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MiraMira rubbed her neck as she sat at her computer desk in her bedroom and contemplated another lonely weekend. A neighbor had invited her to come over and watch PEARL HARBOR with her while her husband was working that night, but Mira wasn't in the mood for popcorn with Jenny, her neighbor.Mira absently minded signed in on her AOL account and listened for the "You've Got Mail" notice. Opening her mail she quickly discarded the obvious spam, read the two short emails from her brother and her niece, chuckled over the "Joke A Day" message, filed a recipe newsletter, and prepared to click off, but changed her mind as she recalled a conversation she had heard in the cafeteria at the school while she was at lunch.Two other teachers had been laughing over a third teacher's description of her "blind date" with a guy she'd met on the internet through a personal ad she had placed. Mira hadn't been paying too much attention to the other women, but did hear the woman say that she'd had a great time and she and her "internet connection" planned to get together again over the weekend.Mira had seen various ads for personal ads, but had never checked them out and had never considered placing an ad of her own, but tonight she suddenly decided "Why not?" and, recalling one such site, typed in the URL in her browser and clicked "go."Five minutes later she had registered for her free and, inputted her credit card number for the first months membership and was writing her ad.Finished, she reread to make sure everything was filled out and accurate. She skipped most of the preference questions, income and occupation questions and filled out only the information she deemed important for her purposes: Age: 51 Sex: Female Height: 5'6" weight: 250 pounds. Mira laughed to herself, "If they are still interested after that, maybe there's hope for me yet." Then she read her introduction, desires information:Shy, single lady, seeking friendship, casualdating with nice gentleman. Friendship first,then perhaps more later, once we have gottento know each other.She hit the "submit" button before she could change her mind. She noticed her hands were shaking a little when she finished. She thought of browsing some of the ads for men seeking women, but decided she was not yet ready to be aggressive enough to actively search for a man. No, much better to wait and see if any one responded to her ad."OK", Mira thought to herself a week later, "here it is, another Friday night, all alone." Every night for a week she had eagerly checked her e-mail izmir escort for notification of a response to her impulsively placed ad, and every night she had been disappointed.Opening her mail she found the usual spam to discard, a couple more emails from family, another joke and recipe, but nothing else. She was just getting ready to sign off when the "You've Got Mail" message sounded again. She clicked on "read" and was shocked to find a notice from the personals site! She quickly read the notification of a response waiting for her at the personals site, clicked on the link provided in the e-mail, and was taken to her in-box. Yes, there it was, one message:Hello. I read your ad and am very interestedin meeting you. I am a 55 year old Japaneseman living in the San Francisco area. I like BBWvery much, and look forward to hearing from youif you would be interested.Hiroshi"Interested?" Yes she was interested. My good Lord, someone not only not put off by her size, but actually interested in women of size. She quickly responded back to him, supplying him with her AOL address so she would not have to go through the personals site every day looking for a response.A month later, Mira surveyed her image in the mirror in the restaurants ladies room. Her auburn hair was combed loosely about her shoulders, her green eyes sparkled, highlighted by the pale eye shadow and unaccustomed mascara. Blush had been applied sparingly, as had a light dusting of face powder. Her ears were adorned with her pearl studs. A simple gold a silver woven necklace filled in around her neck, hopefully making the bit of extra cleavage she was showing not as noticeable to others as it was to her. Her black, v-necked sweater capped a black skirt, black stockings, held up by a new lacy garter belt, and black pumps. Hiroshi had indicated that he was about half an inch shorter than she, so she didn't want to tower over him by wearing her high heels.She was nervous and hoped her hands were not as clammy as she was afraid they were. Taking a deep breath she walked back to the table the waiter had shown her to a few minutes later. As he had seated her he informed her that her dinner partner had called to say he was running a few minutes late, but would be there shortly. Mira's nervousness had increased. She was afraid that she was being stood up, and had just persuaded herself to leave, when a voice behind her startled her. "Mira? I am so sorry to be late, but traffic across the Bay Bridge was heavier than expected." A well groomed hand reached over izmir escort bayan her shoulder and placed a red rose on the table.Mira turned slightly a gazed over her shoulder at the man standing behind her. Her breath caught in her throat as she meet the most appealing, sensual brown eyes she had ever gazed into. She had a picture of him that he had sent her early on in their correspondence,and immediately recognized his features, the round face with the short beard and mustache, the full sensual lips, the gently slopped nose, and eyes the picture could never have done justice to.The hand that had placed the rose on the table raised and cupped her face, gently. "You are more beautiful than I ever imagined. Your picture did not completely do you justice." His voice was soft, gentle, and so sexy Mira could feel her body responding in ways she would never have imagined. My sweet lord, she could feel her nipples harden in excitement and she felt moisture beginning to dampen her lace panties!Hiroshi seated himself next to her at the table, and the next two hours flew as they ate dinner, sipped their champagne and talked to one another, learning more and more about each other."Mira, I do not want to say good night to you, yet. Will you go for a drive with me, then let me take you home afterwards, instead of you taking a taxi?" Mira had already told him that she didn't drive and used public transportation or taxis to get wherever she needed to go. Mira nodded her agreement and allowed Hiroshi to take her hand in his and lead her out of the restaurant and to his car. He carefully helped her into the front seat, helping her to buckle her seat belt before closing the passenger door and climbing in next to her on the driver's side.They drove quietly for a few minutes, Mira's left hand clasped warmly in Hiroshi's right. They drove into Martinez and down to the edge of the bay, parking in the now empty parking area of the park there. It was a warm night so they left the car and sat down on a bench near the water's edge. It felt natural to have Hiroshi's arm around her, holding her close to his side as they whispered softly to each other. It was even more natural as she looked up at him to see his head descending towards hers, his mouth taking hers in a kiss that started out soft gentle, and tender, and quickly escalated to hard, hot and passionate on both their parts. Hiroshi's hands played across Mira's back, kneading her shoulder blades and holding her body tightly to his own. Mira heard herself moaning in escort izmir pleasure, almost as much from his hands on her back as from the red hot kisses they were exchanging.Mira's hands explored Hiroshi's chest, her fingers shakily undoing his shirt buttons, pulling the shirt free of his belt and caressing the hot, hair roughened skin and his male nipples which hardened to pebbles at her touch. Hiroshi's hands followed Mira's in their own exploration of her skin under her sweater, unclasping her bra in the front, bearing her breasts to be lovingly cupped in his hands, his thumbs tracing back and forth over the nipples, eliciting more moans of pleasure from Mira.The warm night air caressed her breasts as Hiroshi bared her breasts, raising the sweater and covering one nipple with his mouth as his hand pulled and gently pinched the other nipple. Mira's moans became more frantic as the heat between her thighs grew even more intense. She felt her legs spreading open as she instinctively grabbed one of Hiroshi's hands and moved it up under her skirt to the seat of her heat and dampness.Hiroshi's hand caressed her mound through her panties, making her body ache for more of him. She raised her hips slightly, a signal for him to slid her panties down and off of her, which he did, all the while suckling on one breast. As soon as her panties were laying on the ground at her feet, one hand went back to teasing her other breast while the other combed through the wet curls at the apex of her sex. A finger entered through the folds of her labia, finding and stroking around her clitoris. Mira was loosing all control as her body reacted to the heat flooding her, the tingling of every nerve ending, the electric impulses that coursed through her, building and building and building as legs clasped and unclasped time and again around the hand that was driving her up the mountain of sexual pleasure and suddenly had her plummeting over the edge of the cliff in an orgasm of earth shattering pleasure. Hiroshi could feel her body's climax around his hand, feel it in the breast in his mouth, the nipple pinched roughly at the height of her climax; hear it in the screams of pleasure and ecstasy that echoed through the night air and over the gently lapping waters of the Bay. Hiroshi withdrew his finger from her clit, but continued the rubbing of her mound as he allowed her body to ride through the haze of pleasure that was wrapped around her still quaking body."Yes," he thought to himself, "this one is made for the sensual pleasuring of body and mind. She will do well." He smiled as he held her cradled to his body. The night was not over. His body was raging for relief, and he would have his relief, and so much more, before the night was over.[to be continued]
25 Kasım 2021, at 00:33


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