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Blindfolded fun 2

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Blindfolded fun 2A few weeks after my wife teased about a stranger joining us when my wife was blindfolded and handcuffed i tried to think of a way to make it happen.As i explained in blindfold 1, my wife and i used to go for a few beers on Sunday afternoon, my wife meeting her sister and we would meet up in our local for the last couple of hours.This particular Sunday i was drinking with an Asain lad who we both knew from the pub, after a few drinks i just happened to say that we would not be out too late as i had a promise on , he laughed and said you lucky man*and went on to explain that his wife would not let him go near her smelling of drink, i started to think we may have a chance here of our stranger fantasy.Around 3 o'clock my Wife and her sister turned up and sat at the bar chatting to each other, i could see my mate glancing over to my wife and then smiling at me knowingly, he said after a while what will you do when you get home go straight to bed, i said no that's boring, we like to have a little fun, by now i had had a fewdrinks and was feeling brave and open,i told him i was going to strip her naked and blindfold her and tie her hands to the bed and that we pretended that a stranger joins her and she has not a clue who it is, he said does she know what you have planned, i said no she has not got a clue yet.My mate said jokingly i would love to watch that and i just laughed.I started thinking and wondered pendik escort whether my wife would really go through with it and how would i feel about it but the beer had taken over and i was feeling randy as fuck, when my wife went to the toilet i followed her and said can we have an early one i want to strip you naked and blindfold you abuse your body, thankfully she said oh go on then i will ring us a taxi.Back at the bar i said to our freind*we are getting a taxi in 20 minutes and he said you lucky bastard i wish it was me,on the spur of the moment i said after we have gone give us half an hour and get a taxi up to ours and i will let you watch, he said go then but i thought he was joking.We said our goodbyes and got in the taxi, my wife said you must be feeling randy leaving the pub early on a Sunday, i said i am and i hope you are she smiled and said mm.When we got in i could not wait, i poured a couple of drinks even though we were both well tipsy, i said right get you kit off while i get the toys out, when i got back to the living room she was naked on the chair with her legs wide open playing with her clit, i put the blindfold on her and handcuffed her wrists to the side tables, she told me to get my kit off so I went the bedroom and stripped and returned, i played with her nipples for a while and then went down and gently licked her swollen cunt and played with her erect clit, kartal escort she was moaning and thrusting her cunt in my face and then there was a low knock on the door, my wife jumped and froze and said quick undo me, i said don't worry stay quiet,i put my dressing gown on and told her i would get rid of them.I went to the door and our friend was stood there with a silly drunken grin on his face, i whispered him to remain silent and pretended to thanks goodbye.i ushered him in and closed the door, i went back in the living room with our friend following quietly,my wife was led there with her legs closed and tucked up to her chin, she said who was it i said colin from work dropping me some thing off, i could see her relax and i went and lowered her legs and watched our friends face, it was the first White woman he had seen naked, i motioned him near and signalled him to be still, i started playing with her nipples again and she relaxed and opened her legs wide, i started playing with her lips and clit and she was moaning loudly, i removed my dressing gown and felt strange that our friend could see me naked, fully erect more than bothered about him seeing my wife naked, i was nearly bursting to cum but knew i had to hang on,now was the time to try something, i stood and placed both hands on wifes tits and gently massaged them, i then gently rubbrd her cunt and clit and she moaned maltepe escort and told me to fuck her, not yet i said, i remoooved my fingers and motiond our friend to finger her, i thought he was going to faint anyway he started to gently play with her cunt and inserted his fingers ib and finger fucked her, she was moaning now and buckking her hips, i now put both hands on he rtits and massaged them, it took a few seconds for her to realise that a strange hand was touching her, she closed her legs slightly and went quiet, i asked her if she was ok and she said yes you bastard, she relaxed again as she was to far gone now and staeted moaning and bucking again, after a minute or 2 she said fuck me, i did not know who she meant and was really tuened on now, i just nodded to our friend and he just undid his flies and pulled his light brown erect cock out ,i nodded and he bent foward and entered her sopping pussy, i played with her tits and after a few thrusts he moaned loudly and shudderd as he cme in my wife, she nealy screamed when he came and i could not hold back and wanked over my wifes tits, it was the best orgasm i had had in ages.Our friend withdrew his cock still semi-erect and i could see he had cum loads in my wife, i knew she was still ready for more so i got some dildos and we both took turns making her cum,by now i was hard again without giving it a thoughti fucked her sopping cunt not worried it was stilling dripping from our friends cum i came again shortly and signalled for our friend to go again, i knew my wife could tell it was a different cock as his cock was shorter than mine but with a bend in it, they both came again and i could tell my wife had had enough as had we.to be followed.
27 Kasım 2021, at 13:42


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