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Sex in the train

Post #1

Sex in the trainIt was a pretty hot early summer day, I was returning from a short visit to some relatives in a out of town. Still a student, I didn't have a car, so I had to take the train back home. I embarked, I quickly found my compartment. An older lady was was there alone, and needless to say, she was dying for some company. In about 15 minutes, I learned all about her family history, her 6 nephews and 4 grandc***dren. "Quite e prolific family she has...I wonder how hot she was when she was young" I thought to myself. However, it was enough of grand k**s stories for me, so at a given point I excused myself so I can go to the toilet.- I ate a sandwich from the railway station before I got into the train...I don't know what they put in it, but my stomach doesn't like it, I told her on my way out. I don't know how long it will take, so can you please watch over my things, just in case?- Don't worry, take your time...These people today screw you over with everything...things were not the same in my time, I tell you that...I forced a smile, slowly left my compartment, closed the door and proceeded through the narrow hallway to the other end of the carriage, where the bathroom was. I lied the old lady about my indigestion of course, but I still needed to take a leak.Just as I turned and started heading towards the bathroom, I noticed 3 girls that were hanging outside their compartment on the hallway, all of them looking out the window, seemingly absorbed by the beauty of the mountains we were passing by. The one towards me was blonde, pretty tall, had a very cute profile, and was wearing a white dress with small blue flowers, which came down to her knee level. She had pretty big breasts, and as I walked towards her and started seeing her curves better, I remember thinking she must have picked the dress to make herself look less attractive than she really was. As I just reached the blonde, I was just getting the position to notice the second girl, the one on the middle. This one was the athletic type, slim, muscular, perfectly toned body. She was a brunette, slightly taller than the blonde, a pronounced tan all over her body, had some short jean pants, too short to cover her ass. And that ass was coming out straight from the magazines. She knew she had it, and she made sure everyone noticed. Her bellybutton was obviously out, and she was heaving a light blue t-shirt. Couldn't notice more at that time, she was leaning over the open window and was shielded from my side by the blonde.The last one was a red-haired, a bit smaller then the other two, short hair, but the most talkative, as she seemed to entertain the others over the window. She had bigger butt and bigger breasts than the others, but the proportions were not as good as for the brunette. However, as I saw her big tits begging to come out of her tight dress, I remember thinking that I would love to have played with them, or at least be the one to let them out.As I was walking slowly and reached about a step away from the blonde, the brunette near her slowly arched her back and pulled her ass more to the interior of the hallway, basically blocking anyone's path. I stopped, and I was struck by a rush of adrenaline, just looking at that ass in the most provocative position imaginable, just 2 steps away. I waited for two seconds, in a visible dilemma: should I tell her to move that ass out of my way, or should I just wait there, stare and fantasize. Luckily for me, the blonde girl just turned her head over the window to my direction, saw me and the discretely told the brunette that someone needs to pass. The brunette then turned her head for a split second to see what was going on, saw me standing there, then turned her head back away. Waited a second or two, then pulled her ass a bit towards the window, so it would allow some space for me to move by.I proceeded to walk forward again, as I passed the blond I took a glimpse at their compartment. It was empty. Suddenly the small of the blonde's perfume made me turn the head back towards the window. I noticed they were chatting. I took another step, careful not to "upset" the istanbul escort brunette's ass, which in the end turned out to be impossible, and I rubbed myself against her ass in order to be able to pass. Luckily the red-haired wasn't taking any space, so I hastened my walk towards the bathroom at the end of the carriage.Got to the bathroom, took a leak, but afterwards the memory of the blonde's perfume and the perfect ass that I just touched made my cock grow harder and harder. I imagined myself stopping right behind the girl, grabbing her pants the pulling them down in one forceful motion, and the ticking my cock in the pussy from behind, so quickly that should wouldn't have known what hit her. But that was just fantasy. I resisted the urge to masturbate, I pulled my pants and my shorts up, got out of the bathroom and proceeded back towards my compartment.The girls however were still there, but they were no longer facing outside the window, they turned to the inside, still discussing and giggling about whatever. I started walking slowly towards them. As I approached them, the red-haired, seemingly not noticing me, turned her back towards me me and basically blocked my path, as she was lively talking to the other two. I reached her, stopped for a few seconds, hoping that maybe she notices me waiting and gets out of my way. But as she continued to talk, I reached my hand and pulled her gently from her shoulder:- Excuse me...may I?All 3 suddenly stopped talking, as if they were rudely interrupted. The red-head turned all the way around and leaned back towards the window, looking directly at me, with a shadow of a smile on her face, saying nothing. I slowly took a couple of steps, but suddenly as I reached the brunette, she put her foot forward and blocked my path again. I stopped, looked at her beautiful, tanned, long foot, then went upwards, saw her belly, her firm breasts and finally met her eyes. It took me a couple of seconds to scan her from bottom to top, a time long enough for the red-head and the blonde to flank me from both sides. The brunette had a wicked smile on her face, she slowly took a smoke from her cigar, never breaking eye contact, and the slowly blew the smoke in my face...- So...do you enjoy rubbing girls asses, boy? she said, with the same wicked smile.I just felt a huge adrenaline rush going through my body.- Me?...not really...- Oh, but I think you do...so how did it feel, rubbing your cock against my ass a minute ago?I suddenly had a feeling that nothing that had happened earlier was any coincidence.- Look, I didn't rub anything...I needed to go to the bathroom, and you were blocking my way...sorry if I...- Oh really?...So what did you do in the bathroom?I paused for a second, realizing I'm way to defensive with this girl. However, almost u*********sly, this surprise attack by the three of them, combined with her very provocative position, were making my cock harden even more. I leaned in a bit towards her, and said, with a smile:- I was talking a piss...I'm am allowed to do that, right?- Sure you are...She paused a second, then smiled again and approached her head just a few of inches from mine, looking me dead in the eye:- But I don't think that's what you did...She paused again, and started speaking slowly, on a deeper, almost whispering voice, accentuating every word:- I think that you got so horny when you touched my ass, that you went in there... pulled out you cock...and jerked off...thinking of how you would fuck me....in every...fucking...position...If my cock had any trace of softness, it was gone by now. And if I wasn't thinking clearly about fucking her in the bathroom, I was certainly thinking it now.- So...am I wrong, boy? she asked again, with another smile on her face.I suddenly realized that the other two girls were leaning on my shoulders, looking directly at me, and smiling. Could not look at them, as I was staring directly on the brunette's eyes. She was challenging me, waiting for an answer, and I did not want to give in.- Yes...You are wrong!, I said with a smile.- Really?Suddenly, avcılar escort as I was looking in her eyes, I felt her hand quickly grabbing my hard cock over my shorts. That totally broke my chain of thoughts, I tried to pull back, but couldn't as I was already with my back against their compartment door. I grabbed her wrist, and wanted to remove her hand, but I wasn't very convincing, as she held a strong grip. Her thumb was pressing against the head of my cock, while the other four fingers where firmly grabbing my cock towards the base. I was wearing just some thin shorts, so grabbing things through them was no big deal.- Your cock says a different story, she said, as she started to slowly rub my head with her thumb.I was just standing there, not sure what to do. I had an impulse to force myself and basically run away, but I realized the humiliation of all that would be unbearable, plus the other two were totally blocking me, I had to really push them away. Then red-head and the blonde started to slowly rub my chest and shoulder in circular motions, from both directions, then going lower and lower. I slowly let go at her wrist, and basically surrendered to their touch, saying nothing, and doing nothing else but looking in the brunette's eyes. She had the same smile on her face, enjoying her victory. After a few seconds, the blonde slowly moved her hand into my pants. That scared me for a moment, as I somehow felt this was my last bastion of defense. I wanted to grab her hand and remove it from there, but somehow couldn't. I felt her going lower down my pants and started playing with my balls.Somehow that finally relaxed me, I surrendered totally...I leaned my head back and slowly closed my eyes, taking deeper breaths, as they were slowly working me over... It never occurred to me that someone could have come in the hallway and seen this, at every given moment. I was drifting, hypnotized.Suddenly I heard a whisper from the red-head in the left ear:- We want you cock, boy...we want to fuck you...That woke me up from a dream. I opened my eyes, and I saw the brunette still smiling, like daring me to do something... I slowly looked down...at her breasts, her belly, her hand which was still slowly rubbing my cock, and I saw the blonde's hand entering my pants, while I was feeling her touch. I looked up at her pretty face, and there was nothing but lust in her eyes. I then looked back at the brunette, and as I was looking in her eyes, I thought to my self: "you want me to fuck you, bitch? come here, I'll erase that fucking smile of your face". I think she picked up on that, because suddenly her smile was off...but I didn't wait another second. I just grabbed her with two hands from the back of her had, pulled her towards me with full force, and kissed her viciously. She was surprised, let go of my cock, and for a second tried to fight it, to push me away. I tried to stick my tongue in her mouse, but she resisted. I then pushed her away, still grabbing her from the back of her head, and looked into her eys. The other two stopped doing anything, pulled way, and just stared, seemingly not sure what to do next. The brunette and me looked each other in the eyes for a couple of seconds, then I commanded:- Come here!I wanted to pull her towards me, but she just jumped on my mouth and started to kiss me, full tongue. This time it was on. She was so hot she didn't know what to grab me by. One of the other girls opened the compartment door and basically pulled us in. I heard the other one closing the door, and pulling the curtains to the hallway.I didn't waste any time, stuck my hand directly in her pants. She was already wet. I started to rub her pussy, and she started breathing hard and moaning.-Stop moaning, bitch!She stopped moaning, but was breathing harder and harder. I was still kissing and rubbing her, while the blonde took my clothes off. The red-head took the brunette's clothes off, and started gravitating around us, licking her nipples, then mine. The blonde reached one of their bags, pulled a condom, and then turned around full of excitement:- şirinevler escort This is so hot!!!...quickly, get on the floor!... on the floor!I leyed on my back, but there wasn't a lot of space. The brunette was visible disappointed by the interruption. She was standing over me, rubbing her pussy, urging the red-head to get on with putting the condom over my cock:- Come on, quickly...quickly!After a couple of seconds, when the condom was on, she almost pulled the red-head aside from over me, and simply jumped on my cock and started to ride me wild. I remember looking at her bounce in all directions, and thinking it was amazing how this girl which 5 minutes earlier seemed the most cold and in control bitch, totally humiliating and owning me, could turn into such an out of control sex slave. Women...I probably would have came within 30 seconds while watching her ride me, move in circular motion, and seeing her perfect breasts bounce up and down.But suddenly the blonde came right over my head, sat on my face and commanded:- Lick my pussy!...lick it!She had not removed her white dress, but I could see she didn't have any panties. Probably never had, as I never saw her taking them down. I was taken by surprise, I was never in this position before. It took me some time to adjust to liking and breathing, but judging by the blonde's sounds, she was enjoying it. I couldn't see anything, but I could feel the brunette going faster and faster. She was getting a bit tired, felt her palms on my chest pushing herself up and down my cock. She could not control her moans anymore. I heard the red-head giggling in the background and occasionally saying: "Shhhhh!", but to no effect. Suddenly the blonde, who had moaning problems of her own, told the red-head:- Kiss her...Kisss-her!After a few seconds the moans became irregular.- Come on baby...fuck him harder...Cum on his fucking cock!, said the blonde.The brunette was going wild, and I was pissed I couldn't see it. Her pussy was deep and wide, so the pressure on my cock was not that great, otherwise I would have come 3 times until then. Her palms were sweaty on my chest. Suddenly I heard her buildup towards the orgasm. I think the red-head was gagging her or something, because I could only hear a long, broken moan. But I could feel her spasm on my cock, and I could feel her cum flowing down my balls.- Yes...look at that!, said the blonde, at which point I couldn't take it anymore and pushed her off me, to see.What I saw was the brunette, still spasming, on my cock, with her eyes closed and with her mouth open, with her hair ravished, and with her breasts and belly wet of sweat, glowing in the sun rays which were coming down directly on her from the compartment window. That was the sexiest thing I've seen. If she would have bounced one more time on my cock, I would have come. She was drained, so she slowly let her body fall forward over me. The red-head from behind her started caressing her back, smiling. As the brunette was laying spent over me, all she could do was whisper in my ear:- Oh...fuck...I grabbed her in my arms a few seconds, thinking how quickly things change. The blonde was sitting down near me, looking at me with that lustful face, rubbing her pussy, thinking she was next. I turned towards the brunette, who seemed to fall asleep in my arms, and whispered in her ear:- You liked that, don't you?...bitch...- Fuck...you..., that's all she could say.Another few seconds passed by, then the blonde suddenly jumped up and said:- Get her off him!She and the red-head gently grabbed the brunette by her arms, I pushed her up by the shoulder, and as she came a little bit to her senses, they moved her on the seats. She was laying on the back, with her eyes half closed, smiling and looking at the ceiling.- Let's see what she's all that excited about, said the red-head, and before the blonde could protest, she jumped on me, grabbed my cock, and just forced it into her. There was nothing gentle about this one, I thought she was going to rip my cock when she started to ride it. My eyes suddenly widened, staring at her big tits bouncing. My cock was getting a bit softer due to the pause, but she gave me a rude wake-up call.- I'm much tighter than she is!, she said with a grin.- Oh...fuck...I said, realizing that all this had happened, it didn't actually take more than 20-30 minutes, and I was still 5 hours away from my destination. I was up for a very long day.
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