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Resurrection: Chapter 11

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RESURRECTION: CHAPTER 11CHAPTER 11:In their own interesting way, their life took on an inexplicable form of normalcy. At least, a form of normalcy that fit their lifestyle.In the months that followed and stretched into more months, the ranch was less of a place of isolation from the world that had once been its purpose, and was more a home that was also a retreat, a place where love and peace where shared in everything that was a part of the place. If Annie?s experience wasn?t forgotten, it became a milestone in her life, a marker that ended one period of experience and began another. She was a new woman in so many ways that it sometimes even surprised Jake and Bobbi, much less anyone who might have known her before then. While it was thought that she might at some point she might want to take up something of a career as she had been pursuing before, she found working the ranch very fulfilling and worthwhile. She was very happy being at the ranch, learning her way around the a****ls, chores, the house, and cooking. She had settled into a contented life that provided benefit to the others.Bobbi continued in her pursuits with the Cochise County Sheriff?s Department. Although, she had cut her shift back to half-time, she still enjoyed her job, and it was something she was good at and provided a benefit to the county in return. So, she continued with those responsibilities. It had the added benefit of tying the little group to the surrounding community, becoming the face of the group, as it were. Once the word spread that the two women were staying to live with Jake, there was a lot of curiosity and speculation. Having Bobbi publicly open and seen brought an ease to others, especially after finally getting the chance to meet Jake, which happened more and more.Jake evolved, too. After two and a half years of living in the solitude of the place, thinking and wondering, thinking and wondering ? thinking about what had happened to his life and wondering what kind of life he might ever have again, he was evolving into realization that this was what he his life was and that, even if completely different, it was a life he found rewarding.The introduction of a****ls into the sexual life of the ranch at first seemed like a novelty and a kinky, stimulating play to indulge in. The reality with time became different. Annie and Bobbi continued to enjoy the dogs and Kaye became an eager member of the group periodically. They both continued to play with the large male horses, laughing and reveling in the massive cums they received from them. Annie got Bobbi to try fucking the pony and she found it as amazing an experience as Annie assured her that it would be. The difference in all of it, though, was that Annie truly loved mating with the a****ls and would do so with or without Bobbi or Jake participating. Bobbi enjoyed it and looked forward to such experiences, but only with Annie participating.The group came to an easy acceptance of the sexual appetites of each of the members. An easy acceptance, but not completely an understanding of what that difference was. Not until:It had been a long and satisfying night. Somehow, Jake had managed to climax three times. That was a new record for him, if anyone was bothering to keep track. He had no idea what the women had done, but he was sure it was more than that, especially Annie. The dogs had been involved earlier. He had the sense that she might have managed each of the dogs just herself. He was definitely in awe of her sexual appetite. And, she was on top of him, again.He smiled up at her, ?You do know that I?m not going to cum again, right? You can use those marvelous pussy muscles to milk my cock all you want, but when it is dry, it is dry.?She bent over and kissed him, ?Maybe ? but, you are still hard enough for me to fuck.?Bobbi came up from behind her, running her hand over the bare back of the woman, stopping to kiss her on the lips, then sitting on the couch next to Jake, turning to kiss him, before settling into a slouch. She too was naked. She handed her glass full of wine to Annie who stopped her up and down motion of her hips to take the glass and swallow some of the white wine, smacking her lips in appreciation.Jake was slouched on the couch with Annie on her knees astride him as she raised and lowered her pussy over his aching cock. She had worked his cock with her mouth for the longest time after he had fucked Bobbi. That had been his third climax and he gave no hope of her having any success in creating any firmness after that. But, somehow, she had managed it and she quickly rearranged him and herself so she could have his cock inside her pussy once more time. The two women were wonderfully different, not just in their outward appearance and attitude, but in their sexuality. Bobbi was a strong woman, but was soft and tender in loving. She loved to be loved and to return love during the course of her sessions with Jake. The tenderness and attention to subtle intimacies were true turn-ons ataşehir escort for both of them. Annie, was not as strong a woman generally, but in sex she was a dynamo. Although, Annie could and would love with tenderness and love, she was also very much into the orgasm. Jake and Bobbi had witnessed some of the most intense orgasms from her that they had ever imagined, much less seen or shared.This night was Annie in overdrive, she didn?t seem to get enough. The thing they had come to realize, though, was that this wasn?t a rare, occasional kind of thing. This side of Annie was something that showed itself with more regularity, even if she didn?t always express it or allow herself to release it.Bobbi was pensive as she was half sitting, half lying next to Jake while Annie raised and lowered herself on Jake?s cock in front of her. She watched the expression on Annie?s face, the way her mouth moved from a smile to slightly opening to her tongue coming out and licking her lips. She watched how her breasts moved as she bottomed out on Jake and then reversed course, her breasts moving a beat or so delayed from the body they were attached to. She watched as the cock came into view under the woman, then disappeared back inside her. She watched all that, but that wasn?t what she was so absorbed about. To her, sex had always been a private and personal expression. That is, until she was ****d; then, it had become even more private and personal, on the rare occasions that it ever happened until Jake came along. Now, here she was involved with a woman for whom sex was out there, out in the open, shared and expressed with abandon. She was mating with dogs, giving horses hand-jobs, and even occasionally fucking the pony. She even got Bobbi to fuck the pony.What had her concentrating was when, how, it had gotten to this point. Annie had been rather reserved when she first came to the ranch after ? after. She opened up to her and Jake, then the dogs ? She reached out and squeezed the closest nipple on Annie. They exchanged looks and smiles. Annie recognized something in Bobbi and asked.Bobbi smiled, embarrassed at her thinking. ?It?s nothing ? well, I was just thinking about how sexual you are.?Annie stopped moving with her butt in contact with Jake?s thighs. ?How sexual I am? You mean, like ? like too sexual? Like, how can she be so sexual???Honey, no. Nothing bad.?Jake reached up and took her face between his hands, pulling her to him to kiss. In the process, she rose up his cock and off. She smiled as she felt Bobbi align the cock for her to seat herself back onto it. Jake, ?I have felt it, too. I have seen it.? He looked up at her, ?How long have we been together here? Four or five months???Men! Five months and eight days, if I was counting ?? She said it with a teasing smile.He chuckled. He was doing nothing to fuck her, it was all her at this point. ?I, too, am intrigued by your sexuality, your appetite for sex. I have seen more female orgasms in those five months and eight days than I might have seen in years and years of sexual activity before. And, a lion?s share of them are from you; with me, with Bobbi, the dogs, the pony, and even watching you pleasure yourself. But, despite all that, all the orgasms and openness for sexual expression that we have seen, despite all that ? it?s like you?re not completely free. Do you feel what I am trying to express? Have you felt anything like that??She raised and lowered a few more times, looking at Jake, then Bobbi. Then, she stopped moving. ?Yes, but ? if I am so sexual, how did you feel it??Jake smiled, grabbed Bobbi?s hand and touched Annie?s cheek. ?Because sometimes you try to talk Bobbi into being with the dogs. You will mate with the dogs, but sometimes you hesitated and want Bobbi to join you. If she declines or cannot at the moment, you have sometimes looked disappointed. You go off to do some work, but you don?t go to the dogs. It is even more so with the horses. As much as you do engage in sex around here with us and some of the a****ls, there are times you have seemed to hold back. Is that accurate??She shyly looked at them, her hips slowly moving, stopping, and moving. ?Yes ? it?s true.??This is just us wanting to understand you. God knows we don?t have a problem with sex around here. So ? can you tell us why you are holding back or reluctant sometimes???I ? I ? don?t want to seem ? look like a slut ?? She dropped her body into his, covering her face in his chest.Bobbi stroked her back down to her ass. ?Do you really think we would think badly of you?? She shook her head but didn?t look up. ?Do you believe we love you?? She nodded. ?Do you believe our life would now be empty without you?? This time she raised her head and looked at each of them and nodded. She smiled at receiving smiles from each of them.Jake put his finger under her chin and led her into a kiss. After, looking into her eyes, ?You like to orgasm, your body just yearns for it.? She nodded. ?You like üsküdar escort the feeling of your juicy pussy being full of cock.? She nodded with a blush. He pushed her up and she sank back down on his cock. ?That?s what you like to feel, isn?t it? A hard cock in your pussy, or your mouth on a pussy.?She sighed, then gasped and looked down at him, ?Oh, god ? you?re getting so hard! Yes! That?s what I like to feel.?He smiled and felt Bobbi stroking his chest and stomach. ?Yes, I am getting harder. You do that to us, sexy woman! You know what you are? A slut? Hmmm ? maybe our slut ? the ranch slut ? but, definitely, you are a living, breathing aphrodisiac. Your desire for sex inspires us, drives us, moves us to desire more sex ? more than I have ever desired before.?Bobbi quickly added her agreement, ?Oh, Annie, you make me want to do things I had not believed before and I love it all!?Annie looked from one to the other. Her hips started moving, again. ?Your slut? The ranch slut??Jake pushed forward, ?You know you are, but a positive thing, not negative. You are sexual, you know it. You said it yourself, you liked the threesomes with Tommy and his friends. As long as they were respectful. When that stopped, you stopped responding. Here, you have found a safe place where you can be ? just be the woman you are ? the woman you need to be.? They watched as Annie rose and fell on his cock with increased drive, her hands moving to her breast, fingers to her nipples. She moaned and sighed as she fucked, he talked to her. ?We can help you. We can help you be all that you desire to be, to release you fully, to realize everything you can be sexually.?She was pulling on her own nipples, twisting them, and bouncing on the cock deep in her pussy. ?Help ? me ? yes, yes ? how? Help me ? how?? Her hands and body continued to move.Jake?s hand went between Bobbi?s legs. She was soaking wet. He pressed on with Annie, ?Allow yourself to do what your body and mind want. Allow us, Bobbi and me, to direct you, lead you, challenge you, and guide you to new things, more things. Let us fully bring the slut out in you, fully experience all the sexual release you desire, all the sexual release you didn?t even realize you desired.??Oh ? my god ? you are so hard, now! Yes ? OH GOD, yes!? She was bouncing with abandon. Bobbi took hold of one of her nipples and pulled hard, twisting it. Annie cried out as Jake pressed his hips up into her, a finger slipping between them, pressing against her clitoris, strumming it with his finger. She cried out and moaned, groaned, and gasped for breath. Her body went rigid on top of him, her back arching, her mouth opened as her head went back. She came! Her orgasm causing her body to shake and twitch.When her orgasm released her, she collapsed onto him, his arms around her neck, Bobbi?s arms around her body. She lay quietly, being stroked and loved, both her lovers whispering love into her ears, kissing her. She felt complete. She felt she was exactly where she needed to be.She recovered, still lying on Jake?s chest, his hands combined with Bobbi?s still stroking her softly. She didn?t want to move, not budge from where she was. But, there were things she wanted to know. She only turned her head to Bobbi?s side, otherwise remaining plastered to Jake?s body as his cock softened and slowly receded from her pussy. With the side of her face still on Jake, ?I love you guys. I never knew what love really was until you guys. I don?t ever want to leave.?They both continued to stroke her and kiss skin, ?We love you, too. We love you with complete hearts and we don?t ever want you to leave.?Annie squirmed into Jake as if that would bring her tighter than tight into him. ?Explain: you?ll release me to experience sex fully, even to experience sex I didn?t know I desired.?Jake kissed her, ?I will use the word for emphasis, not as a negative label. Be our slut, Annie. Be fully sexual in every way you imagine. If you find the desire to be with an a****l, don?t limit yourself by Bobbi?s interest or desire at the moment. Don?t be limited by us. Like I said, you stimulate us, excite us, and make us want to experience more for ourselves. But, also, and this is a difference, too, give yourself to us, give your body to us. Give yourself to us completely, without reservation, without guilt, and without conflict or struggle. Do you trust us with your body, mind, and being??She raised her head and looked at him, ?Yes, completely, totally, without any reservation, guilt, or conflict in my being.? She kissed his chest and put a hand out to Bobbi?s face, which was lying on his shoulder to be close to them both. ?What will you do to me with this new side to us???Everything you have been doing, what we have been doing. We will think of new things. But, simply put ? we will use your body to bring you pleasure, to bring us pleasure, to bring the a****ls pleasure, and, maybe, to bring others pleasure. Maybe Kaye and Matt. Maybe others.? çekmeköy escort He looked into her face and eyes to gauge her reaction. She was thinking, but looked up at him and smiled, turned to Bobbi with the same smile. Jake continued, ?But, this is important, we will always be gauging your acceptance in everything. We will push you, challenge you into new things sometimes, but you have final control.?Why not just ?stop? or ?no?.??Because ? think about it ? we take you to orgasms, one after the other, a long string of powerful orgasms and your mind is pleading for us to stop, but your body wants more and more. Your impulse would be to say ?stop? or ?no more?. And we stop. And you are frustrated because you wanted more. No, it has to be a word you wouldn?t use ordinary, something that when we hear it, it means you really want us to stop.?Annie raised her shoulders and head off his chest. Her face was beaming and excited. ?Bie! We?ll use ?Bie?. I had a Chinese friend once. ?Bie? means ?don?t?.?Bobbi asked her, ?That?s the word you want to use? So you want to do this??Annie put her head between theirs, kissing each way. ?Jake?s right, Bobbi. I thought I was sexual before. He?s right, I did enjoy the threesomes and foursomes when it was just fun. But being here, with you guys, everything has stepped way up. I feel safe to experiment and release, but ? I was self-conscious about you guys. I admire and respect you so much that I didn?t want to ? look obscene or cheap. That?s why I wanted you to do things with me. What you are proposing now, it releases me. Yes, I want to do this. Don?t worry, though, I?ll pull my weight around here. But ? I?ll be the best slut you could want. I can?t wait!?Jake smiled and patted her ass. ?Okay, then ? we?ll see in the morning if you feel the same way.?Annie slept between them that night. Her sleep was the sleep of someone without a worry or concern ? and a body that was exhausted.She woke in the morning to an empty bed and sunlight outside. She had slept well past normal for working on a ranch. She smelled coffee and bacon. And, she could hear faint, quiet voices through the closed bedroom door. She stretched her body out and wondered why they left her in bed and bothered to close the door.The hardwood floor creaked as she approached the entrance to the kitchen. They were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and nibbling at muffins, the smell of which were fighting the bacon for dominance. She was instantly ravenous. Jake got up and pulled a chair out from the table for her while Bobbi got up to get her a mug of coffee. She then went back to the stove and cooked up eggs to go with the bacon and muffins. She brought the food and more coffee to the table and they ate. Not much had been said, certainly not about what was discussed the night before. Another thing stood out to Annie: She came out naked as usual, but they had put on some clothes. They had a minimal cover, perhaps, Jake in boxers and Bobbi in a T-shirt, but they were covered. Not her. It seemed somehow to be deliberate, a subtle distinction.When they were finished eating, Bobbi and Jake turned to look directly at her and they waited. Annie felt their attention, like an expectation. They didn?t say anything; didn?t give her anything to respond to. They were waiting for her to finish the discussion from last night. Yea or nay ?Annie sipped her coffee and glanced over the rim of the mug at them, checking their eyes, their faces, their expressions for any sign indicating what they were thinking this morning. Did their attitudes change overnight? They certainly had time to discuss it this morning. They showed no sign of anything, not either way. She thought, considered comments, openings, and statements. How to do this? She knew what her answer was ? it hadn?t changed from last night. Not with these two. What they had suggested, proposed, last night was little different than what those men had tried to put on her. Little different except a one huge difference ? these two loved her, respected her, and cared for her. And, they were doing this for her. Yes, they would reap pleasure from it, too. But, as an outcome of her own pleasure and discovery.That defined how she would respond to them, how she would confirm last night.?My two lovers ?? She stood up before them, ?I freely and eagerly give my body and very being to you. I do this understanding that you will use my body to give me pleasure and to achieve your own pleasure. I understand that my body can and will be used for the pleasure of our a****ls as you may see proper. I understand that my body can be used for the pleasure of others. For now, I would like that limited to Matt and Kaye.? She took a deep breath, ?I also understand that I have a safe word to use. That safe word is ?Bie?. Using the safe word will bring all activity to a halt.? She looked at each of them, not for a reaction from them, she didn?t expect one, it had been covered last night. She merely was giving herself a moment to consider if she was forgetting anything. Satisfied, she smiled at them and finished, ?I love you, both of you. I trust in your love of me. After this moment ? I don?t expect to ever utter the word ?Bie? again.?* * * CHAPTER 12 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.
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