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My New Friend Part 3

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My New Friend Part 3Things had been moving well with Mike, he was proving to be a good friend and we had so much in common, a man?s man with benefits.I decided to show him my AirBNB profile and suggested that he give it a try although he did mention a small problem in that he didn?t have a spare room, I suggested a perfect solution would be for Jenny to come stay with me as and when he got a booking, she could even leave some clothes at mine in the event of immediate bookings.I told him I would speak with Anika and set up an interview, she would set up the profile, take the pictures and do everything for you. He was impressed.I made the call and Anika was only too happy for the referral, Mike called me to say the interview was set and could he send Jenny over once the house was made presentable, I told him it was fine and to give him more time could stay overnight, he agreed telling me I was a diamond for helping him, that?s what friends are for.Jenny turned up just after 5pm carrying a holdall bag which I assumed had a change of clothes, she looked stunning in a tight tee shirt and even tighter yoga shorts, she looked a bit unkempt as I guess she had been cleaning all day, I welcomed her in with a big hug and she plonked herself down on the sofa.?Busy day girl?? I asked with a smile and she just blew out air like she had never done a days work in her life, probably hasn?t but who am I to complain, she looked damn hot!!I was in my usual home attire of boxer shorts and tee shirt and I sat down opposite her to let her get the whinging off her chest, I wasn?t really listening as I was admiring her tight tee shirt which showed off her perky little titties as well as prominent nipple. Her yoga shorts were something else, I noticed how they rode up between her arse cheeks as she walked in, just like a second skin and the crotch was something to behold, a nice thigh gap and cute pussy mound and as she sat with her legs slightly open I had the perfect cameltoe vision.When she finally came up for breath, ?All I need now is a nice shower and a good smoke? she said as she took one of Mikes joints out of her bag, ?Not necessarily in that order? she said with a giggle as she handed me the joint.?I see you are dressed for the occasion!? she said laughing and I had to remind her that by my standards I am overdressed. We had some good banter and she was a very down to earth girl and pleasing that the smoke wasn?t as strong, we both had a very light headed feeling and I must say that her body language coupled with her outfit was somewhat arousing, good job my tee was baggy as I didn?t want to get too forward too soon.?So Frank, what?s your thing?? she asked and I was a little unsure exactly what she meant but judging by the tone and the current vibe I assumed it was something sexual, I thought carefully..?Well, good question? I said, ?Basically I am an open book but if I had to put one thing down it would be panties, I love the smell, the feel, everything about them, I can get a real buzz sniffing pussy or arse?, she didn?t even flinch at my revelation,?Wow!? she said, ?Dad is just the same, you 2 are so alike?, now that was a compliment I could relate to and it didn?t surprise bakırköy escort me but what did surprise me was her openness, I like this girl.?So what is yours?? I asked which I thought was a fair question seeing as we were being open and honest, she looked at me with a smile, ?I do get turned on by sniffing balls? she said slightly embarrassed, ?I first did it to Dad while he was sleeping just to see what they smelt like and OMG! I got so turned on? she continued, I was intrigued but even more so I was interested to know about their relationship, ?Wow!, so what happened?? I asked and I was getting very aroused by now.?He was drunk as usual and had gone to bed, I went up to check on him and he was passed out naked on his bed, once I got over the initial shock I went over to the bed and lifted his cock out the way, it was quite soft, I then put my head down and sniffed his balls, OMG the smell was just electric and I found myself getting wetter and wetter the more I sniffed?, I was loving this story, ?Please continue? I said intrigued.?I noticed his cock was growing as I sniffed and had a crafty lick so I ended up wanking him off as I indulged in my passion, he cum all over his belly and I then went to my room and had the best time with myself?, her story was amazing and great to know.She pulled out another joint and passed it to me, ?This is for after my shower? she said grinning and was about to get up but I stopped her in her tracks, ?Before you go shower, could I get a quick sniff?? I asked expecting a rebuttal, her eyes widened..?Oh Frank, I am all sweaty but you can on one condition? she said with a giggle,?And what?s that? I asked but feeling I knew the answer.?That I can sniff your balls too? she said and she had that look in her eye. Done deal.Jenny walked over towards me and I moved to the edge of my seat and her perfect mound was right in front of my face, her legs were parted so I could see right between them, it looked very much like she had a thong on. Even at a 6? distance I could smell the sweet musky aroma mixed with sensual sweat, I put my hands around her arse and pulled her closer, OMG the aroma nearly knocked me out as my head buzzed and I buried my head tight against her crotch taking the deepest sniff imaginable, OMG it was so good I had to have a crafty lick up and down the thin material. She moaned softly as I held her close.She pulled back and turned around and the sight of her rounded bubble butt with her shorts wedged up her crack nearly made me cum there and then but I managed to refrain. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her close and felt the fleshy cheeks against my face, my nose lodged into her crack I took another deep intake, OMG her arse was divine. I told her to bend slightly which only enhanced the pleasure and again I had to have a crafty lick up and down her crack.She turned to face me and I was more than happy to swap places so she could have a seat, I stood in front of her and pulled off my tee shirt which immediately exposed the tent pole facing her,?OMG Frank, that did turn you on? she said as she took hold of my boxers and pulled them down, my cock sprung out but at least beşiktaş escort it was not hindering access to her prize.She took hold of my cock with one hand and my balls with the other, she leant forward and buried her face in my balls taking a big sniff, OMG it was sensational as her soft hand held my cock and along with her sniff I felt her tongue exploring.She was really into it, sniffing and licking and at one point she took each ball into her mouth flicking her tongue around them, I nearly shot my lot there and then.She grabbed my hips and spun me around which I wasn?t expecting, she ran her fingers softly around my arse cheeks and up and down my crack, I felt her pulling my cheeks apart on then OMG I felt her tongue hit the target spot, my knees trembled.She used her tongue to perfection, wetting my hole and then sniffing, I was feeling a bit hard done by as I was naked and she wasn?t.. maybe I could rectify that before she showered.I could see the look on her face as I turned back round, not sure if it was the smoke or a mixture of body odour and the smoke but she looked dazed?Fuck Frank? she said softly, ?You smell awesome? and that smile returned.I stood her up and slowly lifted up her tee shirt, she smiled as it went over her head. I looked down at her perky little titties and her nipples were like bullets showing just how turned on she was.I got down on my knees and slowly pulled down her shorts leaving her with a very tiny thong on, her pubic hairs hardly contained within. I spun her around to see her naked arse with the string tight up her crack, her cheeks were soft and as I parted them the little shaded button came into view and instinctively I leant forward and run my tongue up and down before burying my nose between her soft white cheeks, Mmm OMFG! She smelt and tasted out of this world.As she turned back to face me she pulled her thong off and handed it to me, I immediately held them up to my nose and felt the dampness, the smell was electric but I now wanted it first-hand.I pushed Jenny back in the chair and put her legs over each arm so they were nice and wide, I could see her labia lips glistening with wetness. I could feel the warmth as I got closer and waisted no time in getting my tongue to work, teasing and flicking her swollen lady button it wasn?t long before her shaking took over and my mouth filled with warm juices as she orgasmed.Jenny grabbed her holdall and disappeared for her shower, I slipped my boxers and tee shirt back on and put some background music on, tonight was going to be a chilled and relaxed evening, I even put some wine in the chiller.Jenny soon reappeared feeling fresh and relaxed, she had put on her nightshirt and panties and sat on the sofa as I got a couple of glasses. Dim lights, soft music, good wine, a smoke and a pretty girl, what could be better?.It was such a relaxed atmosphere, it was like I had known this girl all my life not just a few weeks, she was fun and she was sexy and we both felt very comfortable dressed in next to nothing. I poured some wine and lit the joint and got on my knees in front of her to share, she gracefully accommodated me by opening beylikdüzü escort her legs as I got comfortable with the best view ever! We shared the joint and drank the wine and generally being silly when she hit me with an interesting question,?You and dad are so alike in every way, you sure your not twins?? she asked with a hint of sarcasm, I had to giggle along with her as we did seem to be like cloned brothers!.?And I mean in EVERY way!? she said as she looked down at my bulging shorts, I stood up and lifted my shirt, my tent pole stood out proudly.. ?Even here?? I asked as she looked wide eyed at my bulge,?Especially THERE!? she said giggling a little as she reached forward and grabbed the waistband and gently lifted my shorts over my throbbing erection, her eyes widened as my cock sprung out and my balls hung low. As she lowered my shorts to the ground she leant forward to get a sniff off my balls, I felt my cock grow more as her tongue flicked around my balls, ?Mmm? she sighed softly.?OMG Frank!? she moaned, ?Mmm, this is so good? as her tongue started to explore every inch of my shaft, licking and flicking the swollen purple head and pulling the skin right back and taking the head in her mouth while flicking her tongue around the tip, OMG! This girl was in control and my knees where shaking.She wrapped her hands around my arse as she pulled me closer taking my cock into her mouth, I felt the tightness of her throat which she controlled well, I gently stroked her hair as she worshipped my throbbing cock. It was nice to know of the similarities with Mike I could also find a lot of similarities between Jenny and Lisa; my god they would make the terrible twins and I was determined for them to meet when Lisa comes home.We drunk some more wine and smoked another joint when the subject of conversation turned to Lisa, I was amazed at the similarities in their upbringing, single dads and same ages and it seemed the personalities were a match too, so uncanny.She looked at a picture on the mantle of me and Lisa and commented how pretty she was, made my heart melt.I walked over to my desk and fired up the computer, ?Would you like to see some ?personal? pictures?? I asked with a giggle as I sat at my desk with just a tee shirt on, Jenny didn?t seem to mind as she came over and sat on my knee as my computer fired up.I could feel her bare arse on my thigh as she wiggled to get comfortable, I opened up a folder and started to show some pictures of Lisa from the past few years, ?Wow!? said Jenny wide eyed as she saw pictures of Lisa and Myself some of which were naked,?You guys are so open? she continued, ?Just like me and Dad, so unreal?, I had to agree with her.?She is so cute, lovely arse on her? she said with a giggle and I couldn?t dispute that as there were some close-up shots and her arse is one of her best features. I could feel myself getting aroused as we viewed and commented on a few of the shots, even pictures of myself and Jenny had to wiggle to get comfortable and was now firmly situated on my lap.To be honest I had forgotten about the pictures and didn?t really know what was coming next, ?OMG!, WOW!? Jenny cried as a picture of Lisa with my cock in her mouth hit the screen, ?She is so hot Frank? she said smiling, ?When do we get to meet her?? she asked and I noticed the emphasis on the ?we?.I didn?t fuck Jenny that night which is fine as that is the kind of relationship we all have, sometimes you do and sometimes you just have fun, Lisa was home soon, Party time!
27 Kasım 2021, at 16:03


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