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E and L's Adventures Part 2. New friends

Post #1

E and L's Adventures Part 2. New friendsAfter that night (see Part 1.) many things were left unsaid. I promised to explain but somehow not everything is out in the open. The weeks go by. You?re angry with me yes but also a little with yourself for the way you acquiesced. On top of that, while, on the surface you want to pretend it never happened, your thoughts keep coming back to that night. What must the guy be thinking of you?? You?ve never been overly confident about your body but you?d blown two guys and that wouldn?t have happened if you?d not turned them on. Being the centre of attention hadn?t hurt your ego. And, despite it all, you had been as horny as hell and even hornier thinking back on it.We haven?t been out for dinner in a long time. Time we had a good meal out somewhere. Table is booked. Bit of an effort we dress up a bit. Nice table next to another couple. Its only when you sit down and look across that you recognise who?s sitting there. It didn?t gel for a second then the bolt hits. You?d only seen him with his clothes on for only a minute. With him his wife. You feel yourself redden as he looks over and sees you. You see his warm smile, says hello. Yvette smiles and says hi. She?s clearly feeling bubbly and friendly. You look again at them. They?re both about your age. She?s well-kept and attractive but now maybe nowadays more built for comfort than speed as they say. You see she flashes a look at him and then a certain look at you and you wonder what she knows. You redden even more. She can?t know can she? You realise she does. Somehow their relaxed demeanour settles you as well. You look over at me with that ?this wasn?t an accident? look.We settle down to our meals. The food?s good. So is the wine (you maybe drink a glass or two more than you would normally) and the conversation is easy. These folks are good company. Every now and then you catch yourself looking at Xavier and a memory flashes by of his cock in your mouth or the taste of his cum or something. Out of the blue he asks. ?So what did you do with the all the video you shot?? You almost gag on your mouthful. Yvette smirks and gives you a quick glance. Well it was now clear that everything?s out in the open. Oh my god who will get to see it? I can feel daggers as you stare at me.As the meal ends and everyone makes a move to go they invite us back for a night cap at their place which is nearby. I can feel you hesitate but you go with the flow. Xavier makes the drinks while Yvette disappears only to come back wearing only a long tee shirt. You can see she?s not bothered with a bra under it. We?re all sitting round sipping drinks, all more than slightly tipsy. Yvette is cuddling up to Xavier and you see his hand casually but discretely slip under her top and on to her breasts. She pretends not to notice but presses closer to him. Before you can look away he?s caught you staring and flashes a little smile. You blush. This seems to encourage him. Making no pretence at discretion he begins to more vigorously fondle the breasts while kissing her neck. Unembarrassed it seems, she responds thrusting herself towards him. You look around at me and see that I?m also watching with interest. He slowly pulls up her top and pushes her back onto the sofa as he kisses and caresses her body.You can see he has a massive erection and looking over you see I have one too. Before you know it he?s opened up his trousers and pulled it out. Casting a half look over at you he spreads her legs (no knickers) and the cock slides in with ease. güvenilir bahis It?s at this point you notice how short she?s trimmed her pubes. She responds by wrapping her legs up around him as he thrusts into her. You catch your breath when you notice that she?s looking over a us, clearly enjoying being watched with a smile on her face. The thrusting goes on for a while then he gently pulls out. She gets up from the couch and turns onto her hands and knees. He wastes no time entering her doggy style. She looks up and across smiling at both of us then gives me a wink. That?s all the encouragement I need. I look across at you, giving you a chance to say something. You may have wanted to stop me but weren?t quick enough. I?m up and across to them, my trousers already coming down as I pull my cock out. She looks up, blowing a kiss, before a moment later my cock thrusts into her mouth. You can tell she?s no novice.Should you be shocked? Angry? Jealous? You?re not sure you know what you?re feeling. So this is what a spit roast looks like? On top of it all you?re struck by something comical as she bounces back and forth between the cock thrusting into her fanny and mine in her mouth, tits bouncing out of phase. You know the boys are not seeing it that way by the expressions on the faces. ?Better her?? you think?You can tell she?s getting more and more excited though. Her movement are becoming more uncoordinated and twitchy as her husband continues to thrust into her. Pretty soon its all she can do to keep one cock in her mouth as she thrusts back against the other. I debate whether to pull out and leave them to it when all of a sudden she shudders as she orgasms. Pretty soon he?s cumming in her as well. Things slow to a stop as he slowly pulls out of her, flopping back on the couch beside you. He grins and says ?she?s all yours.? Yvette looks around at him responding ?cheeky fucker?. I?m standing there uncertain what happens next. She?s clearly spent. I go to move away but a hand reaches up and pulls me back towards her. She looks up with a twinkle and says ?where are you going?? My cock eases towards her face, her mouth opens? was she going to say something else?... too late as my cock gently slides in.Undistracted by a cock in her fanny she can now focus on the job at hand. And set to work she does? with complete abandon going down as hard as she can. It?s clear she?s not stopping for anyone. After the tongue-teasing is done, she gets down to business. Firm grip, lips wrapped tight and she slowly slides down?ALL the way down.Jealous/miffed maybe that this woman looks pretty good at what you do best you look around for what you can do. Her husband is sitting there contentedly watching her sucking cock?the way you remember he did while watching you. You note he?s ?stirring? again. You?ve never really understood this male thing about watching? Is it jealousy/anger at me for being so shameless?? Without preamble you slide across closer to Xavier and run a hand up his leg. A bit timid you?re not sure whether to look him in the eye while your hand finds it?s target. Gently your hand brushes his cock. You feel his instant response. Should you lean over and give it a quick suck?? You decide against it. An evil thought crosses your mind though. Let?s see if she?s got your kind of stamina. You tell him you want him to fuck her mouth after she?s finished with me. He smirks and nods in willing agreement.Your plan set, you amuse yourself by gently stroking his cock. He smells nice and his cock feels türkçe bahis good in your hand. Your mind drifts away. You feel his hand on the back on of your head tensing every time he bucks. You can feel him pushing you down into his lap. You could resist. You?d said you wouldn?t but then?oh what the heck? your mouth opens and in he slides. What?s come over you? Here you are sucking his cock again and this time not by deception. You look up and realise everyone?s watching you. Even Yyette, cock deep in her mouth, is looking over at you. Smile in her eyes she gives you a thumbs up. You hear encouragement ?Go for it love.? It?s my voice. As said you don?t get why they want to watch but suddenly you realise how much you want to be watched. Time to put on a show? You feel a hand reach under and caress your breast. Soon it becomes more adventurous and pretty soon your boobs are hanging free. Oh well tits out for a blowjob. ?It?s the law.?His hands move down your body and you writhe a little more when he passes you belly button moving south. He touches you through your jeans and you quiver. Encouraged, his hand continues finally working its way into your jeans. Another first! The first time another man has touched you there in years. It feels good. You want more BUT it?s distracting you from your oral work and your desire for control is the greater. You move your body and redouble your efforts. His hand is soon distracted away? Yyette is not distracted for long either. Her mouth is back to business. It?s all too much. Her mouth magic and watching you at the same time I know I?m not going to last. I pull Yyette?s head back and warn her I?m going to cum soon. She pulls out, looks up with a smile before slamming my cock all the way to the back of her throat. What?s a guy to do? within seconds I?m gushing in her mouth. I can feel her doing her best to swallow it all but it feels like one massive load and as I pull back some spills out of her mouth down her chin. I?m still cumming and the last few spurts shoot onto her face and tits. Perfect. With a huge cummy grin on her face, she thrusts her ample breasts out to make sure she catches the last drops before my cock gently disappears back into her mouth. She looks up knowing full well how good she was. All I can do is mouth ?Thank you? flopping down before my legs give way.Meanwhile you have business of your own. What the hell are you doing? Here you are again sucking a virtual stranger?s cock. Having just watched his wife?s debauchery he?s shamelessly thrusting at you. You realise how horny you?re feeling. It?s the ?nastiness? of the situation that?s really getting you hot. Whatever he thinks, you also know you?re the one in control. His excitement feels so delicious. Let?s see how close you can get him and hold him there? You suspect, though, that he may have forgotten about your little deal. What to do? Should you stop? His excitement, his cock fucking your mouth? it all feels so good though. Let it continue and see where it goes. True to his word, though, Xavier forces himself to stop and goes to pull out. Instinctively your hands reach out and pull him back. What?s come over you? The poor guy?s only flesh. A second later, his cock throbbing, he?s cumming in your mouth? again?. his load gushing out of your mouth down your chin onto your tits and clothes. Another fine mess. You look across at me with a sheepish ? ha ?so there? look on your face. I?m thinking ?what the hell. For me cumming in your mouth?s a rare special event. Now, for this guy, güvenilir bahis siteleri it?s two out of two??Everyone?s flopped onto the sofa. The two guys sure know they?ve been drained. Yvette is sitting there sort of dazed looking down at cum on her tits and oozing out between her legs. Exhausted but chuffed. In this setting you think you should be disgusted and appalled but realise instead you?re feeling pretty good? and still horny? Dammit!! You?re the only one who hasn?t been satisfied. Looking around you can?t see anyone in any state to help remedy that either.Xavier struggles to get himself up, looks around the dishevelled group. ?Tea or coffee anyone?? How quickly banality returns. Everyone orders. For a moment nobody has anything to say. There?s a moment of awkward silence before Yvette pipes up. ?That was the best sex I?ve had in a long time.? Everyone laughs. The guys certainly nod in agreement. It?s then you find out the history. How I?d met them. As you know I sometimes frequent some of those amateur porn sites. On one I see this forum announcement. ?Happily married couple.Seeks adventure to revive sense of fun.?I realise they are local to us. After procrastinating an eternity, I answer. We communicated ?sizing each other up? till finally we met somewhere neutral. They were both in their 40s, k**s grown up and just left home and realising their sex life had stagnated after all those years of monogamy. Jokingly Yvette comments that they?d even thought about dogging but decided the risk of weirdos was too high. At least with the announcement they could be safe and vet people beforehand or back out if the reality was too far from the fantasy. In bed they?d tried just about everything a man and woman can do together but they?d never done anything like this before. Yvette giggled and admitted that she?d once flashed her tits at a truck driver.It took a long time for the trust to build. To be honest Xavier and Yvette had understandably huge doubts about me. They wanted a relationship with a couple, not a single guy. How could they trust what I was saying without having met you. What was absolutely clear on BOTH sides was that nothing would happen unless you were on board. This was hard. Without meeting you how could they judge if it was going to work out between us. I knew your shyness would prevent you taking that last little step so I had to make our case alone. By quiet persistence and open honesty I was able to convince them. After all, had I been lying you could have justifiably called Xavier a r****t and all hell break loose. Realising we had so much in common and were wanting the same thing we took the risk and planned the night you met Xavier. That took a lot of effort. Everyone had last minute doubts. Could I actually watch another man with my partner? Could he perform with you - a stranger to him watched by her man? What would Yvette do? How would she cope? Should she stay as well or not? Till then our contacts had been strictly platonic. Towards the end Xavier and Yvette had relaxed to the extent that they openly cuddled and fondled in front of me but there was nothing more than that. A thousand torments for all of us. And yet we pulled it together. Yvette decide to stay home and live the agony alone.I know I know I?d deceived you. I should have involved you before this but?to be honest? I wanted it too much. I know you?d said yes but you wouldn't have done it unless nudge beyond no return. "You can?t know the relief that that night went so well". Yvette laughed. You image the torture for her sitting at home? When Xavier got home that night, though, and told her every detail ... ?He fucked me so hard I was walking bow legged for days? she giggled. Next time, though, SHE wanted to be the centre of attention.
29 Haziran 2021, at 22:41


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