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7 ? Maire Discovers the Joys of Lesbian Love

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7 ? Maire Discovers the Joys of Lesbian LoveAt our coffee in the morning after our boys had departed for the office, Melissa asked about my evening with a sparkle in her eyes.I hesitated, ?Well, it was fine.? Catching my reluctance, she insisted on more information. ?He was a horny teenager like the last time I wore my pink baby doll nightie?and he really was turned-on by the addition of the garter belt and stockings?the heels, too?maybe too turned-on, if you know what I mean?? Melissa looked at me but didn?t say anything, so I continued. ?He got on top of me and started doing his thing. I went along and pretended passion?and an orgasm. I did have a climax, but it was later? my-doing after he fell asleep???So, sorry,? Melissa empathized. ?I?m embarrassed to say that we had a great evening. My Liam was keyed-up, as well, so I suggested that we watch some porn. We both love porn, by the way. Have you ever watched good porn?? She didn?t wait for my reply. ?Anyway, we watched porn and fucked each other for over an hour. It was great. I came twice. I haven?t had such energic sex since?well, you know. Sorry, for you though, Love.?Seeing my sad face, she added ?But I have good news! My visit to my mom has gotten pushed back a day, so we can be together tonight.? She smiled and looked at me judging my response. ?You. Me. Cocktails? No men, just us??Finally, I cracked and smiled. ?I?d love to spend the evening with you, my Black Bush.? She eagerly kissed my cheek and we started making plans.We decided to try a new bar that Melissa had heard about. ?Delilah?s?. They had a Happy Hour. We dressed nicely. Black Bush asked me to wear my new red corset and hose. I agreed. Melissa departed and we agreed to meet at 5pm and go out.My mood picked-up as I dressed later that afternoon. I admired my petite?okay, skinny frame clad in my new red outfit: corset, stockings and panties. The corset stopped at waist level and the garters were longer than my other bakırköy escort garter belts. I liked the feel of the stretchy elastic straps. I slipped into a white dress. It was long enough to cover my stocking tops, but not by much. I felt very sexy.Melissa walked in (without knocking) wearing a short black pleated skirt, a white blouse, white hose and black sandal heels. She wore a black choker with a gold cross and her brunette hair cascaded over her shoulders. ?Wow!? I exclaimed when I saw her. You look beautiful.?She responded by crossing the space between us and hugging me. Pulling back, she kissed me deeply and passionately. ?You take my breath away, Red Bush,? she said softly. A meaningful moment passed between us.?Okay, let?s have a quick shot and go,? I said what thought came to mind as my head spun from our kiss. We called an Uber and made our way to Delilah?s. We held hands in the back seat for the short ride. We walked into the bar. It felt right. Classy but comfortable. A piano was playing and there were several couples spread around. We sat at a table and ordered drinks. Our knees touched. I didn?t know what I was feeling towards my BFF Melissa. It was confusing. We talked, we drank, and we ordered some finger food. I looked around the bar.?Black Bush,? I whispered loudly, drunk but trying not to sound so, ?Is this a gay bar? Every couple is girl-girl or boy-boy?.Melissa leaned over to me, putting her hand on my stocking covered thigh under the table, ?Red Bush, yes, it is. Is that okay? I think the woman bartending may actually be a guy?and our waitress keeps eyeing you in a good kind of way. But you are all mine!? and she kissed me. I didn?t resist. A small music group had joined the piano and they were playing dance music. ?I like you,? I said looking into her green smiling eyes. ?Let?s dance?. So, we did. She took the lead and I followed. It was magical.We finally agreed that beşiktaş escort we should go. The place was filling-up with some obvious gay and lesbian couples, and other ?normal? looking couples. I guess one can?t always tell. We ordered an Uber and went arm-in-arm to wait outside. It just felt good to be with her and I clung to her arm. On the ride back, Melissa kissed me again, brief but lustful. I invited her to my apartment for a night cap and she accepted. As soon as the door closed behind us, she was all over me!Melissa?s tongue was down my throat and her hands were up my skirt, exploring! We made-out for several minutes and then Melissa maneuvered us to the bedroom. Without hesitation, she unzipped my white dress and let it fall to the floor. She then gently but firmly pushed me back onto the bed and removed her blouse and skirt. Collapsing on the bed next to me, the two of us still wearing our garter belts, stockings ? mine red
27 Kasım 2021, at 15:33


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