched my hand to say ?Hi? and welcomed him into our house. His grip was tight and showed his maturity, determination and self confidence. He had a big palm that almost enveloped mine.However, my self confidence returned soon after as I found Ali ill at ease in my presence, when Arpi entered the drawing room and said ?Hi? to Ali and shook his hands. I could easily see their discomfiture at their first meeting in my presence.Arpi had a pretty cute dress that bordered between being Sexy and nice. Her flowing skirt stopped just above her knees. Her blouse showed just that much cleavage as not to be termed as provocative. She didn?t want to show that she was unduly excited, which I knew she was.I made Ali sit on a sofa and I sat beside him. Arpi asked Ali if he would like tea or coffee. (I was bemused thinking if she was about to add ?or me?).Arpi served all that was required and sat in a corner with her knees joined tight together. I poured wine in three glasses. When Arpi looked questioningly at me I looked sternly at her and egged her on to take her glass, hinting at her not to protest. For a few seconds there was an awkward silence broken by Ali, who said, ?That was nice of you Prateek to invite me over. I appreciate it.?I muttered something that sounded like ?No problem. You are always bonus veren siteler welcome.? I doubted if Ali heard it though. I had to regain self assurance, if I was to enjoy the evening.I got up from my sofa, raised my glass and said, ?Cheers.? As we began sipping the wine, I added, ?And welcome to my wife?s boy friend.?As Ali raised his glass and was taking the first sip, he coughed out hearing my words. A few drops of wine splattered around as he looked at me thoroughly embarrassed, not knowing how to react. He quickly apologized for coughing up and moved to clean his shirt.To sooth him and make him feel comfortable (as well as to re-establish my grip over the situation), I stood up and patted on his back and said, ?Well, Arpi has told me all that happened between you two. So relax. You are more than a friend to her and so you are to me. She is my darling wife and her special friend is also my special friend.The atmosphere in the room was charged with subtle excitement. Sexual tension was palpable. I switched on music that had some dance tunes for such occasions. I zoomed to the tunes of the music. I certainly was not the best dancer in Sydney. However, I wanted to make all feel at home. I caught Arpi, took her in my arms and began to dance. I stepped on her toes several times. Arpi stopped. She could not control her laughter, seeing me dance with awkward steps. She looked at Ali, who smiled broadly for the first time that evening.Arpi said, ?Ali dances much better.? I went near Ali and pulled him up off the sofa and pushed him towards Arpi, who was waiting for me to return to resume dancing. Ali walked gingerly to Arpi and stretched his arms. Arpi went into his arms and they moved in rhythm with music. Ali swung around like an experienced dancer and began dancing with slow steps. They took care to maintain a respectable distance between them for my benefit. They danced for a while, when I stepped up the tempo of the music. Ali was fluent and Arpi seemed to have learnt a thing or two from him. About ten minutes of dancing made us all comfortable with each other. Ali and Arpi began looking at each other directly and smile. The initial awkwardness was gone.Ali appeared visibly relaxed and a little tired. He smiled and looked affectionately at Arpi. Arpi felt at ease at my relaxed attitude. After the dance, Arpi went to the kitchen and brought some things to eat for dinner. All of us quickly finished eating. We all knew that there was much more to the evening than dinner. She was about to sit in her earlier seat away from me and Ali, when I said, ?Come on darling! Don?t be a spoil sport. Sit with us.?Arpi looked awkwardly at me. I caught her hand and made her sit between Ali and me on the sofa. The sofa was meant for two persons. There was not adequate space on the sofa for three persons. She was tightly sandwiched between us. I looked at her discomfiture and said, ?You are squeezed. Why don?t you sit in your boy friend?s lap??Arpi looked confused at me. I pushed under her armpits to make her rise and sit in Ali?s lap. However, Arpi was smarter. She slid and sat in my lap instead. I felt my cock hardening at the pressure of her bottoms on my crotch. I began to caress Arpi?s hair and looking at Ali I said, ?Arpi likes elder men. I don?t know why. Perhaps she finds a reflection of her father in them. She likes you because of your streak of grey hair. Of course, her emotions for you are not exactly fatherly, is not it, Arpi?? I looked at Arpi questioningly.Arpi seemed to have regained her composure. She kissed my forehead and said, ?Well, you know all, my hubby. Why do you ask me? Now Ali is also your special friend. Ask him, if you like.?I nuzzled my head behind her back and caressing her cheeks said, ?Oh! You feel so hot and good in my lap, darling. I feel like doing something to you.? I began nuzzling her neck and back from behind her. Arpi bent and looked back at me and asked, ?What are you doing? It?s not our bedroom for God?s sake.?I laughed and said, ?Then let?s go to the bedroom.? Arpi was red faced hearing me talk like that in Ali?s presence. She didn?t reply. I fingered her waist and dragged my fingers upwards. I could see Arpi getting a bit aroused with my actions. Her bottoms had flattened out in my lap and I was sure she felt my hard rod poking her ass crack. She looked back at me and asked, ?What are you up to darling??I said, ?Nothing dear, I just want to have a bit of fun.?Arpi said, ?But darling, Ali is watching. You are embarrassing him. Look at him.?I gently lifted one of her arms hanging by Ali?s side and rested her arm around Ali?s neck and said, ?Honey, if this is embarrassing to him, then you embrace him and remove his embarrassment.? I lifted Arpi?s bums and pushed her towards Ali in such a way that she had to sit in his lap.My wife Arpi looked back at me with an awkward expression (it looked more like mock anger to me) but did not move to get up or step away from Ali. She was then lodged well and truly in Ali?s lap and I was sure adrenalin was rushing at tearing pace in Arpi and Ali?s veins. Looking at Arpi trying to adjust her bums onto Ali?s crotch, I was sure Ali had a solid hard on and my wife was feeling it on her ass crack. Her one arm was around Ali?s neck.I nudged her on, ?Darling, won?t you kiss your boyfriend ?welcome home???My wife looked at me nervously. I nodded her on. She bent and placed her lips on Ali?s cheeks and kissed him on his cheeks. Ali was visibly relaxed at Arpi?s action. He turned and placed his lips on Arpi?s cheeks and kissed her cheeks. They looked into each other?s eyes and I knew for sure that this was not exactly how they wanted to kiss. I nudged her further and said, ?Come on darling. This is not the way a boy friend and girl friend kiss. Is it? Besides, this is not the first time that you will kiss each other. Is it??Perhaps, I could not help avoid a trace of sarcasm in my voice. Arpi looked at me angrily and got up. She tried to move away from me towards the kitchen saying, ?Enough! I am leaving unless you have something else to suggest?.? Before she could complete her sentence and move away, I pulled her onto me; making her almost fall in my lap. I held her tight and kissed hard on her lips. I kissed her so passionately saying, ?Darling, I am sorry. I didn?t mean to be sarcastic. Come on, darling!!? I began to kiss her passionately. She looked at me helplessly not being able to move away and neither did she try to. She reciprocated my kiss with equal passion, looking occasionally at Ali, who sat by the side watching our love making.As I kissed her I spread my palms caressing her, squeezing or pinching her occasionally around her bottoms and back giving Ali a treat to watch. Whilst I continued to kiss her, I pulled down her between Ali and me on the sofa. Since there was not enough space on the sofa, perforce, she had to rest her hand first and then her bums into Ali?s lap.I could see Ali remaining calm with great restraint. Here was a pretty girl, with whom he had many experiences of touching, smooching and kissing; lodged into his lap in an erotic pose, kissing her hubby. In order that she should not tumble over, Ali instinctively gripped her shoulders. There was little else he could do. I saw. a big tent in his trousers, I was sure Arpi felt that too. Ali was highly aroused seeing Arpi and I engaged in intimate kiss. I gently released Arpi?s head which I had gripped firmly in my hands. Arpi was breathing hard after my kiss. She looked up at Ali.Ali made Arpi lean on him pulled her up and placed his lips on her lips. For a second she sat frozen in Ali?s lap indecisively. She let Ali kiss her, but only for that moment. Had she not suddenly jerked herself free from Ali and got up from the sofa; perhaps something would have happened there and then. She stood up, looked at us angrily and walked away towards the kitchen in a huff. Ali looked at me with guilt written all over his face.I tapped Ali?s shoulder and smiled at him; to try to free him of guilt. I told him, ?Don?t worry. It was not your fault. Relax, I shall bring her back.?I jumped up from the sofa and followed her into the kitchen. She was washing the dishes. I caught her from behind and positioned my dick between her legs and began mock fucking her from behind. She turned around, smiled and said in hushed voice, ?Let me clean the dishes. If you want to fuck me, let us go to the bedroom. But don?t make a scene here. Ali might come in and see us.??Darling, leave the dishes alone. You don?t wash them. I shall wash them after leaving you and Ali together for some time. We want to see you in that lingerie. I am sure Ali is also very eager to see you in that lingerie also. Will you not oblige us? You promised.? I pleaded with her.She said, ?I can?t just walk out and dance in the lingerie. There has to be some plan. Some excuse. Think of something logical and I may consider your request.? She spoke expansively.I said, ?Ok. I shall think something out, but please come. Don?t play truant. You have told me what you two have done in my absence. So why hesitate now in my presence ?? I caught her hand and lead her back into the drawing room. Arpi followed me meekly. Ali?s face brightened up when he saw Arpi coming back into the drawing room. I sat onto a bigger (Three seat) sofa and made Arpi sit next to me. I called Ali over and asked him to sit on the other side of Arpi as before. However, all of us sat in reasonable comfort.I went to the music deck and selected some sweet old film songs in Hindi. deneme bonusu veren siteler They were romantic and soothing. I knew Ali loved old Hindi film songs. I dimmed the lights. All of us focussed on listening to sweet melodious voice of famous past wizards. Ali was completely immersed in Old songs and began humming with the songs. I could see some of the songs were so emotional that all of us and particularly Ali was captivated and almost in tears. I nudged Arpi to move closer to Ali and catch his hands.I caught one of Arpi?s hands and moved closer to her. Ali caught Arpi?s hand and began to affectionately caress it. The serene and romantic effect of the songs and music enveloped us all. Arpi looked at me. I nudged her to go ahead. She extended her hands around Ali?s shoulders and brought his head to rest on her shoulder. Ali was fully absorbed in the melody of the songs. He gently moved Arpi closer to him and began running his fingers into her hair.I moved to Arpi and pushed my head face to face with her lips and kissed her as Ali watched us from a breathing distance. I signalled Arpi to move into Ali?s lap. I murmured in her ears to kiss Ali as she had done in my absence. I slowly got up and excused myself to go to kitchen to wash dishes. Arpi protested and offered to go there. However, I didn?t listen to her and said as I was leaving, ?I want to you lovers to be alone for a while to talk over and be at ease with each other.?I gave a broad hint for them to go ahead. As I was walking away, I saw Arpi moving over into Ali?s lap and nuzzling her head into Ali?s face. I began to clean the dishes and clean the kitchen, whereas my whole mind was focussed on what Ali and my wife must be doing at that time. It took me about fifteen minutes, when I returned and saw Arpi in Ali?s arms and kissing passionately. His one hand was behind her back exploring the curves, contours and cavities of her body. I coughed up. Arpi jumped hearing my voice and sat up. I told her to relax.I asked Ali, if he would like beer. Ali nodded his head. I had to go out and fetch beer from the garage. I walked out and returned after about ten minutes. I saw Arpi and Ali kissing each other passionately with Arpi?s hand inside Ali?s zip and Ali?s hand exploring my wife?s back. When she saw me, she withdrew her hand with lightening speed. I looked and smiled at her. She got up and began to straighten up her dress. I clapped my hands and said, ?That is more like two lovers.? I sat next to Arpi and whispered in her ears, ?Darling, I am very keen to have one or two beers with your boy friend and in the meanwhile, will you please be ready to show us what your boy friend has bought for you??Arpi awkwardly nodded her head and we watched her swaying hips as she walked away towards our bedroom. Was there an invitation in that wiggle of her hips?I poured two glasses and asked Ali all superfluous questions. Then I told Ali softly that I have asked Arpi to wear the negligee that Ali had bought for her. Would he like to see Arpi in them? I asked him. Of course, I knew the answer. I told him to wait at our bedroom door until I signalled him to come in.After finishing beers, I lead Ali to our bedroom door and asked him to wait there. I went in the bedroom, leaving the door partially open. Ali hid behind curtains.Arpi stood on bed with a towel wrapped around her, shy perhaps of exposing her body to two of us. I asked her to remove the towel. She looked inquiringly at me. I knew she was asking where Ali was. I looked at the door. She understood. Arpi slowly removed the towel and displayed herself in the negligee.The view was breath taking. For the first time in my married life, I saw my wife in such a sexy dress. It was a three piece dress. The top was a frilled top which looked more like a semi transparent bra. Arpi?s breasts almost came out of the negligee revealing all but her nipples. Even her nipples were vaguely visible through the semi transparent cloth. Her belly and belly button were fully exposed showing her tempting navel expanding out into her thighs, hips and again tapering down into her legs. Her bottom piece was of two piece clothing. One piece was semi transparent which exposed rather than covered another piece, which was more like a string panty. The whole negligee was dark black with netting thrown in good measure.I could not control my ?Argh?? Arpi heard similar sound from behind the door. I asked Ali to come in. Ali walked in awkwardly looking at Arpi standing practically naked on bed. Ali could not take his eyes off her. Arpi suddenly wrapped herself again in the towel and said, Ok? I have done what you wanted me to do. Are you happy??I moved closer to her and pulled her down on bed. Her towel fell away and she landed in my lap. I laid her flat on bed and sat by her side. She was excited and confused. She saw Ali standing by the edge of the bed to her legs. I bent down and kissed her hard on her lips. She surrounded her arms around my neck and pulled me close on her. I said ?Having come this far, is it fair for you to deny your boy friend the feel of your succulent body??Arpi must have kicked Ali hard on his shin (for I felt the bed shake a little). She was perhaps hinting him to sit on the bed near her legs and massage her legs. Through a corner of my eyes, I saw Ali slowly sitting on the bed close to her. He was greedily looking at Arpi?s naked legs, which were covered by the towel above her knees. I saw Ali massaging her slim legs starting from the sole of her feet up towards her ankles.Arpi again caught towel lying on the side feigning attempts to resist her exposure. I swiftly removed her towel with one hand and threw it away. I said, ?Darling come on now do not torture us. Your boy friend and I are eager to feel you closer. I would love to see you two enjoy each other.Arpi was getting aroused with the feel of Ali?s hands on her legs inching upwards and my hands on her breasts. I unbuttoned her top and pulled out the flimsy top and threw it away in a corner. Arpi was trembling like a leaf at her being topeless. I caught Ali?s hand in mine and pulled him so that he could sit on the other side of Arpi, who lay on bed between us. Ali saw (I hope) for the first time, Arpi?s full ripe milky white breasts fully exposed, being fondled by me, Ali also held one of her boobs in his hands and said, ?My God these are marvellous. Prateek, you are so damned lucky to feel them every night.?I said, ?Come on boy friend! These are all yours. Feel them as much as you want. Suck them as hard as you can and pinch these nipples as hard as you like. Ali bent down and placed his lips on one of her boobs and began to suck it hard. With another hand he grabbed the second boob and squeezed it so hard that Arpi cried out, ?Oh, Ali, be gentle.?I saw Ali taking over the charge of her breasts. I came down and began to fondle her tummy and caress her flat curvaceous belly. I inserted my tongue in her navel. I lifted her mid riff and inserted my arm underneath her to feel her buttocks. I was slowly trying to undress her, when she suddenly got up from bed and sat in Ali?s lap. She inserted her hand in Ali?s lap and was trying to feel her lund (Cock). She signalled me to come closer to her and spoke in my ears, ?Ali has a huge lund (Cock) just look at it. I have felt it under his clothing. I have not yet seen it. I am going to see it now.? I didn?t know if she was seeking my permission or informing me of her decision.From there on I did not need to do any more prompting or motivation. Both were busy exploring each other as Arpi nudged Ali to undress and expose his lithe well built body for her benefit. I had already removed an excuse of that loin cloth covering my wife?s modesty. All this was very interesting for me to watch. This was the first tme I saw Arpi getting ready to be fucked by another male. She was virgin when we were married and Ali was perhaps the first person in her life other than me to reach so close to her. She had perhaps mentally already surrendered herself to Ali and what was happening was just fructification of her deep desire to be fucked by Ali.I sat aside watched them as Ali removed his trousers and uncovered his long and thick cock. I had seen such huge cocks only in xxx rated videos and never thought any one could have such a huge rod really. I was always under the impression that such long and thick cock was the result of taking steroids and d**gs.Arpi took Ali?s Lund in her hands and fondled it caressing it lovingly by rotating her delicate fingers on the mushroom head of the circumcised cock. His pre-cum was oozing out almost as if he was ejaculating. I looked at Arpi and saw expression of fear on her face. She was scared of the possibility of this huge rod entering her Choot (pussy). Arpi?s choot was small and passage narrow and she had problems even taking in my Lund. (I have a fairly big 6 inches Lund one and half an inch thick). Ali?s was not less than 7 inches, more like 8 inches. It was about two inches thick.I was afraid that if (or rather when) Ali fucked her that night, she was sure, going to bleed profusely, and the whole thing might turn painful. I saw Ali inserting his large hand between Arpi?s legs. She spread apart her legs to give Ali access to her Choot. Her neatly shaved Choot was a sight to watch. Her fluids were flowing out revealing her highly aroused state. As soon as Ali inserted his fingers my wife started moaning loudly. I knew she was undergoing pulsating twitching and titillation in her Choot.She began to gyrate on the bed as Ali began to slowly finger fuck her with just two of his fingers. I saw a spate of convulsions going through my dear wife?s body. I never experienced her having such orgasm in three years of our marriage. Her body moved uncontrollably as Ali?s fingers kept playing inside her pussy.
29 Haziran 2021, at 22:48


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