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Coming back to my hubby

Post #1

Coming back to my hubbyIt was early morning when I slipped quietly in the darkness of our bedroom and crawled naked into bed beside my loving husband.I wanted Victor to feel my body heat and my breath, smelling of sex and alcohol. I kissed his neck as my hands slid on his belly to his hardening dick.I had been out last night with my friends, I had left home dressed to impress and Victor was sure that I would have an adventure to share with him when I returned home?My hubby moaned as I straddled his body and guided his hard cock through my wet pussy lips. That nice thick cock found no resistance at all as I took it entirely inside of me. My bare tits press against his chest and I whispered in his ear that I had behaved like a very naughty bad girl during all night long.I felt his hips move as my words filled his mind. I waited for his request to continue; my nipples hard against his chest; my hands holding his head as I kissed him deeply. Then I felt his body begging me to continue?As I bounced slowly back and forth onto my hubby?s cock, I leaned on him and started to describe my wild night out.We all girls were at the bar with guys inviting drinks and flirting with us. After a while someone suggested that we could move the party to his house. My girlfriends were all for it and I thought sure why not, I was sure I could keep control of myself and it would give me a little story to tease my hubby with. The guys were four nice handsome young men and we were three crazy married bitches in our early forties?We went to the parking lot; Pete opened the door of one nice car for me as Dave got behind the wheel. I tugged on my short skirt to keep it down.I got between both guys and Pete put his arm around me, as I saw that he was looking at my long legs. My skirt had ridden up again, exposing most of my thighs. I was a little surprised when he leaned in and kissed me but I thought that there really was no harm done with just a little kiss. But I was also a bit fuzzy, after so many shots. Dave noticed it and then sarıyer escort he said he also wanted a kiss. As he was driving the kiss was a quick one, but Pete's next one was longer. As we got to the house, Dave went to get us drinks while Pete put on the music. Knowing that the other guys and my girlfriends were due soon gave me a sense of freedom and security.Pete was a good dancer and held my body very close to his. We were moving as one. I could feel the heat of his body and that nice bulge of excitement inside his trousers?His kisses probed deep into my mouth, his hands at times caressed my buttocks. I allowed all of this thinking that it felt so good.Dave returned with drinks and then took his turn dancing with me. We were grinding against each other as his hands explored my body. His hot mouth on my neck and those big hands on my tits had me in Heaven. Even with our clothes on I could feel the heat of his bulge against my mound.The music stopped and the three of us sat on the sofa. Dave caressed my boobs after he opened my blouse. I was not wearing a bra; so he was soon taking my hard nipples in his mouth.Pete's hand just slid between my thighs, making them open for him but really he met no resistance on my part. His other hand caressed my butt cheeks. The only restriction fot his fingers was my thin red lace thong.Then Dave guided my hand to his lap. His hard dick was not inside his trousers now; I felt it was thick and long.It was also already slick with some sticky pre cum.I just lifted my hips as Pete tugged my red thong down my legs. There I was; now with my blouse open, my skirt pulled up to my waist and my wet pussy on display, as I was stroking a cock?Suddenly Dave sat close by me and made me straddle his lap. Then I could feel his hard cock invading my wet cunt, as I lifted my hips to make an easier penetration for him. As I started to bounce up and down onto this magnificent dick, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the esenyurt escort moment.But then I felt Pete?s hands spreading my ass cheeks, as he guided his rock hard cock deep inside of my tight asshole. He passed my anal ring and I cried in ecstasy, with both cocks fucking me.I moaned with lust as they came in my holes almost at same time.I protested, since I wanted a cock in my mouth to flood me with hot sticky cum. But they got me onto my back, with my ankles lifted over Pete?s shoulders. He smiled at me as he shoved two fingers and then three ones deep into my wet well used and stretched cunt.The feeling was intense as he started to finger me in a wild way.After he made me cum crying in tears like a crazy bitch in heat, he just leaned forward and pushed his hard dick inside of my shaking cunt; that was again shocked by another very inyense orgasm?Pete said it was too much for him having me shivering in orgasm, so he came in my well used and abused pussy. He soon pulled out and then Dave got his chance in my asshole.He turned me over my belly and then he mounted me from behind. I opened my mouth to yell loud as I felt his huge cock trying to invade my anus. He insisted hard until he finally could beat my poor sphincter?s resistance. I closed my eyes and screamed loud in pain.But soon the pain became pure pleasure and I groaned as Dave sodomized me. He pumped my ass in a wild manner, until I felt him filling me with more warm semen?Both lovers let me recover my breath, but soon my body was being shifted as Pete's hands steadied me on my knees. My upper body pressed on the sofa and my cunt now was ready for his cock.His hands held my hips and I then felt that his cock was again teasing my pussy. My body now in full lust wiggled and pushed back trying desperately to get it inside of my aching horny cunt.Pete held my hips in place driving his cock head past my tight muscles. He hissed I was still tight, as he pressed more cock into my womb.I moaned with both pleasure avrupa yakası escort and pain, feeling my pussy being stretched again by a huge thick cock. My fingers gripped the cushions as his cock pressed still deeper into my hot cunt. He withdrew a little and I gulped air still trying to handle all that was being put inside of my body, but then Pet began that wonderful fucking motion. I began to match his strokes as his cock stretched me even wider. Then the bastard began doing some circular motion with his cock buried balls deep inside of me. Pete fucked me slowly, sometimes holding my hips and other times feeling and tugging on my tits. His friend was there, watching us.Suddenly my climax sneaked up on me but was so welcome. I screamed loud as I came onto his magnificent dick.Pete kept pounding into me prolonging my climax, wanting his own orgasm. I pushed my face into the cushions making it so hard to breathe but not wanting him to ever stop. My soaking wet, fucked pussy met that cock invasion and I finally was rewarded with a huge burst of hot thick cum deep inside of my belly...Pete?s softening cock slipped out of me. And I relaxed my body.Then I just passed out and woke up again when their car parked at our front door?I kept grinding my hips onto Victor?s body, enjoying his hard dick buried inside of my well used cunt.I was sure my beloved hubby could feel my pussy was loose, warm, wet and slippery. I felt he was close to cum?Then his long finger reached out behind me, invading my now stretched asshole. He made me moan in pleasure.you, you hear me moan as I feel your warm fingers on my smooth balls. "Do you like that?" you purr to me. I moan in assent. "You like feeling me massage his cum onto your sack like that don't you?" My fingers tighten on your flesh.All of a sudden my hubby woke up and pushed me onto my back.Then he crawled between my spread thighs and he shoved his cock violently deeper than ever in my hungry cunt.My body began to shiver as I felt my own climax being released.I felt that intense orgasm raking my body, freezing me as I cried out from his manful, powerful thrusts. Then Victor came; I could sense those jets of burning semen flooding my vagina.I opened my eyes and looked at him, as I purred like a kitten.Victor smiled at me and he hissed:?Babe, we need you going out and behaving bad more often??
27 Kasım 2021, at 15:39


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