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First time with a man

Post #1

First time with a manI?d been out on the town and hadn?t managed even getting close to a grope let alone a fuck, so I decided to call it a day and head back to my place for a lonely wank.A couple of miles out of town I saw a guy hitching in my direction, so I thought I?d be charitable and give him a lift. He was a bit older than me, probably around twenty-five?I was eighteen?and we got to chatting. After a short time, he suddenly blurted out ?Do you go with men?? It caught me a bit off guard and I just answered that I hadn?t. I must have seemed interested to him and I must admit that I?d often wondered what it would feel like to take a hard cock inside me.As I changed gear, I felt his hand brushing mine and as I put my hand back on the wheel his hand found my knee and I could tell he was watching me as his hand wandered along my thigh. I felt him squeezing and pulling my thigh towards him and his actions were getting more and more urgent. I instinctively open opened my legs wide, grabbed his hand and forced it into my crotch. He gasped and squeezed my genitals which worried me a little as I was the one driving. Although plenty of my girlfriends had done the same to me, they were a little gentler.He said we should head for his place for a little fun, so I turned north, and we drove on. It didn?t take him long to undo my belt anadolu yakası escort and unzip my jeans then his hand went straight down the front of my pants and it wasn?t long before I was rock hard and gagging for a fuck. It occurred to me that he had a lot of experience with men and I had none!We arrived at his house, which was a good thing as I was about to shoot my load and it gave me an excuse to remove his hand from around my cock and balls and as I went to zip my jeans up he said ?I wouldn?t bother with that. No one can see for the trees and I?ll only be ripping them off as soon as we?re in the door.? So, there I was wearing nothing but my pants and T-shirt waiting for him to open the door hoping that no one will see me when he whipped my pants down and slid a finger in my butt.Well this was it ?.no turning back now. I was about to be screwed senseless. He was bigger than me and a lot stronger, so it took him no effort whatsoever to lift me, kick the door shut and whip my pants down and my T-shirt off.I was naked, pinned to the wall with a strange man?s finger up my ass?. I didn?t even know his name?.and loving every minute of it.Still fingering me he pushed me toward the stairs then he put his arm around my waist and lifted me by my butt hole and stretched ataşehir escort me wide open then as he carried me up he slid another finger in. I was so turned on that I just wanted to get screwed.Only one of my girlfriends had fingered me while we fucked and she didn?t go in very far although I?d finger fucked myself in the past and even taken the neck of a bottle to see how it felt but nothing prepared me for the way he was ravaging my ass. He put me down and opened the door and I got a little respite from his fingers but not for long He threw me face down on the bed and said ?Stay there and don?t move. I?m going to fuck your brains out.?I told him I?d never been with a man before, but he just made some comment about liking them tight! He?d stripped off in seconds and laid on top of me. I could feel his erection and I could tell he was big as he straddled my butt cheeks and spanked me with it. He forced my legs open and lay there with his hard member throbbing against my butt slit and began sliding it up and down almost teasing me. I felt him against my hole and thought, this is it, I?m about to be fucked but he jumped off and I felt something around my ankle and looked down to see him strapping something on then he went to the other side of the bed and another strap went on. Then ümraniye escort he roughly tightened the two straps and forced my legs wide.Before he shackled my wrists, he sat in front of me and made me suck him. I thought he was already hard, but I felt him grow in my mouth and I gagged on him. He kept thrusting in my mouth, and I thought he was going to cum straight away. Through all this I heard him say ?My sister?s downstairs and if you make too much noise she?ll be up here to fuck you after I?ve finished and you wouldn?t want that?.I?ve watched her fuck a guy and she?s worse than me.?He?d had enough of fucking my face, so he got off the bed and shackled my wrists. He went and got a towel and slid it under me saying ?We wouldn?t want this oil getting on the bed? as he oiled my anus and thrust his fingers in me again. He?d worked three fingers up me before he was satisfied then he mounted me!He worked his cock head between my cheeks then to my asshole and told me to relax or it would hurt. I tried to relax but it?s not easy when you spread-eagled on a bed with a damn great erection about to take your virginity, anyway I did my best and was quite surprised when he eased the head in. I thought he would just ram to whole length in. He slowly slid his manhood in before easing it back. He fucked me this way for a while and I just thinking that this was good and enjoyable when forced himself balls deep inside me.I squealed as his belly made hard contact with my buttocks, it felt like I was getting spanked with the added attraction of a man?s penis buried deep inside me. He repeated his warning about his sister then the dirty talk started.To be continued???
27 Kasım 2021, at 14:13


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