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Win, Win Move

Post #1

Win, Win MoveWin, Win MoveBy: Londebaaz ChohanKevin was such a good friend that he convinced his father to give me the job in his office after graduation. He also convinced his mother to speak with his father for the say-so of my short stay at their house until I found a reasonable place for rent to shift there. Kevin had his room on the first floor. His parents had the master bedroom on the ground floor. They had a guest room on the ground floor next to his parent?s bedroom and another larger bedroom across the hall; used by his sister Emily. What luck!! I was given the guest room for my short stay across the hall from Emily. I cannot believe what I have been thinking. After all she is my best friend's sister. I shall lay in my room every night and could watch Emily across the hall do the bizarre things as a habit, night after night, before going to bed. I am sure; she purposely left the door ajar for me to watch. Hi! I am Lawrence. Though I do not like but everybody calls me Larry. Kevin and I both were not only the star students but also top athletes and sportsmen. At 6? Kevin was about an inch or two taller than I and he played basketball and I being muscular built having a strong body; I was the captain of the football team. We were equally horny and were known as the jocks among the boys as well as the girls. Like Kevin and his parents; his sister Emily was quite tall too for a Junior year student of the college. She had long dark black hair and big hazel brown eyes. I am almost sure, in her college; her claim of fame was her nicely rounded big ass and awesome firm tits with big nipples on the petite, slim body frame. It was a surprise for me that almost every evening after dinner, she would come to my room and we shall talk on any and all subjects without any shame or shyness from her or hesitation from me. We mostly talked about the lack of sex in her life but she always confirmed that it was by her own choice. She simply was waiting for someone special to take her pussy but did confess to have let a couple of boys have a treat and play with her as a senior in High School and sucked the captain of the college football team to completion but only once.As I said, her room was across from mine, I could see into her room very conveniently through a corner window if not lying in my bed. She would come to her room, put on some slightly dim lights. Mostly she wore a mid-length t- shirt and a very tiny shorts or a truly small mini skirt. She would admire her body for a while standing in front of the dresser mirror and then start the strip tease. Very delicately, she would remove her skirt as the first item and now in a top and her silky thong like panties; she would turn to look over her shoulder to appreciate her beautiful ass, while her hands glided over the big mound of her boobs and swollen nipples. I am sorry, I cannot remember; if I ever saw her wearing a brassier. Next clothing article to go was always the shirt while she stood there appreciating her tight slim body much more than myself, I am sure. After licking and moistening her finger, she always went to her right nipple first to draw some circles at the areola while pinching, squeezing her breast. She purposely delayed tweaking her nipples between her thumb and the wet anadolu yakası escort index finger. Same thing repeated for her left breast for good 10?15 minutes and then she would sit on the edge of her bed, sliding up to the headboard to lie on her back, with her legs raised in the air towards the ceiling to yank her silky panties. What a mother fucking tease!! Now ever so gently, she would bring her legs down to the bed but knees bent and spread quite wide for a spectacular view of her lovely pussy. She goes back to lick and moisten her finger but this time she slides it in the tiny crack of her pussy. During all this she had also tucked some pillows under her neck and now she could watch her fingers at play with her pussy opening just as I can. Like a real champion; she would switch hands and the pose of her pussy for me and herself, both. I am sure; you can understand my cock fully stretched and swollen to beyond limits and I doing my own play with it and my heavy balls swishing around.Now, in an attempt to search for her hooded clitoris, she obliges me with a full view of her widely parted pussy lips; before taking the most sensitive knob between her thumb and the finger to pinch and nip it. The look on her face is stunning as she allows the other hand to reach and fingers push in far across the moist swollen almighty cunt lips. The strong and steady increase in the rhythm of the in and out movement of her fingers; did not take long for her to start gasping in low tone and also raising her ass off the bed to meet the ever deepening push of those fingers. What a fucking scene. Her face red hot with the excessive flow of blood and distorting. Her eyes tight shut, her neck pulled back. No doubt, her orgasm is to hit her soon.Joining her, I spit on my stiff muscle and my hand moves much faster on my huge cock. My eyes are shut tight as well; my neck is pulled back too. I miss to see her and gently open my eyes a little bit. O? Fuck! She is not there. Only cursing myself and disappointed; I hardly get going with my cock beating to hear the jingling from my behind; ?Please, may I?. Frightened, shocked and stunned, I quickly try to hide my monster erection between my thighs, helped by the hands in front of it but Emily had taken a worshiping position already between my legs and her hands raised as in praying, her fingers touching and tingling my balls. Totally naked Emily, O? Emily. She snatches my cock into her hands saying, ?If you could see me, why did you not think that I could see you too?. Now she took the matter in her own hands and soon in her mouth, shoving my hands away. Soon, I am convinced that not all girls are novice. Some are born cock sucking experts and the real champions at it. Emily uses her hand, lips, mouth, tongue and throat all in a complete synchronization to suck me the best ever. She knew when to make her tongue, circle the cock head to paint the pre cum layer on it and when to just let the pre cum go down her throat for a slippery sliding of the long and the hard muscle down her gullets. All my edging techniques are fucked up. I hardly last for 5 minutes before warning her but instead of pulling away, the amazing Emily, sucks me even harder, sending ataşehir escort a pressure to my balls like a 100 horse power tube well motor sucks the water from deep under. Just a few more sucking licks and I grunt softly as my cock extends into her sweet throat. Her tonsils pushed a side and her lips locked as close to the very thick base of my dick emerging out of my shaved groin. She starts rapid gulping as I ejaculate spasm after spasm until my balls hurt, being empty. She wipes her chin and stand up to hug me tight and close as possible. Hard nipples piercing my belly as she whispers in my ear that she considered me special, the moment she saw me.She grabs my hand, ?Now come to the bed and be good. Do not disappoint my confidence?.In the bed her hand lays at my still heaving chest but it moves all around; up and down to my very sensitive parts. I get horny once again and pull her into me very close and tight. I can feel her heartbeat, her nipples were hard and almost stinging in my flesh. She starts kissing my nipples and her tongue roams around, slithering the area. I hold her face and we kiss warmly and deeply with our lips and tongues involved. ?I feel you as the man of my dreams?, she muttered ?and have always waited for you, my Lawrence of Arabia?. My cock jumped between us. Then she kissed me once again and rolled onto her back, pulling her legs up towards the ceiling and she pulls me over to her. I lay on top of her, our tongues and the eager mouths probing each other. Her one hand was busy with my cock and balls while the other hand is tracing my back, spinal card and my ass cheeks. My big young cock had sprung back to life and pushing against her grip on it. Her hips are gyrating to rub her cunt against my leg and my balls are getting crushed in between, sending sweet sensations to my brain.On my hands and knees, over her; my cock hanging upside down like the fan of an inverted helicopter, I lick her naked body. I suck her nipples, one and then the other; back and forth while they grow bigger and sensitive. Emily holds and squishes them both together; first to offer them to my tongue and then making me fuck them in the middle warm spot. While squatting over her, I slip down slowly to start licking around her pussy. Finding her clitoris was for my extreme excitement. I immediately suck it into my mouth to set Emily off like as if I flipped her switch. She moans silently, knowing of her parents in the next room across the wall but she was so hot and aroused to repeat again and again for me to keep going. Her hands reach the back of my head and press it down to get my face in her pussy. She begged for my tongue to be inserted in her cunt hole. I obliged by circling my tongue around and around. Her back arches to get my tongue deeper inside her pussy. She sighs, her body twists and I could feel her pussy spasms on my tongue. She begins to ejaculate, honey sweet juice on my tongue and face. How tasty, how lovely; I cannot say in words. My hands slip under her ass globes and I raise her hips. Now her legs are flung over my shoulders and my face is jammed in her warm, wet, drenched pussy while sucking her clitoris.Slowly, my fingers replace my tongue in her cunt. Her strong ümraniye escort pussy muscles flex and suck my fingers inside. Her orgasm ends and as she stretches her body, while her legs are still flung on my shoulders my thumb slips into her ass hole and she starts to flow more of her juices again. I lap up all the honey I can. Now I knew, it was time to fuck her, it was time to end her misery now. Emily was no novice bitch. As I put her ass down on the bed; she knew, I was going to fuck her and she quickly came in position to let my hard, long, fat cock in her.?Please Lawrence, please fuck me deep, I want you to fuck me now; deep please Lawrence?. She asked very clearly, although quietly. Bending over her; I rub my cock head on her pussy and her clitoris. Locating the opening, I push in gently. Emily sighs. Pussy lips part. My hips get the message. I plug in more. Emily shivers. Her hips rise a little. My hands hold her still and her arms go around my neck and exactly then I ripped through her.?Yes, Yes, Yes Lawrence go deeper?. She whispered in my ear, raising her body to me. ?Oh God! It hurts, please go deeper Lawrence?. I started to fuck her; deliberate long cock thrusts, pulling all the way out till my helmet edge felt scrapped and then shoving right back in to the deepest ends of the pussy canal. Emily was whispering in my ear that yes; she could feel me deep in her pussy. She could feel me drilling her tunnel deeper and wider. Less than 2 minutes, I am sure and she was biting my neck and her nails were pricking through my back. Fucking bitch was cumming again. She was enjoying another orgasm. Her cunt gripping, grabbing, groping my cock and was being wrapped over it like a plaster.I picked up the pace to start thrusting in her cunt faster and deeper with each stroke. Soon she had loosened her grip on my neck and started to push back and match my strokes. She also concentrates on kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. On my knees, I am fucking her deeper and faster, faster and harder, harder and deeper. With every thrust, my balls are slapping her ass hole like a sledge hammer and she starts to cum again. I suddenly realize that my orgasm is blocked because my brain is thinking of being in my friend?s home and fucking his sister, I am fucking Kevin?s sister in a room next to her parent?s room, I am fucking Emily with a risk of being caught any second. No wonder I feel my orgasm building and then it fizzles immediately and I keep fucking Emily with more zeal, new fervor, extra gusto and added intent. We fuck for the longest ever and my additional efforts push her off the cliff again and she moans as another of her orgasm trains crashes in her wild and desolate pussy.Now I begin shooting deep in her cunt also. We continue for at least a dozen more of the hard, deep strokes and blasts before falling onto her but still sending short and soft strokes into her writhing body. We kept melting and gelling together while her pussy milked me for every possible drop of life juice and then I rolled onto my back and she pulls on top of me. With utter gratitude, we thank each other. Our arms wrapped around each other and I am awoken as she slides off me to go to her room. She promised that it was only the start of our rendezvous and she was so right. We fucked the next night and the next and the next and the next and the next until we moved to our own apartment. It was Emily, the good sister of my good friend Kevin; who convinced her father and mother both and also her brother for this win, win move of ours.The End. Your compliments are welcome. Londebaaz Chohan Oct. 1/2019
27 Kasım 2021, at 16:24


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