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Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 19

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Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 19Part 19I woke up rested and feeling great. I went to bed late and woke up around 16:00. Luckily for me it was Saturday. I have just been in the shower, and cleaned my pussy good from Jan?s cum. As I was done with that, I turned on the TV and made myself a cup of coffee and saw my phone had received a text message.Afternoon Caroline. Put on some burgundy red nail polish. And do your makeup in the same colour theme. And put on some white opaque pantyhose.I went to the bathroom and took my burgundy nail polish with me to the sofa. So I did my toenails and fingers as I watched TV. I sat there drinking my coffee and waited for my nails to dry.After I finished my coffee, I walked into my bedroom and sat down by the makeup table. I applied some burgundy red eyeshadow and some light red for the cheeks. I put some eyeliner on to make my eyes pop. And for a last touch, applied some mascara, making my lashes curl and more visible. Then as a finishing touch, I put on some dark red lipstick and a coat of lip gloss to give them a nice shine. I put some perfume on. I took a pair of my white opaque pantyhose and rolled a leg up to put over my toes. I could see my burgundy coloured toenails through the white opaque fabric as I slid the white pantyhose up my leg. Mmmm, it felt so nice and looked so good. I put my other leg into the pantyhose and pulled them tightly up my bum. I quickly grabbed a white skirt and a black top. I braided my light pink hair in a ponytail again and decided for no glasses today. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked so good if I say so myself. I walked into the living room and packed my purse with my phone, some cash, and my car keys. Then I went into the hallway to get some sneakers on. And to my surprise, there was a box at the front door with a little posted note on top. It said: ?Open me?. I took it to the kitchen table and lifted the lid off and saw a little fine card with gold edges. This persons hand writing was so pretty and classy. And I read it.Was an amazing show last night. Everyone loved it. Including me. Looking forward to suck that tiny clit someday. But until then, here's a little present for being such a good slut last night. Oh yeah. Oh, and put your heels on today. Remember I?m watching you.I lifted the packing paper out of the way and inside the box were a pair of beautiful burgundy red Louis Vuitton peep-toe high heels, in like a silk-looking fabric. I picked them up and they were brand new. I quickly put them on my white opaque pantyhose feet. They fit my feet perfectly. I know I had gotten a lot of money from my mom and stepdad, but I never thought about buying Louis Vuitton, but I definitely would now. I felt so good walking in them, and they looked amazing. They were my new favourite heels. Then I thought about how Lauren asking me to put on a burgundy red theme. And these beautiful heels were burgundy too! Did my Lord watch over Lauren too? Was he watching me over at her place too? I almost got a headache from thinking of it. I looked at the time and I had to go. So I locked the door and took the elevator up to Lauren?s huge apartment.The doors opened and I looked around. No one was in the living room, but the TV was on. I walked into Lauren?s bedroom and heard her taking a shower. Then I walked all the way up to Jaiden?s room and knocked on the door. I heard some rumble and he didn't answer right away.?Ehh...Come in...?I opened the door and walked inside. I saw the pizza leftovers from yesterday. I walked up to his bed, as he laid there covered by his blanket.?Hello sir. Thanks for the food again last night!?We looked at each other, and he looked a bit tense. My eyes saw something down on the mattress beside his pillow. And there was his phone with pictures of a pair of black opaque pantyhose feet and legs. I saw the heels in the background - it was the heels I?d borrowed from Lauren! It was a picture of my legs in black pantyhose. He saw my eyes and looked down. He grabbed the phone so quickly it lifted his blanket for a split second and I saw him in his mom?s panties.?Ehh...Ehmm...?I smiled at him and said. ?Shhh...I didn't see any pictures. But don't take anymore, ok??His face blushed and he nodded at me. I don't think he knew that I?d seen he was wearing his mom panties. But I did - right there, with one hand touching his erect penis. Although I only saw a glimpse of his dick head, I didn't really get a clear view, so I couldn't really tell the size. But was exciting seeing him.?Good! Do you know why your mom has requested me on a weekend???Ehh...! Yeah, I?m going over to my cousin?s house because mom is going on a business trip...she needs you to drive us!??Oh, ok!??Why all the burgundy colours and white opaque pantyhose?? I thought to myself. ?Well I?m going downstairs to see if your mom is done showering!?As I walked out of his room, I felt his eyes on me. And I closed the door and heard him say ?Oh wow...In white pantyhose!?I had a smile all the way down to the kitchen. Lauren sat on the sofa and watched TV while she drank her coffee. She then saw me, stood up, and came into the kitchen. She wore her bathrobe and slippers. ?Hi Caroline. Didn't hear you come in. You look so different without your glasses on. Your eyes are gorgeous!?I smiled at her. ?Thanks miss. I've only just arrived and was just upstairs talking to your son. Something about a business trip!?? I made myself a coffee.?Yes, that's right, and I need you to drive us...so go and put your maid?s dress on...it's in my walk-in closet. So go change after you?re finished. By the way, I love your makeup!? Then she walked back into her bedroom.I took a few sips of my coffee and walked into Lauren?s bedroom and saw her finishing getting clothes on in the walk-in. She wore a grey pencil skirt with a beige silk shirt and some black nylon pantyhose. She came over to me and was putting on a necklace, but had some trouble.?Could you help me, Caroline??She turned around and I took the necklace. She lifted her hair. She was a bit taller than me - good thing I was in heels. But in order to reach around her neck, I had to get in close and my breasts rubbed up against her back. I fumbled a little with the necklace, but that gave me the change to smell her lovely perfume. I felt my nipples getting hard, but I got the necklace locked. She turned around and we stood real close together. I could feel her breath on my forehead. I looked down because I became shy and saw her cleavage. Oh god, she was beautiful, and her scent was amazing.?I should really have you do my makeup one time. It's really good!? She looked down at my legs and feet. ?Wow...! Where did you get those Vuitton from? I've been trying to get these myself! They are special Valentine?s editions. Only a 100 pairs were made!??I...I...Ehh, got them from my stepdad. Was a birthday present!?She seemed a bit jealous, but in a nice way. ?Lucky girl. Go and change into your maid?s dress. Take your heels off first!?So I did, and left them in the bedroom and walked into her closet. On the middle cabinet with her lingerie hosiery and other undergarments laid a beautiful burgundy red maid?s dress. In the same Victorian design with a fluffy white under skirt part and the rest of the dress was burgundy, with lace on top, and even had long see-thru sleeves. It was so pretty and it looked like it had cost a fortune. I took my white skirt and black top off and realised that I have forgotten to put a bra on today. It was too late now. I pulled the dress over my body and it fit me perfectly, and the quality felt so good, though you could see my hard nipples poking the fabric of the dress. I put on the white apron and looked at myself in the mirror. Mmmm, this was such a pretty maid?s dress.I looked into the bedroom, and saw Lauren with my Louis Vuitton heels on her black nylon feet. She stood up in them and her nice black nylon legs had such a lovely shape to them as she walked around the room in them. I came in the room to her. And she saw me.?Oh...! Sorry, I just had to try them on!? She sat down again and pulled them off her nylon feet.?It?s ok, Lauren. You look good in them!?She smiled and chuckled ?Ha...! Thanks. They are a little tight around my feet. So don't worry, I won't steal them!?I sat down beside her and put my heels on as she put on a pair of grey pointed leather heels. She got up and walked into her closet and came back with 2 trench coats in her hands. A black for herself, and a wine red coloured coat for me.?So, I?ve got a meeting in Germany tomorrow. I need you to drop me off at the airport after we set Jaiden off at his cousin. Please go ahead and put my suitcase in the car!?I bowed. ?Yes miss!?I put on the coat she?d given me; it felt really nice and looked so good. I grabbed her suitcase and went into the kitchen and also grabbed my purse at the table were Jaiden was getting something to eat. His eyes were staring at me. I went to the elevator and went down to her private parking garage. I put the suitcase in the trunk of my Rolls Royce, got in the car and backed it up to the elevator. I waited for like 10 or 15 minutes and then they both came and got in the backseat of the car. I drove to Jaiden?s cousins? and we arrived at a big mansion. I got out and reached the other side of the car and opened the door for Jaiden. I smiled and said. ?Have a nice day, Sir!??Thanks, you too!? Then his cousin came out and greeted him. I stood there watching him when he hugged a beautiful mid 20ish girl. She looked at me and I at her.?Hey Jaiden, who is that??He looked at me and smiled. ?That's our new maid. Caroline!??She looks almost too young to be a maid. But she's very pretty!??Come on, Caroline. I don't have all day!?I quickly closed the door and got in the car, and onto the airport. We got there 45 minutes later. It was now around 18:50.?Turn up here. Then straight!?I did and came to like a huge gate with a guard. I rolled the window down.?Hello. You got a permit to enter here??Then Lauren turned her window down. ?Carl. Let us through, my plane is waiting for me!?He complied instantly. ?I'm sorry, Miss Lauren. I did not recognize the car. Go ahead and have a pleasant day!??You too, Carl!?The gate opened and I drove in. I?d never driven inside an airport - it was kinda a crazy experience seeing those huge planes just standing and taxiing along.?Over there, Caroline. The black plane over there!? She pointed to a hanger where there was a black plane outside and a cop car next to it. ?Park your car inside the hangar and bring my suitcase out for me!?I drove inside the hangar and parked next to another car. I got out and opened the door for Lauren. She stepped out of the car and I closed it behind her. She esenyurt escort was already walking up to the plane. I quickly took her suitcase from the trunk and closed it. I even locked the doors as I walked up to her with her suitcase rolling after me. She talked to the police and pulled up 2 passports and showed them to the cop. I saw the cop looking at her and the passport. Then he looked at the other passport and then at me. I found it a bit odd. I got to her and left the suitcase by her side.?Have a nice trip, Lauren. And you, little miss!?I looked surprised at Lauren. She walked up the stairs to the plane. The engine started, she turned around and said ?You coming? I need my maid. Oh and remember my suitcase!?I picked up the suitcase and followed her into the plane. A pilot stood at the entrance. ?Welcome, Lauren!??Thanks Peter. How soon can we leave???The tower said about 15 minutes, ma?am!? Then he saw me. ?Oh...Welcome on board, miss. I?m Peter!? He reached for my hand and kissed it. Very well-dressed older gentleman in a pilot suit and he looked hot too.I giggled and blushed ?He-he...I'm Caroline!?He smiled at me and let go of my hand. ?Have a nice flight, miss!??Thanks!?I entered the plane?s main cabin. Lauren had already seated herself and sat with documents in her hands. It was all in black and white. 4 lounge seats in white leather with a big table at each side of the plane. A huge sofa and a TV. And there was even like a little bar. I couldn't believe I was going to travel on a private jet. And I?d never even travelled by plane before!We could never afford something like that when I was younger, so I was so excited. Then I felt the plane move onto the runway, and heard Peter over the speakers. ?Hi Lauren. We be going in just a moment!?I took my coat off and sat down opposite Lauren. I saw her fasten her seatbelt, so I did too. Out of nowhere, the plane accelerated so fast that I got pushed back in my seat. It tickled in my belly so much, the nose lifted and the rumble stopped. It was climbing a lot steeper than I had imagined. I was a bit nervous, but after a minute or so, it levelled out for a smooth flight. There sounded a beep and Lauren unbuckled her seatbelt. She got up and just walked around inside the plane. I was looking out the window and it seemed like we were floating in the clouds. It was so beautiful. I sat there for a while and taking it all in. I saw Lauren?s bag and got curious how she got a hold on my passport. I looked over at her and she sat on the sofa while talking on the phone. I reached in her bag and found my passport. I opened it, and saw a picture of myself as Caroline. Even the name was changed to Caroline, but I now had my stepdad?s surname, Morris. But how...? I put it back and wondered how she got it. Did she change it? Did she know I use to be a guy? I would have to ask her. But for right now, I had a bad feeling about it. She was done with her phone call and came and sat next to me.?Caroline, get me a bourbon, with ice please!?I got up and walked over to the bar, then looked around. There were a lot of different bottles. ?Sorry miss. What is a bourbon??She got up, walked over to the bar and smiled at me. ?He-he, Caroline...! Bourbon is also known as whiskey. Though it's not quite the same. Anyway, my favourite is the only one you need to know!? She pointed at a fancy whiskey glass. ?Take a glass like that. And always start with 2 pieces of ice. Then you take the bottle that is called ?Angel?s Envy?, and fill the glass half way!? I did everything the way she wanted and handed it to her. She took a big sip of it, closed her eyes and made a pleasing sound. ?Ah...That's it!??Can I make one for myself, miss??She smiled at me and nodded her pretty face while taking another sip. She kept on speaking as I made another bourbon. ?I?ve booked a room for us 2 at a place called Schloss Elmau. I've been there a couple of times...it's absolutely stunning there. Just wait and see!?I tasted the whiskey and it was very strong, but had a nice taste to it. My mouth became very warm. I never really drank whiskey before. She sat back down at the lounge chairs and I followed her. She pressed a button and the table flipped itself away. Then she pressed another button and the seat tilted back and a footrest came up from the chair, lifting her beautiful black nylon legs. I held tightly around my whiskey glass, and couldn't stop staring at her legs. As we were above the clouds, sun shone through the windows and onto her legs. I bit my lip and I felt my dick throbbing a bit. ?No, stop it, Caroline, be professional?. I took a big sip of my whiskey to get rid of my thoughts of her pretty nylon legs. But it was too much for me. I just got it down my throat and started coughing like crazy. Lauren quickly gave me gentle tapes on my back, but she couldn't stop laughing either.?Ha-ha-ha. So so...you will be fine. Yeah, whiskey is not for everybody!?I was still coughing a bit, but I managed to catch my breath again. I needed to ask her where she got that passport from, because it was still in the back of my mind.?Ehh...? Sorry for asking, miss. But where did you get that passport from, Lauren??She turned on her side towards me with her beautiful legs still laying on the raised footrest with the sun shining on her pretty nylon legs. ?I got it from your dad. Why??I looked at her. ?I just found it odd that you?d got a hold on that when I didn't know I had one! And how did you know who my dad is??She drank some of her bourbon. ?Well if you must know. Your dad used to work for me. He was our IT guy at the law firm, until he found that woman who had her own little shop. He was still the best IT man we had!?I thought to myself. My dad never mentioned anything about a law firm! So he knew Lauren?! ?My dad never told me he worked for a law firm!??Yeah, he did! And when he left the firm, he even was kind enough to ask me if he could give his daughter his apartment! I gave him a great deal on it of course. But he showed respect. I always liked your dad!?It was nice to know that my dad did so well after my stupid mom left him. And he must have made that passport for me. Oh my god, and now I feel so bad that I haven't talked to him in a month now.Everything lately has just been one busy blur. From being a boy, to becoming a beautiful girl with the help from Magret. To getting a huge apartment from my stepdad. And even the amount of money I had gotten from my real mom and stepdad combined. I haven't really used any of it yet. And now I?ve gotten a job for a multi-millionaire and she?s freaking hot with her long black hair and big breasts and beautiful nylon legs, and feet that almost looked like my own girly feet. She has given me a car for a half million dollars, and on the second day of my job, I was on her private jet going across the Atlantic Ocean! Yeah, there has been ups and downs, but I have accomplished more than I ever would have dreamed of! Being a girl was the miracle I?ve been looking for since I was a little boy. Then I heard like a whisper in my ear...?Caroline. You there, hun??It caught me by surprise and I turned my head and I accidentally bumped into her red lips, and it felt like she kissed me on my cheek.?Oops...I'm so sorry, Lauren!? She laughed it off. ?He-he...! You were gone, Caroline! What were you thinking of?? She pointed at my cheek. ?I have left a lipstick mark on your cheek!?I blushed. I just got kissed by my boss or that's the way I think about it now. Even if it was accidentally. I was thinking about a lot of stuff. But mostly my dad.?I thought about my dad. I realized that I haven't spoken to him for about a month now!?She finished her bourbon and got up. ?Just give him a call. There is a phone in my bedroom through that door. You can talk to him privately in there. I?ve got some work to do anyway!?I nodded and got up. ?Thanks, Lauren!?I walked over and the door open by itself. Inside there was a very fancy bathroom with a big shower for 2 and a toilet, an Amazing looking sink, and almost the entire wall was a mirror. I walked through the bathroom to another door and again it opened by itself into a big bedroom with a huge king-size bed with a huge TV on the wall. Also in the corner was like a little office space with a laptop on it. I saw the phone on the bed cabinet. I sat down, picked it up and rang my dad. It rang for a bit, and I almost hung up again.?Hello, who is this???Hi dad, it's me. How are you doing???Hey pumpkin...! Nice to hear your voice. I'm doing great thanks. And you???Oh you won't believe me. I?ve got this maid?s job and she is the best boss! You know Lauren, right???Yeah, I know her, pumpkin. Congratulations! She told me that she?d hired my daughter to be her maid. You have done well. I know she can be hard sometimes, but she's a good person. She still looks hot...just don't tell your mom that! Ha-ha!?I laughed too. ?I won't, daddy. Well let's hope she doesn't fire me. You never know!??I don't think she will. She is very picky, so she definitely sees something in my little pumpkin!?My stepdad was just the best and always knew what to say. ?Thanks dad...for everything! I feel that you?ve always had my back, and I mean the passport too! Don't know how you managed to do that. But I really appreciate it, dad!??Stop, pumpkin. You know I will always be here for my little girl. You?re very welcome!?I heard mom?s voice in the back. ?Steve, can you take this customer???Yes...coming, hun bun. I gotta go, Caroline. But come over soon. Magret, or mom, misses you too!??Ok, I will, dad. Say hi to mom from me. I love you, dad, bye!??Bye, pumpkin...love you too!?I hung up the phone and sat there in Lauren?s bed, thinking again. I looked out the window and the sun was going down. I kicked my heels off and lay in bed, on my side, just looking out the window. I almost fell asleep when the door opened.?Oh Caroline, you sleepy???A bit, yeah. Just enjoyed the view!??Mmm, yes. Definitely one of the best things about flying. Just wanted to see how you doing!?Lauren was so sweet to me. She was an amazing lady. I couldn't believe that I was the maid for such a powerful attractive woman.?I?m fine, Lauren. Thanks for taking me with you. It is one amazing experience this!??You?re welcome, Caroline. Besides, you?re not just my maid, you are my friend! Do you know why you were invited with me??I shook my head. ?Why miss???Because you stood up for my boy yesterday! A cute and pretty girl standing up against 3 guys. You are very brave!?I blushed instantly. She sat down at the foot end of the bed, resting her thigh so close to my white opaque feet. ?But how did you know that???Jaiden told me this last night after you were gone! He was afraid you would avrupa yakası escort get fired. And he definitely didn't want that. He-he!? Her hand then reached out for my white hosed lower leg and squeezed it gently. ?He really cares about you...and so do I, Caroline! I knew you would be the right maid for us. I know I am a busy mom and not always there for him. But you stood up for my boy, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!? Her hand started caressing my leg. Oh my god, it felt so wonderful. Feeling her pretty fingers with her French pedicure.?Mmm...you?re welcome, miss!?I started feeling so sleepy. Must have been all the excitement of traveling with the woman I looked up to so much. She stopped caressing my leg and got up.?Go ahead and take a nap. There is still about 8 hours of flight time. Gotta get some more documents ready for the meeting!? and then she left.I was in the skies on a private jet and got to sleep in a king-size bed. And Lauren touched my leg. Those were the last thoughts before I fell asleep.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~I gently woke up by a slight moaning. I just laid there and pretended to be asleep as I was looking out the window in a pitch-black dark bedroom, and the only light was from the moon and stars. I felt someone lying beside me, which could only be Lauren. Luckily for me I was facing away from her, though I really wanted to see the hot body of my mistress. Her moaning sounded so hot and I could hear her wet pussy get rubbed.?Ah...Ah...! Mmmm, yes...Oh!?This all felt like a beautiful dream to me - I could listen to her moans all night! As I laid and listened to her, I felt her foot sliding against my white opaque pantyhosed legs. I could instantly tell that she still had her black nylon pantyhose on. Oh my god...I enjoyed every second of her pretty nylon foot rubbing me legs. Her moaning was still quiet, but it became a little louder than before.?AH...! Mmmm...Caroline, my pretty...AHH...little maid...AH!?My dick got erect so fast when I heard her say that. I wanted to touch myself so bad. But I should be a good girl and let her finish.Like always, I didn't want her to know I was a boy before. Sometimes I really hated having a dick and just wanted a real pussy, so I wouldn't live with the fear of people finding out what I use to be.?Mmmm, I love dressing...! You in pretty costumes maid?s dresses. AHH...! Walking around in your pretty Louis Vuitton looking all cute and sexy. Ahh!? And then she squirted I could hear it spraying out her pussy and I felt it all over my white pantyhose legs. I closed my eyes imagining her squirting pussy. It sounded amazing! ?Argh...AHH! Carolineee...Ah mmmm!? My tiny dick was rock hard now. I could feel her pussy juice soaking into my pantyhose. I heard her breathing heavy. ?Ahh...! Fuck, that was hot...Mmmm!?I just listened to her breathing and over 10 minutes later started to sound like a light snoring. Oh god, her snoring even sounded cute. Every girl that had been close to me, I ended up having a crush on them. And Lauren was no exception! She is smoking hot lawyer. With great big breasts, pretty face with long black wavy hair. Stunning hips and ass, and those beautiful long legs and her delicious feet. Yeah, the money was nice and all, but I would still have a crush on her if she didn't have the money. A real lady. She?d just thought about me while she masturbated just beside me in bed. I didn't want to make a move on her because I was afraid I would get fired. And I don't have Magret or Roxy anymore, so I didn't want to risk anything. All this thinking of this didn't help me sleep. So after I while and when I knew she was sleeping, I got up, and looked at her. The moonlight lit her pretty curvy body up and she was lying in bed with her black nylon pantyhose on, and her beige silk shirt. With her legs spread, I could even see the mattress soaked from her juices. She looked so beautiful!I walked out of the bedroom, then through the bathroom and into the main cabin again. I poured myself a glass of chilled white wine and sat down on the sofa, looking out the window, seeing the stars go by. I couldn't get over the fact that Lauren had just masturbated while thinking of me. But she had shown no signs at all that she would be interested in me!? I would let her decide what to do and just be professional and serve her! I started thinking of her pretty nylon feet again and my tiny penis got erect. I laid myself down in the sofa and pulled up my maid?s dress. I touched myself over my pantyhose dick.?Oh...Mmmm...Lauren touched me...Ahh!?I pulled my dick out of my opaque pantyhose, and started jerking it off, while sipping of my wine. I felt Lauren?s pussy juice on my hosed legs while she squirted like garden hose. I stretched my legs and pointed my pretty feet in the air. Seeing the burgundy coloured toenails through my white hose. Mmmm, so sexy. Then I was startled when I heard a voice over the speakers...?Wow. A pretty girl playing with her dick. Mmmm, looks good!?I jumped up and I accidentally dropped my wine on the floor. I pulled my dress down instantly, covering myself up. Oh my freaking god. The pilot just saw me! No no no...! What is he going to say to Lauren? I went to the bar and got a towel, than sat down on my knees trying to get as much wine out the carpet as I could.?Please come to the cockpit, pretty girl?I kept soaking the wine in the towel. I better go up there. I got up and rinsed the towel from wine and hung it up to dry. My stomach was twisting and turning. I was nervous going in there. I knocked on the door.?Come in!?I opened the door and walked inside the cockpit.?Could you get me a double espresso? That would be great right now!?I felt so embarrassed. But I did as he asked of me - I went back to the bar and made him his expresso. I took it inside the cockpit and closed the door. I handed him his coffee. I saw him flip a switch. He let go of the plane?s steering and took the coffee.?Thanks. Have a seat. Please!?I sat down on the other pilot seat. I looked out the big rounded window and it was so pretty seeing a skyline filled with the light of the stars and moon. It felt like we were floating in space.?What a view you?ve got here!??Yeah, it?s the best. So freaking relaxing!?I saw pictures of his wife and k**. She was a very pretty lady and the k** was maybe around my age. He turned his chair towards me.?I saw what you did back there!?My face turned red as a tomato. ?I...I...??Can I see more? I?ve never seen a pretty girl like you before. I'm just curious!?My body started twitching. ?I don't know...I don't want to!??Sure you do. I saw you playing and you didn't finish...you must be so horny!???Please don't make me do this!?He drank some of his coffee. ?Mmm...good coffee. Does Lauren know? About the little dick between your legs??I shook my head. ?No...??Ohh really?! Would be a shame if someone told her!?I didn't want Lauren to know. I turned the chair and we were now facing each other. I gently pulled my dress up.?Mmmm, your little penis looks good in those pantyhose. Rub it like you did in the sofa!?He sat there just staring at me while he drank his coffee. I shyly pulled my tiny erect dick out and started playing with it.?Ah...Mmm!??Oh look at that. That is one fucking cute little dick!?I smiled at him.?Oh, you like that? Nice, keep going!? He finished his coffee and put the cup down. ?You wanna see me play with my cock??I nodded while biting my lip. ?Mmmm, yes!?He unzipped her pants and pulled out a nice big circumcised cock. He spit in his hand and smeared it on his cock, then played with the tip of his cock while looking at me. ?You?re the most beautiful tranny girl I?ve ever seen!?My body twitched. I stretched my white opaque pantyhose legs over to him and my hosed feet could just reach his cock. He looked down instantly.?Oh wow. That is fucking hot seeing your feet on my cock. Ah...You?re a real naughty girl!?I wrapped my toes around his big stiff cock and jerked him off good.?Arghh...That?s nice...Mmmm!?His hands start touching my pantyhose legs. Oh boy, it felt so nice. He then grabbed my feet and held them in place and fucked them.?Mmm Ahh...! They are so cute your feet. Ahh Caroline, you?re so fucking pretty!?He stared into my eyes while he kept on fucking my hosed feet. I jerked myself off with 3 fingers and the rest sticking out like I?m drinking a cup of tea. And my other hand pinched my hard nipples. I couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore. ?AH...Ah...! This is...Mmmm...So good AH!?When I moaned, he started fucking my feet harder. ?Holy fuck...! You sound so...Mmmm...Adorable!?I pointed my hosed feet and closed my eyes in sheer pleasure.?Oh...I see now. Mmm!? I opened my eyes and looked at him. He smiled at me. ?You get off by men worshiping your feet?!?I blushed and said ?Ehh...No!?Then he pushed his thumbs in-between my white pantyhose feet. I bit my lip and my eyes rolled back in my head.?Mmmm...?He kept going and massaged my feet. I automatically jerked myself faster.?What did you say, Caroline??With one hand, he grabbed my ankle, and the other started to tickle my hosed sole. God, I loved that. My feet wiggled as he did and my moaning became louder.?AH! Ahh...Peter...! Mmmm, Stop!??Ohh yes, baby...! That's more like it! You love it when men worship those pretty little feet of yours!?He got on his knees in front of me and held my hosed foot with one hand and the other glided all over my leg. He picked my foot up to his face and gently started kissing my toes.?Oh...Peter...Please don't...Mmmm!? I felt his warm tongue on my pantyhose toes. It felt so lovely. ?AH...! What if...Lauren comes...? Mmmm...! We both will be in trouble!?He then stuck my hosed toe in his mouth sucking it good.?Oh my...God...! Mmm...AH!??Sorry, I can't help myself. I'm gonna suck these cute little sexy toes. Now jerk that sexy clit!?He continued sucking my toes and on my other foot too. Seeing a man worshiping my pantyhosed feet is just the best feeling! I played with my tiny dick and pre-cum started oozing out of it. I smeared my finger in it and sucked it clean.?Mmmm...You naughty girl! Can I fuck you, Caroline??I pulled my feet to myself and got up. I got on my knees on his pilot?s chair with my ass facing towards him. He quickly got up and jerked his big cock as he pulled my dress up over my ass, revealing my white opaque ass.?Oh Caroline...What an ass you?ve got! Mmm!? and he smacked it twice. One on each cheek.?AHH...! AH...! Please fuck me, Peter!?I heard him spit and he played with himself, and with his other hand, he pulled my white pantyhose down my ass cheeks just enough to put it in me. He spit once more and I then felt a finger poking anadolu yakası escort my hole.?Ahh...?He spit once more and I felt it going in further.?That?s one fucking hot pink asshole...Mmm!?He pulled his finger out and then his big dick head was forcing his way in my horny pussy. My hole spread open for him than he penetrated my pussy.?ARGH!!! Mmmm, Peter!?He started off slow. ?Holy fuck...Caroline, that?s a tight ass you?ve got! Mmmm!?I looked back over my shoulder and saw in the corner of my eyes that he was staring at his cock going in and out my tight pussy. He found a good rhythm and his cock felt so good.?AHH...AHH...Fuck me...Yess!?He fucked me harder and harder. I leaned my head over the backrest of the pilot seat, and looked out the window. It felt so dreamy, and time went into slow motion. I looked over white clouds and the sun was rising, giving this nice warm glow in the cockpit. The plane was on autopilot and I was getting fucked by the pilot so hard and felt him hitting my prostate. I heard myself screaming loudly in slow-motion too. ?Ohh...My god...Yes...! Yes...! AHH!?I got pulled back out of my dreamy state when I heard Peter say ?Arghh! ARGH!! I?m fucking cumming! AHH! In your pussy!?His arms wrapped around my body and squeezed my nipples while his cock filled me with his warm cum, and it felt so good. He whispered in my ear while his cock was still finishing cumming inside of me...?Fuck...! You?re so beautiful, Caroline. Let me see that cum-filled pussy!?He let go of me and did something no other had done before. He flipped me around on the pilot seat with my white hosed feet in the air, he put his mouth to my asshole and started sucking my pussy.?ARGH...! Oh my fucking god...! AH...AH...! What are...Argh...Doing...MMMmmm!?I couldn't even concentrate on speaking as my eyes rolled in the back of my head in sheer pleasure. I felt his tongue go inside and swirl around as deep as it could go. He looked at me and pulled out. I saw sperm dripping from his tongue; he swallowed it and smiled at me.?I better clean your pussy so you don't get in trouble with Lauren. Think it's better if this is our secret. Right??I bit my lip and nodded for him. ?Mmmm!?He went down with his mouth to my pussy and I felt him sucking the cum out of my ass, As if I was some kind of straw to drink from. It felt fucking amazing! My feet curled as he kept on going. He got it out too - I felt it - and I heard him slurping the cum and swallow it. Then he stopped and pulled my dick out of my pantyhose and started sucking that. My white pantyhose thighs quickly wrapped around his head and started thrusting my tiny dick in his mouth. I brushed my fingers through his grey stylish hair. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it.Now I felt him sucking my dick. And it didn't take long for me to cum.?Argh...AAHHH...! Fuck yeah...! Mmmm...? I cummed so much, and he didn't hesitate one bit and swallowed it all. ?Mmmm, thank you, Peter!?He sucked my tiny dick till it wasn't erect anymore.He got up and put his pants on again. ?Oh...Don't thank me. I'm just glad I caught you in the sofa!?I smiled at him and pulled my pantyhose on properly again.?And that cum of yours...! Mmmm, so sweet...! You taste like a fucking girl. So hot!??What? Maybe that's why Jan didn't mention anything?!??He-he...Stop, Peter...! I better go before Lauren wakes up!??Good idea. We?re gonna land in 3 hours? time!?I walked out of the cockpit and went straight to the bathroom, and took a nice long shower, cleaning my body and pussy good. I didn't get my face wet as I didn't have my makeup with me. I put my burgundy dress on and my white pantyhose and lay on the sofa just to rest for a moment. The next thing I knew was Lauren waking me up.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~?Caroline...Wake up! 30 minutes till the plane lands!?I sat up instantly and she handed me a coffee. I took it and sipped from it.?Caroline, is that dirty spots on your pantyhose??I looked down at my legs, still feeling crocky from just waking up, and I saw little droplets of wet spots all over my white pantyhose. Not very visible, but enough that if you sat next to me, you would see. It instantly hit me.This was from Lauren spraying her juices last night. Because Peter was a gentleman and sucked every last drop of cum out of me last night.?Oh...! How did they get dirty??Lauren seemed a bit annoyed. ?Arghh...Really...? Luckily I?ve got a pair in my suitcase. Now go change your filthy pantyhose!?I drank the last of my coffee, got up, looked at Lauren, and said something I shouldn?t have said...?Yeah, I wonder how my white pantyhose got dirty? I thought I heard someone moaning last night. Or maybe it was a dream??Her face instantly got red and she didn't say a word. I turned around and walked into the bedroom. I opened her suitcase and found a stack of new pantyhose she had brought with her. I picked them up and under them was a vibrator of sorts.I?ve seen this because I wanted one for myself. I picked up my phone and installed the app for it. It was called ?WeVibe?, and I picked it up and smelled it. Ohh yes, it was her sweet scent of her pussy. The app was installed and I pressed the vibrator button and my phone connected instantly. And I?m not even k**ding - the vibrator appeared on my phone with the name ?Caroline?. She called her vibrator ?Caroline?, and I was flattered. I turned the vibrator off and put it back in her suitcase next to the charger. I quickly found the pair of white pantyhose, But these were some wonderful Wolford pantyhose in like a very glossy nylon look, with a really nice shine to them in the sun. I took off my white opaque pantyhose and put them in Lauren?s suitcase. Then with the Wolford?s, I rolled one leg up, sliding them on my leg and then the other. They had white opaque flowers going up on the sides of the pantyhose. Mmm, real pretty. I stood up and pulled them over my bum, looking at myself in the mirror while I adjusted them. Oh god, I love Wolford - just something about the quality and feel. They really are amazing. I found my Louis Vuitton on the floor by the bed, and put them on my nylon feet. I picked up her suitcase and walked out into the main cabin again. I sat down in the white leather chair. Lauren was sitting over for me, and her eyes glanced over my feet and up my legs. Our eyes meet. She became a little shy again.?Thank you, Caroline. You look nice in them!? And gave me a slight smile.Ding!?This is Peter, your captain speaking. Please put on your seatbelts, ladies. 5 minutes till landing!?I smiled back at her and put my seatbelt on. I could see the city and it quickly came closer and closer. I got a bit nervous and squeezed the armrest of the seat. Lauren put her belt on.?Don't worry, Caroline. We will be back down on the ground safely in just a moment!?I closed my eyes and I felt my heart beating faster. And then I felt a little bump and the plane landed very smoothly. I opened my eyes and saw Lauren smiling at me.?See! Everything is fine!?She unbuckled her seatbelt, and stood up, gathering her briefcase and purse. I felt the plane stop and I got up and took my purse and her suitcase with my coat under my arm.Peter came out of the cockpit and opened the plane door for us. Lauren walked out and I walked past Peter. He grabbed my arm gently and stopped me and whispered to me ?That was so hot last night. Thanks, Caroline!? He let go of my arm and winked to me with his eye. I blushed and smiled. Then he said out loud ?I hope you enjoyed the flight???Thanks Peter, I did!?I walked outside and down the plane stairs and saw 2 German police officers checking the passports of Lauren and me. I saw his eyes on me - and not just my face. The one officer that looked at me gave the other officer a little push with his elbow. He looked up from Lauren?s passport and they said something in German that I did not understand. But now they both looked at me and smiled. I knew that smile and I smiled right back to them. The one checking my passport said to me as I approached them ?Welcome to Germany, schönes Mädchen. Please stand in front of me!? His English was really bad, I almost didn't understand him. He held the passport beside my head, but his eyes were everywhere other than my face. ?Yep. Gut, gut. All perfect!?Lauren looked at me as we walked into the airport. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. ?Those were some horny cops! Did you see that?? I laughed, and then she started laughing. ?Ha-ha...! They are not used to seeing such pretty women here in Germany!? She said.I was smiling from ear to ear. Gosh, she is so beautiful, and her laugh and smile makes me feel warm inside. And I thought about how I talked to her this morning when she woke me up. As we walked through the airport, I felt a lot of guys looking at me and Lauren. ?Lauren...I?m sorry...! I?m sorry for...?She stopped and put her finger on my lip. ?Shh. Nothing to apologize for...! It?s me that?s wrong on this. I'm just nervous about the meeting and my frustrations landed over such a little thing as your pantyhose. And...? She blushed.?And what???I really didn't know you heard me yesterday! I just really got turned on and really needed to masturbate because I get so stressed sometimes! There, I said it! I?m sorry, let?s keep going!? and she started walking again.I walked up beside her. ?It's fine, Lauren...! Infact...It sounded pretty hot!?I saw her close her eyes and bite her lip. She then shook her head, and opened her eyes again. ?Sorry Caroline, not now. I need to focus on this! We can talk about that afterwards. Ok???Sure...you?re the boss, miss!??Yes, that's right. I am the boss!?We went outside and there were 2 guys waving, standing there in nice suits, maybe mid 30-ish. Lauren stuck her hand up and waved back. We walked over to them. Lauren greeted them with 2 kisses on each cheek. I stood carefully behind her. ?This is my maid, Caroline!?One greeted me with a handshake, ?Hello...I?m Jonas. Nice to meet you!?And the other took my hand and pulled me in and kissed me twice on each cheek. I blushed.?That is such a pretty dress on you, girl. By the way, my name is Noah!? His English was much better than the others. ?Give me a little twirl, hun!? He held my hand as I turned around for him. ?Yes, very fine...but the apron needs to go! Lauren! I know she's a maid, but she does not need to look like one! Let her beauty shine!? My face was so red. And then Jonas said with one hand beside his mouth. ?He?s gay!??I heard that, you stupid bastard!?He unbound my apron and threw in a garbage can nearby.Lauren and Jonas were laughing a little. Then Jonas said ?Come, let's go. Our car is right here. Let?s drive you to the hotel!?Noah picked up our things and put them in the back of a Range Rover. We got in the car. The 3 were talking business already. I just looked outside and minded my own. The view was amazing, and we were driving in between and through mountains. I have never been in such a pretty place before. After an hour of driving, we arrived at the hotel. It looked like a huge log cabin, surrounded by forest and mountains. It was absolutely stunning.
26 Kasım 2021, at 21:16


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