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"The Carnival" by zarzo

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"The Carnival" by zarzoTwo years ago my girlfriend Nissa and I had been wondering around the county fair sampling the food vendors delights.It was getting late in the afternoon and she looked at me with her light blue eyes and that mischivous grin that signaled to me she had something on her wicked little mind.We were watching the last heat in the demolition derby when she leaned over,whispering in my ear...when the sun drops below the horizon lets buy a couple tickets to our favorite ride and try something new!Whenever she got that twinkle in her pretty blue eyes,I knew that meant trouble.We watched as the last car got crunched and an old 76 cadillac emerged the canlı bahis winner.By this time it was 8:30pm so we walked around and tried a few games along the midway,at 9o the sky had turned totally dark...She took my hand in hers and said lets get our tickets to ride.We tried sex in a lot of various places and when i looked down at her petite bod and saw her plump pink nipples hardening under her braless t-shirt,I knew what she had in mind.We bought our tickets and waited in line as the sweet scent of cotton candy and carnival treats wafted through the still summer air.We were now at the front of the line and entered our favorite ride at the carnival "The Zipper" bahis siteleri a ride with small cages that each spin independently from the other.The ride operator opened the door and we stepped in sitting side by in the contoured hard seat,she locked the bar down and fastened the cage door.Being that Nissa was only around a hundred pounds she was able to wiggle over on top of my lap without much difficulty.The thought of the other people so near while we fucked made us both extra horny!As the cages made there first complete circuit around the cicular track of the ride Nissa reached over and popped open the button of my shorts and unzipped them taking my güvenilir bahis hardening cock into her soft hand and jerking me up and down,within fifteen seconds I was at full mast...She managed to maneuver her petite little ass over and on top of my lap and I pulled down her blue nylon shorts just enough to ram my rod home into her slippery tight wet pussy,we both laughed raucously as we spun our indivdual cage as she grinded up and down on my pole,soon I felt my balls tighten as I unleashed a river flood of spooge in her wanton twat.She wiggled back over to her side of the cage and we each pulled our shorts up... I reached my hand over and felt the crotch of her nylon shorts as my hot load dripped out of her pussy and onto the seat of the ride,as the ride slowed to a stop,Nissa whispered in my ear...I hope the next riders don't get too wet... as we exited the ride in a lustful daze!
09 Kasım 2021, at 20:26


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